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What’s the worst condition youve seen upon opening an Xbox


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I’m no doctor but I think I might have diagnosed what was wrong with this one.

It’s the worst that I’ve seen, but  quite sure it’s pretty tame compared to what some of you have seen…so it got me thinking it might be a fun / gross discussion…what’s the worst condition you’ve seen…bugs, rodent remnants, fire, utter destruction.  Share pics if you have them!3089744A-EE9F-49A7-B62A-2947BF1E75BD.thumb.jpeg.77b921c5a20f44049518464fd6702867.jpeg

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I recently opened my launch Xbox 1.0...  and man, it was a huge mess in there, from all the mods I tried to do to it back in the late 00's.  I put in an Xirc2, added a network and HDD activity LED drilled through the sides of the front of the case, split the TSOP with a external switch, put a remote receiver IR into it internally, and added a 4PDT switch so it's on controller port 4, until you plug in a controller.


But I did this back in the mid 2000's, with a $15 radio shack soldiering iron and barely any skill.  There's hot glue on the motherboard to hold the wires down (cringe), the wires I used are all too big it or too small gauge, cold soldier joints, etc.  The console boots, but then crashes during the intro animation.


I remember that after I added one mod too many, it stopped working, back in the day, and I just tossed it in a corner.  The case didn't even push down properly because of all the wires, and I remember if I didn't push it down tight, it would boot longer before crashing, haha.  When I have some time I'm gonna try to restore it, although mostly for sentimental reasons and not because I'll ever want it to be a daily driver again.

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That’s a great story.  Who knows, it’s probably just one connection that needs to be fixed.  I’m in a similar situation but my soldering tool is a $20 Amazon one lol and it’s led to some frustration that’s for sure.  I recently opened another Xbox I’ve had for a while that had never been opened.  Case was pristine so I half expected but it was hella dusty inside.  Caps were fine though.  I think opening them up and seeing what’s inside is the most fun part of the project and the most satisfying part to me is getting them working again cuz I always have the fear I am going to mess something up lol

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