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  1. Ok do you think the problem will be solved? Are they working on another release?
  2. I'm creating my dragon image on a 4tb drive with bios cerbios I then filled the R and S partitions with the full set of xbox games and I am making the various connections with xbe shortcut maker2.0 from the dragon folder located in partition F Unfortunately, all links don't work As if the software fails to manage the 2 new partitions Are there any solutions at the moment?
  3. I would like to retouch the crazy asylum project as I would like to create a new hole for the position of the quartz, arrange the 3 rgb pads as they are milled too much and remove the cut on the lower gerbers of the 3 audio and 5v pads Does anyone have the initial project? Editing directly from gerbers is problematic
  4. better raise it with the wire cutters remain spikes that I can cut a track that passes right under them
  5. today i got this wii2hdmi new models. I had to redesign the 3d plate. what do you think? it is a little longer so it is easier to weld at the back. the only shrewdness is to raise the quartz otherwise it touches
  6. yes I know how. i use pcbs found on dirtypcbs better than crazy asylum ones more refined. indeed if you have the gerber of dirtypcbs you would be doing me a great favor
  7. I wanted to get it earlier to make it easier to solder the plate. anyway I tried. taking the signal first the screen remains black
  8. good evening Request If I take the component signals before the 0.27ohm resistors to install an internal wii2hdmi, do you think it can be a problem? Would it still work? Anyway tomorrow I'll try

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