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  1. you need an ftp program on youre pc and ftp it to the xbox, you can choose F or G partition and you can ut the map in emus/
  2. Hello guys My xbox has an 1tb drive and i have the 500gb emustation writed. There are games who don't have any art so i want to filter them on my pc. in the past i had hyperspin and a lifetime emumovies account but i have already al the media. The thing i want to do is making a new rom database with the media but i cant find the right tool. Is there a program that scans my roms and media folder and export the roms with media to an other folder or delete the roms whiout media. Thanks and sorry for my broken englisch
  3. Sorry, But a moderator can delete this topic, the solution an other xbox with an x3 duo and did a hotswap it was working fine.
  4. i cant edit the topic but i was back to my hobby room and tryed to do a hotswap with an other xbox who has a softmod or tsop but he says chip not writable. so is this possible and how. I have only one chip so i can't do the hot swap with a second chip. but only softmod or tsop i think that is the reason it wont work?
  5. Sorry i dont mean that you was suggesting that and you have right and sure i can have a mistake. Oke an update i had my new ram ship in the mailbox today so i have installed them with the original hdd drive but i screwed up the chip.(i created an other topic because it has nothing to do with a hdd.) So this is on hold for i hope not long it depends from the chinese guys of aliexpress.
  6. Hello guys I have upgraded my ram in the xbox and that works flawlessly first i installed the xblast boot os and tested every chip and success. then i installed ind 5003.67 and it works also correct but he did not see the G drive so i format it but still not seeing that partition. I thought maybe i must install the BFM bios but now i think it was for an xbox 1.6 because he wont boot. the xbox turn on then go of twice and then stay on but no screen. Can i reflash the chip? with a pickkit or something other way. Can i fix this? or do i need a new aladdin xt2 chip. and will
  7. yeah thats an idea i will take an xbox apart in the weekend and upload a picture. But i am soldering more then 20 years so i think the soldering is oke. I also look them for points on the motherboard so i can measure the points.
  8. Just tryed it with free iso burner but it hangs on the xbox logo with the evox logo in the corner not loading the disk and also not the red loading light. I am expectingmy new mod chips will arrive in a few days and i place it in with no stock and see what happens then. And in meanwhile play,learn and download media and roms for the emulationstation:P
  9. Hello guys in meanwhile i am playing with my other xboxes i am busy to install my working xbox with emustation xbmc and coinops. Whatis the best way to install coinops. Now i have coinops 8 on the xbox and dont want to interrupt the files while overwriting them with ninja because it take a long time to transfer with ftp. I thought this is the way Coinops 8 massive then overwrite with coinops ninja massive--->ninja massive adon pack---->and ninja massive gapfiller Is that right or do i need a different order or something else. Thanks
  10. i used verbatim dvd-r, tevion dvd+r cd-r also vebatim, the slayer disk is also on verbatim dvd+r
  11. I install the ind bios when i am finishen with the setup because the m8 not support 128ram. But frist i want to know hey the xboxes are not.booting from disk.
  12. This helpt me so hard it has spending out so much time. Is there also a pack for fba and mame i know that is not working properly but in the near future i will expand the xbox with 128 ram.
  13. yes i know but no disk is starting so ill tryed the cloning. it is on master of course only needs to be set in slave when i want cloning. It is an aladdin xt2 plus now i have m8plus16 on it. When it boots up ill get the xbox logo with in the corner evox logo and then ill get an error 13,14 and that right because he cant start the dash. Today ill bought a couple of brand disks and types cd-r,dvd+r dvd-r and dvd rw but the philips drives start nothing also another drives wont start, also i openid up and clean the lens with alcohol. I have burned the dvds with a ma
  14. No softmod, only the Aladdin xt2 plus.everything is soldered oke. Also without cloning still not working. What is the best bios to have for my Aladdin that supports big drives.i found ev tool and make a bios but nothing happens haha
  15. Oké, new i have 1 working xbox that only read hexen 19 with a Samsung drive other disks wont boot but that oke. But i want to know where the problem is so ill take a other xbox and guess?? not reading the same disk. Thats a philips drive by the way. Oké now answers to you're question. The bios is properly m8, I screwed up 2 chips with flashing wrong bios Haha. I have installed bios checker 5.0 but can't see the bios.also slayer says unknown. The drives are not locked, i have one out of a old laptop and a brand new one. I bought the ide cable from alieexpress wha

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