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Modchip Clearance Problem.

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i did my 1st hard mod on a xbox today. i used an alladin modchip on a v1.4. the modchip wouldn't even go on because a cap was in the way so i heated the solder on the cap and leaned it back until it was hitting the cap behind it. now the modchip will go on but it is rubbing against the cap. i think it will eventually cause a problem. how can i fix this issue?

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So like this and no it won't cause any problems.


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SS Dave

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    • By meimar
      Hello all.
      I'm a new member of the forum and I have been playing around with the OG XBOx for a couple of years now. I never owned an XBOX before so my knowledge of the history is relatively limited. I do enjoy the versatility of the original XBOX, and I am amazed by the huge community and custom stuff that exists out there.
      Some of the machines I acquire (~40%) come with the modchip installed, but still have the original HDD. In the past, I removed the modchip because I could not find any info about it, and proceeded with a softmod, disk upgrade and so on.
      However, after I discovered this forum, I am having second thoughts and I am thinking maybe it is better to keep the modchip and follwo a differen approach.
      So, the question is, if there's an advanctage of the old modchips (probable Alladin II, I think) versus the more recent softmods. 
      thank you very much in advance! 
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      I have a xbox 1.0 here that fragged the day I got it. I thought "oh HDD probably died I'll just install a modchip". Well after installing said modchip I'm still met with 3 power cycles and the red and green lights with no error codes. Ive checked my soldering, checked that D0 is grounded, checked all caps, I cleaned the board after removing the clock cap, inspected traces for any signs of trace rot. Are there any caps that could go that just wouldn't show any sign of swelling or leaking that could cause issues?  
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      I have done several sodtmods using the Rocky5 Method and this one baffles me. Everything installed perfect but backing up the EEPROM could not advance to the next screen. The key was nulled out, ETC.  I reran the back up program same thing stuck on the EEPROM back up screen. The board is 1.0 Rev k. Any clues on how to fix this?

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