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  1. Would it be safe using a splitter on the exhaust fan connector and running 2 12v fans? I don't want to draw more power than it can handle and mess up anything.
  2. An intake fan would definitely be better. But I would still need to find a way to slim down the heatsinks for a smaller case. Since the version 1.0 motherboard already has a stock heatsink with a fan going to a connector, it's simple to replace that one. It's the other bulkier heatsink that I need to replace and find a connector for. But if I were to use an intake fan, where would be the best place to connect it?
  3. I want the heatsinks with fans to replace the bulky ones so I can slim everything down for a custom case. I just need to know where to connect the fans.
  4. I've seen mods that replace the CPU and GPU heatsinks with fan heatsinks (like the Iceberq 4 Pros). I want to do the same thing to my console, but I'm not sure where I could connect them. I have a 1.0 motherboard, so I could use the original CPU fan connector to power one. But where do I power the other? I've seen people use the exhaust fan connector to power one of the fans. How is that done, while still being able to use the exhaust fan too? Could I safely use a 3 pin y splitter on the CPU fan connector to power both CPU and GPU fan heatsinks? Or if I wanted to use a 3 pin splitter for the exhaust fan and GPU fan heatsink, would that be safe as well? Also, I would like to install 2 sets of LED lights. One would be 2 pin and the other would be 4 pin. Where could I connect these to power them safely? Everything is 12 volt. And I would rather not do any soldering. If I have to solder, i would rather it be wire to wire soldering and not directly to PSU or motherboard.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I think the simplest way (for me) would be to use JCRocky5 with NKPatcher to null the eeprom on both systems and then swap drives.
  6. I have an old softmodded Xbox with a 2TB hard drive that is loaded. I just ordered a new Xbox that I will be softmodding. How do I move my 2TB hard drive from the old Xbox to the new one? (I want to keep everything that's on the 2TB hard drive) Please keep it simple. I'm new to this whole modding thing. Detailed step by step would be much appreciated.

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