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Fifa 07 Crashes When Loading Into a Match

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Hey Everyone! Fifa 07 (NTSC US) always crashes during the load screen when the bar is at almost 1/4th. It's pretty much like a hard crash in windows, everything freezes and the sound loops. I downloaded the Game from Arcade Punks. I tried Unleashx and XMBC4Gamers. My xbox is hardmodded

Does anyone else have this problem? 

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5 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

Buy an original used copy of the game and rip it with DVD2Xbox. 

Don't rely on Arcade Punks' content to work!

I bought used one but too damaged ... 

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Too damaged or the Xbox DVD drive's laser is going out. 

I'm not exactly sure why all the original Xbox DVD drives seem to be dying.  No research has been done to verify the actual cause of the drives failure.  Is it the laser, other part of the reading head assembly or something else failing on these drives? 

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      i'm new on the scene and a month ago i started with my first modded xbox project. I'm from the Netherlands and have a pal 1.6 hardmod xbox with EVOX M8 bios.
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      i'm now in the mode to test al games (i start the game and go to the first level) and now i''m on the letter c with the club football games. There are around 36 titles (2003 and 2005 versions) but non of them starting. When i started it it goes to a black (blank) screen and nothing happend. I try different sources from games, all the same. Patching ith with 480p loader has no effect. I can find an ACL patch and default patching doesn't work. I don't think it's a image problem, because all club football editions don't start. All other games (so far i tested, now about 200 games) are starting fine (sometimes with patching or finding an other source\version of the game).
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