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Hdmi Plug Aka X2hdmi

Wouter A

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Since there is no clear tutorial on the web I will submit it! 

I have made a few plugs from wii2hdmi converters.

These converters are plenty and cheap, they do not upscale,  unless you buy more expensive wii2hdmi plugs with a hole on the top. 

To follow this tutorial you need a few items:

(aftermarket preferred)  av cable

Wii2hdmi converter

Thin wire


A few tools:

Soldering iron, preferred regulated station. 

Sharp knife

Cutting tools for metal (angle grinder is fast) 

Electrical wire stripper/cutter

A pocket knife or small screwdriver. 

I used a chinese av cable, the long and short soldering connections are opposite to original! 

Just follow the pictures and you will be on hdmi in no-time. 

Reminder,  the wii2hdmi boards are very sensitive to static electricity,  i have busted a few.



Cut of the connector. 


Cut in the sides to release easily. 


remove plug and open up.


cut the metal on the black line. IMG-20180324-WA0007.thumb.jpg.ad07965794daabd6120b9dab00a18500.jpg

bend the pins open as far as possible,  this will sturdy up the connector. IMG-20180324-WA0009.thumb.jpg.a02ce5323a7f8d772e4541187f1b4d68.jpg

remove the hot glue,  on original cables it is a piece of tape. IMG-20180324-WA0010.thumb.jpg.ffd9ce430f7709f3891fdfff503afff3.jpg

desolder the wires. 


place the mode selector connections,  use the shortes wire you can,  unshielded is o.k.IMG-20180324-WA0013.thumb.jpg.724be1fa10f941bb90f58b47a88123fc.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0014.thumb.jpg.014bf6de37d0524bdbf58df1f113cd34.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0016.thumb.jpg.fbd2563b5dd505e49163fea3cb2c0300.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0015.thumb.jpg.2beb8948962ba4936f13e98bcd748082.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0017.thumb.jpg.cdcd1b115b5f50ec26196e4403171d2a.jpgopen up the wii2hdmi and snap off the connector. IMG-20180324-WA0018.thumb.jpg.e732d1c541b6f17d382d6fe03946f567.jpgclean all the contactsIMG-20180324-WA0021.thumb.jpg.46ca14eb8afd68b8276dab41e57dafe6.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0022.thumb.jpg.88b69acf6fbb0593582efd3650158b64.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0024.thumb.jpg.903b92b9acda87181682c104943928f4.jpg

make the first connection,  it will sturdy fings up,  the lid has the exact size you need. IMG-20180324-WA0023.thumb.jpg.d647458ea11c252f7d90d31b2cd9a03a.jpgwith 2 cables installed, you do not need the spacer anymore. 

make sure all the cables are as short as possible and don't short out each other! IMG-20180324-WA0025.thumb.jpg.8d1dcb7a1aa334f7e41607af73ab732a.jpg

add a piece of insulation tape at both sides. It is wise to test it at this stage,  later on it will be a pain in the a**.IMG-20180324-WA0019.thumb.jpg.212671246630ce664080b37dffc36919.jpgIMG-20180324-WA0020.thumb.jpg.a116a4ace01372ff50ccd8e698214467.jpg

measure and cut the hole for the metal,  it should slide in without to much hussle. IMG-20180324-WA0026.thumb.jpg.4de5923fba49d7be29dac7c9057d3e96.jpg

cut the top metal piece at the black line. IMG-20180324-WA0027.thumb.jpg.cc61e18002d49bcc3e2a8975c68e7a25.jpg

slide the metal piece in as far as possible.  This will hold the internals in place! IMG-20180324-WA0028.thumb.jpg.a2675cc2bb54d77b3829fd046cacbb9a.jpg

solder it at the top and the sides. Your plug will not fall apart if you remove it from the xbox this way. IMG-20180324-WA0029.thumb.jpg.282588aee154cc7efa8c73b63d36a15c.jpg

insert the completed converter,  IMG-20180324-WA0030.thumb.jpg.40a163f4a767519136afd4f21535f12a.jpg

push it through as far as possible and solder a wire to the top and bottom,  against the plastic,  this will keep the internals in place and removes stress on the converter. IMG-20180324-WA0031.thumb.jpg.f7ca357008ac6d10443ee378067e979c.jpg

time to test! IMG-20180324-WA0032.thumb.jpg.c9775bcdca9fcdb45df6e41b3a8efeb5.jpg

720x480@60i, the boot screen,  some tv units have problems displaying this throigh hdmi! IMG-20180324-WA0033.thumb.jpg.73369f9d29fec6a2a01305564ec7dac9.jpg

we have reached 1920x1080@60i, maximum resolution of xbmc,  although I advice to use 720.

If you miss the options for higher resolution,  make sure the system is set to NTSC,  in pal it is unavailable.  Use enigma video switcher. 

I will start to sell these adapters in a short while for €45,- due to the work it takes. 


I have given all the connection types another color and the pin numbers are not the official ones! 

