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Deep Exploration 2.0

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Does anyone have this old pc app anywhere? I need it for X2 bios editing but i only have version 3.5 and can't find version 2.0 which is slightly different when exporting .x files for injecting into bios's.

+10 internets if you can find me a link to the right version :)

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    • By Craiguk
      I finally got around to removing the clock cap 😃 v1.2 board, though i would completely strip it down as it was half way in bits anyway, and give it a good clean out.  Washed the plastics etc cleaned motherboard, fan, heatsink (Still need to apply new thermal paste) popped her back together after the plastics had dried and to my amasement it works.
      The cap was fine to be honest, no sign of any problems at all.  I was quite supprised how clean it was to be honest, just a light bit of dust on the motherboard.
      Thanks allf or looking.
    • By Sitah
      Hello everyone, im new to this mod thing but im not new to electronics.. I have a degree in Aviation Electronics (avionics) and enjoy tinkering with many retro consoles in my spare time.. Thanks for Reading and thank you all for the community.. 
    • By ogxbox4life
      MAMEoXtras 2.0 runs just fine but all the MAMEoXtras updated 2018/2019 just reboots my Xbox when executing the .xbe, tried deleting udata/tdata/cache, still the same, what could be the problem?, thanks for any clues.

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