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  1. Hi Lukas - I've just started looking around at the Xbox scene again, shame to read that you're no longer doing mod work, why did you stop doing them? I've got no more 1.4Ghz Tualatins I'm afraid! LOL! All the best Geeba
  2. As for the heatsink - try to source a later item as these were fan-less if you are modding your xbox, also whilst you have it apart add the 80 pin IDE cable and possibly an 80mm cooling fan.
  3. I'm guessing TSOP over the softmod? I honestly can't remember but I dont think 128mb upgrade will work on a softmod? What are you mainly going to use the Xbox for? 128 RAM is good for emulators and heavy skins in XBMC etc. but will add little to Xbox games unless (again from memory) you patch them to use the extra memory.
  4. Welcome You could try - Tutorial - How to softmod the original Xbox in 2021 (Rocky5) | Se7enSins Gaming Community I've not softmodded in many years but that looks pretty straight forward.
  5. Any news? I'm curious on the HDMI stuff, been away from Xbox for a while and its all changed... HDMI and Overclocking etc...
  6. Just looking around the OG Xbox scene after a few years out and saw your thread... How did you get on? I maybe wrong but I seem to remember that Friendtech offered the higher cache 733mhz CPU as an entry level upgrade... FriendTech DreamX Bravo 128MB Reviewed - XBOX-HQ.COM Apparently kept OG compatibility whilst adding some extra HP...

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