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Other Hdd No Boot From Any Disk.

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22 hours ago, Steo1024 said:

I hate when people do things like that. They have to know it's their own fault for messing with it.

Does Evox M8 support 128MB RAM? I was searching and seen someone mention that it doesn't. I'd be installing it from the Hexen 2019 disc.

No the M8 will not support a 128 meg. 

I have the X2 5035.67 on the N64's modded mother board I have here.

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Just tryed it with free iso burner but it hangs on the xbox logo with the evox logo in the corner not loading the disk and also not the red loading light.
I am expectingmy new mod chips will arrive in a few days and i place it in with no stock and see what happens then.

And in meanwhile play,learn and download media and roms for the emulationstation:P

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Sorry i dont mean that you was suggesting that and you have right and sure i can have a mistake.


Oke an update i had my new ram ship in the mailbox today so i have installed them with the original hdd drive but i screwed up the chip.(i created an other topic because it has nothing to do with a hdd.)

So this is on hold for i hope not long it depends from the chinese guys of aliexpress.

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