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I've seen mods that replace the CPU and GPU heatsinks with fan heatsinks (like the Iceberq 4 Pros). I want to do the same thing to my console, but I'm not sure where I could connect them. 

I have a 1.0 motherboard, so I could use the original CPU fan connector to power one. But where do I power the other? I've seen people use the exhaust fan connector to power one of the fans. How is that done, while still being able to use the exhaust fan too?

Could I safely use a 3 pin y splitter on the CPU fan connector to power both CPU and GPU fan heatsinks?

Or if I wanted to use a 3 pin splitter for the exhaust fan and GPU fan heatsink, would that be safe as well?

Also, I would like to install 2 sets of LED lights. One would be 2 pin and the other would be 4 pin. Where could I connect these to power them safely?

Everything is 12 volt. And I would rather not do any soldering. If I have to solder, i would rather it be wire to wire soldering and not directly to PSU or motherboard.

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That's a lot of fans.  Do you really think you need it?  (Why?) 

Back in the day I added an extra 40mm fan to the bottom of my HDD only because I was fooled into thinking that a 7200 RPM HDD was a better choice.  Now, I use 2 TB WD Blue 5400 RPM HDDs that stay nice a cool in comparison to the 7200 RPM HDDs.  No extra fan is necessary with the 5400 RPM HDDs. 

I always replace the stock fan now.  My preference is with an 80mm Noctua.  It is silent and takes care of the heat very nicely.  There is no reason to add extra cooling for my setup.

In the past I did typically source power from the wires that power the HDD.  There are even adapters which plug right into the 4-pin molex that provides your HDD with power if you don't feel up to tapping into the original wires.


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I wonder if simply channeling the air flow properly over the heatsinks would be a better idea.  Maybe with one 40mm fan to pull in, channeled over the heatsinks and then another 40m fan to direct hot air out.  I guess if the channeling was good enough, you probably wouldn't need a second fan unless you wanted to use a second 40 mm to rush air past the HDD. 

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An intake fan would definitely be better. But I would still need to find a way to slim down the heatsinks for a smaller case. Since the version 1.0 motherboard already has a stock heatsink with a fan going to a connector, it's simple to replace that one. It's the other bulkier heatsink that I need to replace and find a connector for.

But if I were to use an intake fan, where would be the best place to connect it? 

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3 hours ago, Ging3rguy said:

Evercool make a molex to 4 way 12v fan adapter, you would also need a molex splitter.

Would it be safe using a splitter on the exhaust fan connector and running 2 12v fans? I don't want to draw more power than it can handle and mess up anything.

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I was looking something up today and saw a nice diagram for drawing power from the bottom of the motherboard.  (Credit: pablot.com but it not longer exists.)  You can get some nice 5V 40mm case fans everywhere.  I like the Noctua ones (NF-A4X10-FLX 5V).



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