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    • By RMM
      While tinkering with my Ndure softmodded Xbox, I have managed to mess something up with the files on the hard drive.  I now get error 21.  I'm not too concerned as I was sure to back up the eeprom.   What I would like to do is use something like xboxhdm to build a new hard drive but have the softmod files included when the hard drive was being built.  This way I simply put the hard drive in and I dont have to go through the process of softmodding all over again as it was included when I built the hard drive.  From there I will probably just go ahead and TSOP flash the Xbox to make any future issues easier to deal with.
      What would be the easiest way to do something like this?
    • By eduardov94
      Ok I want to install my x3 that is on 1.6 board to a 1.0 board the problem is that the modchip has all the bios flashed to 1.6 is it possible for me to reflash the bios to work on the 1.0 board don’t want to mess anything up 
    • By fliper7der
      I've been in the scene loosely for years now. One of our local game shops shut down recently, and left his "bad" Xbox collection with a friend of mine. So, as a part of a deal I modded an Xbox and left one unmolested. As for my end, I received 4 of them, and they seem to work fine. I figured I would reach back out into the community to see if anything has changed. The modded Xbox has a 300gb drive in it to start with, and will stay that way until he gets tired of the smaller drive. I definitely regret not purchasing an Xecuter chip when the price was a bit more rational, but softmodding seems to work perfectly fine for my uses. I did have to replace a few capacitors on his board, because the tops were bulging and leaking.  But all is well. I'll soon put a hard drive in one of the ones he gave me, and probably sell the rest. Now I have to wait for the 50gb queue to ftp over onto the Xbox so I can take it back to him, but it's worth it to relive the magic.
      What should I do next? Put a larger SATA drive in it? Maybe take the leap and put an SSD in its place? I think I want to get a ghostcase and clean it up a bit. I think I'm ready to put together a console that will last me a while.
      Thanks for paying attention to my rantings!
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