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Hi All,

Thank you for creating a fine forum.  I had the original xbox when it was new-ish, but I traded it and all my games to gamestop for 2 360 games.  bum deal.  Anyway, I have an xbox again along with many other consoles from my youth.  The hdd sounds like it's from a 20 year old computer(which it kind of is) and the optical drive is on its way out.  I'm glad to find these are taken care with relatively painless software type mods on the Xbox.  

I did the Rocky5 softmod and then I did the hexen disc to EvoX 8+, but I'm having two issues that don't seem common.

1. after the tsop flash, the .wav sound files have disappeared I can't seem to add them back with the hexen disc or the Rocky5 extras disc.  

2. I'm having issues with ftp programs not liking the directory structure and I can't drill down or transfer, only just connect

I have a 1.0 xbox and I flashed the 256kb version of evox.  Can I redo all of this with a bigger version and just start over?  I'm not sure what went wrong or which forum that can help with this.  

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Hello Madnessunc

Welcome to ogxbox.com

I would flash the X2-5035 bios to the Version 1.0-1.1

When you say the wav file's do you mean the start up sounds?

What size HDD have you fitted?



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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Thank you for the reply.  So I can safely "re-flash" to the x2 5035?  Just re-do the process like I did it the first time?  

I still have the stock hdd in at this point.  I have ordered the parts for an upgrade, but have not done it yet.  I also wanted to get a grasp on using the features I ultimately want to use with the new disk prior to installing it.  But I was thinking a 2tb as they are the same price as a 1tb seemingly.  

The .wav files I'm missing are the dash soundfx(moving the menu options around, pressing A, etc).  I was able to get the "Audio" directories back on, but they are empty.  Obviously not a huge a deal.  Thanks for your help.  

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So I reflashed and I got stuck on the boot splash screen.  Like a good forum user, I checked to see if anyone had this problem before.  Of course yes they did.  It looks like it was fighting with the softmod I never cleaned up.  so I did 3.5.2 on the hexen disc and it booted fine.  Not only that, but all my previous issue are gone(xbox related anyway).  The soundfx are present and I can ftp just fine.  I'm guessing this was my issue before, but I'm surprised the evox flash went to the dash anyway.  I'm glad I had this issue because now I have the cooler 512mb flash.

Thank you for the assist SS_Dave and also Thanks Cian Cunningham for humoring me on fb.  

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      Just plugged in the power cord and something in the power supply literally went "pop". Think it's a Delta 1.4 power supply.
      Is it worth buying a replacement or is the whole console likely toast? Saw a small flash through the right side vent where the PSU sit. Have another delta power supply lying around but think it's from a 1.6 so figure it's risky to put it in.
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      I didn't really feel posting something like this on Reddit would be the way to go, the constant Twitter-feed like nature of threads just buries information and I have always preferred forums for their organization - and besides, forums are where I started in modding and forums are what I ran/helped run for many years of my modding life
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      I wanted to upgrade RAM on my Xbox. First I TSOPed Cromwell inside and it booted. Then I soldered 4 RAM chips from China and Xbox started reboots and showed errors: Green, Green, Green50%-Red50%. After which I desoldered new RAM, but FRAG was still there.
      I guessed something was wrong with TSOP chip. When I got this Xbox it had some noname modchip from 2003 which I can't even guess clone what of. Anyway, error code switched to: Green, Green, Orange50%-Red50%. Which is RAM error, I guess.
      Now I think I should have tested it with each new RAM chip soldered.
      I only left original 4 RAM chips inside right now, but it still FRAGs.
      What can I do to repair it?

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