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Xbmc-emustation query


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I have installed XBMC emo station using the hexen 2021 disk. I cannot access the downloader and order to update the dashboard as this is a build from June 2020. Does anybody know of a way to update the dashboard without the use of the internal downloader?FB_IMG_1707677754328.jpg.13a35e892be99ff15618eeef5b9834d0.jpg

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15 minutes ago, LeOnOnE said:

Is there a newer revision of the extras disc? Do you have a link?


You can either burn it to a dvd-r using ImgBurn, or the preferred method is to ftp it over to your Apps and launch as a virtual disc. There is a folder in there that has a text file that says 'place extras disc in here'. Just copy the iso to that folder and ftp that folder over, restart xbox and select it from your Apps.

If you only want Emustation, you can download the Prebuilt Version on his Github as well. Just scroll down a bit on that link and click on the download prebuilt version.

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Try running the force update option under the updates tab. That will download the latest downloader that should fix your issues. 

Update the dash afterwards. 

if it still doesn’t work, try reinstalling the dashboard. (From my GitHub)

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2 hours ago, LeOnOnE said:

s there anyway I can edit the carousel to have say three Xbox images and links for # - F, H- O, P- X for instance to make it easier to scroll through games I want?

Thanks in advance. Just need pointing in the right direction. 

There used to be a Favorites folder on the dash, but I think it was hidden in one of the recent updates. Could be a good alternative for you. 

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