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Games Sub-Folders Idea

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It's been a while since I had a working XBox to play around with, and I'm a little forgetful of some of the things I can do to customise the various dashboards to my liking.
I do remember spending a lot of time playing with values in a config file (don't remember the actual file) for UnleashX to remove unwanted and redundant menu items.
This got me thinking about 'adding' menu items to the lists.

I have a particular folder hierarchy I like to use for organising my various games folders for my consoles.
I used an old telephone keypad layout for the base:

|-"Console Name" Games\
... and so on.

I've come to like this structure, and have most of my games arranged in a similar way.
It is relatively easy to navigate to find something specific, yet allows simple browsing, and it looks neat and tidy.

As I mentioned above; I used to have my old consoles interface set up so it was minimalist yet still had all the important things I needed to access.

As UnleashX builds it's interface from a config file; could I edit the file to restructure the Games list to reflect the folder structure I usually use?
I have an example of the type of edit I'd use...

Depending on the amount of games per folder I propose two options.

<List Text="Games" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="123" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="GHI" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="JKL" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="MNO" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="PQRS" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="TUV" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="WXYZ" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">


<List Text="Games" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
		<List Text="A" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
		<List Text="B" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
		<List Text="C" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
		<List Text="D" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
	<List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
		<List Text="E" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True">
(... and so on)

I'd have the games stored on the XBox's hard drive in the folder hierarchy I usually use.

Unfortunately, I no longer have my old XBox, and the one I currently have isn't modded... yet. I'm waiting for the chip I ordered to come. But, as soon as that arrives I already have all the rest of the parts needed (including the drive) to install a 2TB of storage.
So, until I get the chip, I can't try this out myself.
Once the console is modded I will be spending many hours fiddling with things to see what I can do.

I was just looking for some feedback on weather my above idea will work, or if UnleashX has any limitations that won't allow me to do that.
Also, is there a simpler method or different lines of code I could use?

To be honest, I'm just getting a little antsy as the date of delivery for the chip gets closer. As such I'm having ideas and thoughts about different things I want to try on my console. But, until the chip arrives I'm limited to the planning phase only.
Like I said, as soon as the chip arrives and I install it, I'll be like a kid in a toy shop, playing with everything I can (usually until it breaks).

Any thoughts on my above idea would be received with appreciation.



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IDK if that would work but you will run in some problems with some games because of to many sings.

I have it like that an it works pretty good:

        <List Text="0 & 9" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="A & B" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="C & D" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="E & F" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="G & H" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="I & J" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="K & L" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="M & N" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="O & P" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="Q & R" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="S & T" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="U & V" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="W & X" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">
        <List Text="Y & Z" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png">

Btw. Ignore the " Icon="C:\Action.png" " since i don't have tested if this work so it's just a place holder for now.

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I have my console running now and I tried my original concept.

I was having some issues in transfering game folders to the console, several files would fail, and the usual tricks wouldn't work.

So, I decided to restructure my folder hyrachy:

I now have individual folders ranging from "A" to "Z" and the "123" folder on the root of the 'F' partition. And should I ever need to expand onto the 'G' partition I'll use the same hyrachy.
And the 'game' folders are in those 'A-Z' folders.
This means that the folder 'depth' is the same as if using the default 'Games' folder, only I'm using 27 individual folders instead of 1.

I retained the original concept for the menu though.
I have the config set up to have the "123", "ABC", "DEF", etc. as a list and inside each option a second layer list for individual letters which then contain the games for that corresponding letter.

I've even been making custom icons to add to the list items to make the interface nice.
So far it's turning out as I wanted.
It's just a lot of work having to manually edit the config file. But at least once I have it as I want I can save the file and use it in the future should I ever need to got through the process again.

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