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Paolo Mancuso

XBmc4gamers Synopsis Translation Possibility

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Hi, I'm triyng to translate the xml of synopsis information in italian language, ofcourse I can share my work, there is a possibility in the future, to select the default language for synopsis information?

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Hi, yes there is if course an option. Please translate the excel spreadsheet though and not the individual files. It would be a lot easier. However, Rocky5 tends to incorporate things that are complete and this is a huge task so I wish you luck with it. Other languages would be a nice addition as an option. Here is where you'll find the synopsis excel spreadsheet.

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Ok, there is an example, it's necessary to test if the work is correct...

This is ofcourse the xml translation..but i think that is not so dificult translate the spreadsheet, can you think that it's enough?

<sourcename>4x4 Evolution 2-T</sourcename>
<foldername>4x4 Evolution 2</foldername>
<title>4x4 EVO 2</title>
<developer>Terminal Reality</developer>
<features_general>Players 1-2, Arcade Stick, Wheel</features_general>
<esrb_descriptors>No Descriptors</esrb_descriptors>
<genre>Driving, Racing, Rally / Offroad</genre>
<release_date>14 Nov 2001</release_date>
<platform>Dreamcast, Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 2</platform>
<overview>Anche i piloti professionisti vengono pagati vincendo le gare e in modalità carriera.
  Guadagna soldi velocemente e abbassa il tuo camion da oltre 125 aggiornamenti come shock di prestazioni, pneumatici da gara, protezioni spazzole, roll bar, boccagli, argani funzionanti e scarico delle prestazioni per aumentare la potenza e la velocità del veicolo

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