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Question About X-Changer Modchip

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Hi everyone I just have bought an Xbox with this modchip but I´m a little bit confused about what can I do with this modchip.Is there any modified dashboard or I have to install it myself?what are the functionalities of X-Changer? a little bit of help would be appreciate it

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Any modchip holds at the minimum a modified BIOS that removes several of the security checks made by a stock BIOS.  Some modchips have their own OS that boots to allow the user to flash a BIOS to it, format a new hard drive making it ready to have files installed to it, FTP files to and from the Xbox's hard drive, backup the configuration EEPROM, etc., etc.

IIRC, the X-Changer requires its own Windows flashing software to write new BIOS(es) to the many banks it can boot from. Unlike other modchip, you cannot use the Xbox and Evoxdash or other LPC flashing programs to write a BIOS to it.

I'll gather together a few links to the Wayback Machine's captures of information on the X-Changer chip and post them soon.

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Take a look at the all the information available through the Wayback Machine's captured content of teamxchanger.com's web site.  Some content may be missing but there's a lot of useful content available.

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