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  1. I tried with powered on console and I've 5 volts....sorry I'm not an electrician..and maybe I've not enough skill...but I modified a lot of console...without issue
  2. 350 and I added more Flux..I think that I've to improve the technique for the second adapter...
  3. Now I checked the rgb and 3 pin under motherboard, of course the adapter is a new one
  4. I tested, xbox is unplugged powered off, and the value on multimeter is 0. So I've to remove the adapter....right and solder back again..but there is some tips that I can use to check it before solder everithink, some check list to eliminate the possible mistakes?
  5. Have you the Gerber file of 2.1 adapter...maybe the version that I have could be the cause of this kind of problem and also I don't have 1.6 version of pcb...
  6. It's 1.4 but I checked all the points with the points under the motherboard...now I'm not in my home...so I cannot check..
  7. How Can I test it? With multimeter...ofcourse but where I've to put the pointer...?
  8. No, and I checked every point of the two adapters with the point on motherboard...with bridge multimeter function...
  9. In the 1.4 No Vdeo No sound...:( and when I attached the first time the hdi cable the ring was blinking gree and yellow like cable not atached, but i was forgotted to bridge the pin under the avip...I was thinking this the reason to not work...so i bridged the pin, but the issue remain...
  10. Ehy Dave, fixed!!! Now I've no noise...thanks.. I've another one to make attention, becasue with hdmi adapter has no signal it's a 1.4...

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