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I have found on github repo that is mix of Ogx360 and Blueretro.

In short explain: allows connect BT gamepads - xbox one, x, series x, PlayStation 3,4,5, native BT gamepads, sone nintento GP to the esp32 with modified Blueretro software.

Esp32 is connected to arduino leonardo (pro micro) with ogx360 software ( also Little modified) over 2wire interface- like all leonardo modules betwen each other in Ogx360.

Using this combo makes possible to use BT gamepads on ogxbox without extra 8bitdo. One esp32 allows to connect 7 gamepad in same time, so for ogxbox 4 will not be a problem. I have tested 2 xbox one x BT gamepads with esp32 master and 2 ogxbox360 leonardo slaves.

The great thing is cost of this system- one esp32 board(about 7€) plus minimum one leonardo pro micro (about 6€). Full ogxbox360 need 4 8bitdo (12-15€ i think) to allow 4 Players connect over BT. Here we need only one esp32 board.

A lot of thanks and Big respect to netham45, the guy who made this possible.

Orginal rededit post Ogx360+Blueretro

This is orginal nerham45 github repo blueretro+ogx360

Netham repo got something wrong with sources and can not be cloned, so I here is my updated repo Ogx360+blueretro Compilation under esp idf 5.0 only.

  I have also made detailed info "how to" step by step, with already compiled files.

Blueretro software got a lot of cool features like for example button mapping, internal hardware installation, and supports many bluetooth controllers.

I have order some electronic parts for internal build with console power on, power off over bluetooth gamepad, but for that some changes are needed in source code.

Author of this fork "netham45" doesnt answer, and I am newbie in coding, so if anybody with coding knowlege is interested to "pimp-up" this project, please let me know.


From know issues:

- xbox one x , series x controlles need newest firmware or pushing X logo causing reset esp32,

- they got sometime problems with reconecting to esp32 after pairing and powering off - factory reset on Blueretro and new pairing helps,

- rumble on ps4 controller causing "controller hang" - got info from guy in mexico (davidxgames) that he got firmware without this issue, waiting for source from him to compare,





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