Any questions?  Be free to ask. 

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1 hour ago, ludwig187 said:

Very nice writeup and pictures. I did the same some weeks ago with mixed results. There seem to be several revisions and versions of the wii2hdmi board. Some will do 1080i, some 720p and some only 480p like mine (came in a black housing). 

Did you set your xbox to ntsc and enable the higher resolutions in the system settings?  


I used the cheapest converters i could find on aliexpress.  They did the job fine. 

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I have noticed a little problem with using the converter... 


When using on a smaller tv al is fine. 

When i use the larger tv in the living room lots of black screens. 

The xbox resolution with a lot of games is 480i, this gives problems with lots of tv sets. 

Have found alternate bios files to force 480p on all games,  this takes complete care of the problem. 

Downside is that you can not use the original cables anymore, they do not support 480i.

Will supply the force 480P bioses soon.

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Force 480p bios does not solve the black screen on large tv's. 

The real problem is that larger tv sets do not understand 480p in a 4:3 screen size. 

I am trying to get a login for assemblergames,  mr nova over there created the 480p bios. 

I would like to know how,  so i can create a force 480P widescreen bios. 

Dies anyone here have a account on assemblergames? 

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I am not 100% sure but when i plug it in to a smaller set it works fine, with the large i have black screens. 

This only occurs with games that are in 480 and are 4:3.

Have no other solutions to test yet. 

Will receive a converter from n64 to conduct tests. 

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I see this is a little older post, but I tried this mod with 2 different Wii2hdmi on 2 different consoles,, ntsc ep'ed,, one internal and one external,, seems to work fine, but on both consoles, there is a little irritating vertical lining through the width of the screen,, tried two tv's a 32" flatscreen a couple of years ols and a 55" just a year old,, I don't know the right term for it, but it's like soft lines, a tiny bit tilted, that slowly goes to the right, stands still, goes to the left or just melts away and the picture is perfect.

This is only in games, tried som emus too, and the same with them.

Standard XBMC dash looks fine,,

But as an example of the lineing, I started Forza,, mostly it looks like it is painted on a slightly tilted canvas or something as seen on the 3rd picture, and sometimes in between the lineings sidemovements speeds up so it melts to a perfect picture as it should be.


Anyone know why this is?

Is it to live with,, is there a fix, component add, removal on the Wii2hdmi pcb for better vertical sync or is it just the way it is with those 1080 upscaling converters?




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Ther are 3 75ohm resitors on the board in the y-pb-pr lines,  

They are also in the xbox itself,  if i solder them inside the xbox i let the there and solder before the resistors from the xbox itself. 

You can try to brodge them,  normally an output has 75ohm,  with these resitors together with the ones inside it is 150...

They are the 3 black components marked 750 on the board,  please reply the result. 


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The one I mounted inside one of the consoles I wired on top of the MB on the resistor side inwards the xbox, away from the AV connector,, I think that is before the resistors on their way to the AV connector? and the 5v is taken directly from a 5v line on the MB.

But the picture is still the same on both the built in and outside console,, the one with built in is a v1.6 and the other one is a v1.1.

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Now I have measured the points,, on the v1.6 with internal montage, it's 75,5 Ohm, soldered on the right side of the resistors on the MB. The other v1.1 seems to only have 38 Ohm resistors on the MB, but measures only 75,5 Ohm on the wii2hdmi pcb after the resistors there.

So nothing seems to be strange when it comes to the Ohm from point A to point B.

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Now I hav twiddle around with all different settings.

If I enable flicker filter in games settings on xbmc, games wont start,,

If I enabled only 720/1080i then the picture is horrible in games.

If I choose 1080i only in settings/appereance in xbmc settings and forces Lauch 60-pal in game setting and then launches a game, the picture is better with less vertical ripples lineing, it still comes and goes, but it's dissapearing more often and I get a clear (component) picture.

So could it be because of the adapter model? A real cheap made, non advanced converter Chip, bad upscaling etc?

It was this model,, non goldplated hdmi socket and a tiny hole under the hdmi socket that has no function.


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On 1/19/2020 at 6:14 PM, Wouter A said:

it took you a while to find that, it seemed logical to me at the time that you connected them like they should.

On 1/19/2020 at 6:14 PM, Wouter A said:

it took you a while to find that, it seemed logical to me at the time that you connected them like they should.

Yes, I can only tell from the AV pinout schematic, but I jumped a pin when counting, so I missed one.

Jaywalk101, search for "Wii2HDMI Retro Pro Frank" and you should find a very clear schematics over how to connect you Mode switches, that's how I found where I missed a pin, I don't know how they are on the MB itself, but you could always solder jumpers underneat the AV port pins.

I have a 1.6 I made an internal Wii2HDMI mod in, but it still hade some wave lines, maybe to much interference inside for it to work flawlessly, so I removed all cables and the HDMI board and resoldered the origiginal AV port back,, going to make a AV plug-HDMI of that board insted, seems to work much better.

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