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I would like to wish you all a happy new year 2020.
Our beloved Xbox will soon be 20 years old.
I am very proud that many of us still want to keep it alive

I will particularly thanks for their job N64Freak, Ryzee119, SS_Dave and Kaos Enginer for all their hardware and software job around the Xbox,

and for everybody take care of you, life is short, and we are all here to help us.


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    • By Chungaloid
      Hey all, it's good to be back in the scene.  When I was a kid I had an Xbox (no idea the revision), an Xecuter 2.6ce (which I still wish I could find), and absolutely no clue what I was doing.  Bricked my Xbox and hadn't touched one since just recently.  Hooked again, can't wait to really start modding.  Just scratched the surface with my chipped 1.6, and I'm working on getting a 1.0 and another 1.6 working shortly.  Thanks for hosting such a great community with a ton of knowledge!
    • By sweetdarkdestiny
      Here I provide a "Fixed" version of TruHeXEn 2020 because so many ppl. "complain" about this disk or reporting bugs (Mostly in a way they should be reportet) so I decided to see what I can do because even ToXicMedz is aware of some of this he seems not very interested in fixing any of it (I could be wrong here but thats how it looks to me.).
      Reason two is, that many ppl. don't like other installers, for what ever reason.
      How ever, here is a changelog of this version and under it you will find the folder download links for both versions on Mega and 1fichier:
      *************************** TruHeXEn 2020 FiXEd ***************************

      Removed over way over 1500 faulty (and basicly not needed) commend lines which
      are massively slow down the xbox.

      Replaced the faulty noDVD bioses with working ones to fix the cold boot bug.

      Closed the open tags (over ratet I know) and fixed some other little things
      as well and finaly made the majority of the scrips looking nice.

      Removed the annoying password crap.

      Added the option to flash a noDVD bios to the Winbond TSOP.

      I split of the Chip/TSOP part from the Softmod part to increase
      the boot speed even more. Now there's a TruHeXEn.xbe (cfg\01.xml) and
      a TruHeXEnSoftMod.xbe (cfg\02.xml). The main option 2 links strait to
      the softmod part.

      Fixed the numbering which was missing and also changed some because of
      the cfg split.

      I have made the BFM bios new and also changed it's name
      and the name of the root.xbe. Both are nemed TruHeXEn now.

      And I fixed the BFM bios in the HeXEn tools as well.

      I updated the following apps to the latest build:

      ConfigMagic v1.6.1.

      I also have made changes to the "Shutdown" option (no biggy here).
      It will now clean up the installation by default and also eject the
      installer and close the tray afterwards.

      Finaly, I thought it's nice to offer this one as Static IP & DHCP build.
      So, TruHexen 2020 Fixed is available as Static IP & DHCP build. :)
      Folder download links:


    • By hawkquawks
      Hi saw this forum and felt like it's worth joining. I have been into modding these consoles for many years  as a hobby. I currently own 5 OG xbox's My main xbox is the xbox crystal modded with the 1.5 board replaces with a version 1.1 board, 1tb hdd, and blue leds for the controller ports. it's also running rocky5s Xbmc4gamers. my other consoles are mostly experimental, with one of them being being made for the US market, but some how in the UK, manufactured November 2001 and converted to a 240v PSU, possibly making it one of the oldest still working xboxs here in the UK, also converted to pal. I hope to learn allot from this forum and perhaps share my knowledge also.  

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