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Replacing an Older Softmod

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I've been reading through some threads and have seen many times that Rocky5's softmod is the best one to use. I have an Xbox that's TSOP flashed already, but I want to replace an ancient hotswap softmod on my 1.6, and installing Rocky5's with the Splinter Cell exploit over it doesn't seem to be working properly. I end up getting errors or the Xbox freezes after the press A screen, which I'd imagine is the old softmod conflicting with it.

If it needs to be removed first, how should I go about doing so? It's probably a stupid question, but I'm afraid I'll brick it by doing something stupid, then end up having to hotswap again to fix it.

Another thing is that I plan to flash my other stock V1.0 after I replace the PSU, I'd assume I have to install the softmod on that too so I can flash the TSOP, after bridging the points of course. Then afterwards the softmod can be deleted.

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If the Xbox was already the Bios Flashed you should not have done and do not need a soft mod.

A xbox with a Reflashed Bios Chip(TSOP) or a Mod Chip will crash if you try and boot from a hard disk with a soft mod.

Boot the Xbox that has a Bios Re-flash/Mod chip  from a Install DVD then do a install from option 3 of the Hexen 2019 or SlaYer 2.7.

Don't worry about locking he Hard Drive as it not needed any more.




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Thanks for the advice. The V1.1 is currently unmodded (I thought it was a V1.0, but figured out it's a V1.1), so I'd need a method of booting Hexen. That's why I assumed I''d need a temporary softmod.

As for the 1.6, it's just softmodded, but if I was going to use a modchip on it, I'd prefer to use one on another system first. The 1.6 seems more complicated since you need to rebuild the LPC.

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Yes the version will need a temp soft mod so you can boot the Hexen DVD to re-flash the BIOS.

I Use a Hack with the 007 Agent Under Fire game 

1st solder links on PCB and  reassemble Xbox leaving the HDD loose

2nd Copy game save to hard disk that has the new BIOS in it.

3rd Load 007AUF and when the game ask's for load mission load fro hard disk

4th after the Xbox has shutdown automatically install the new HDD and fully assemble the XBOX

5th Boot from your Install disk and follow the bouncing ball install.

6th Start sending games via FTP and enjoy your newly modded XBOX.

Is that simple or what!


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Ah I get it, it's actually pretty simple. The only difference for me is that I'd have to use Splinter Cell since I don't have 007, but it should be close enough to the same once I flash the BIOS. I'd be replacing the crappy 8-10GB HDD either way.

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I have a few of them in my shed, but 2 of them are from my own, and my brothers 1.6 Xboxes, just in case we needed them. Saying that, as long as we have the EEPROM backed up, they're useless. Either way, a modchip could fix it if the EEPROM was lost.

I have a spare Maxtor 80GB here that I can use in it for now. It's still 10x the space it has now.

As bad as 8-10GB is though, I've never seen a stock console ever say anything but 50000+ blocks free, and the PS2 did only have an 8MB memory card, so back then it seemed huge. They're obsolete now, I don't even have any computer up and running with IDE on the motherboard, and they're really slow compared to SATA too.

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To upgrade an older non-Xbox Softmodding Tool softmod, use the Quick Upgrade package that's available for Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool.

  • Currently found in the Build v1.1.6/Installer Variants folder named Quick Upgrade.zip

Extract and install it to the E drive as stated in the included instructions, Read Me.txt, and run it from your old softmodded console's replacement dashboard's file manager.

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