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XTender Case Mod for Sale, $500!

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Hey guys,


Check this out..


Please login or register to see this link.

$500 dont you think that a bit steep... It only comes with one hdd. I know these things are like rocking horse shit but still!!

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btw, that metal pieces are not heavy to replicate and paint. And can't see any reason to use this mod, when 2TB HDDs are on the market.

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Really?? The whole library fits on a 2Tb????  


Well i guess i will find out soon enough.... i'm transferring the whole library from my seedbox to my pc as we speak... Its 1.7tb compressed tho so i didnt think it would fit once unzipped......

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Yep youre right, just checked my seedbox, its 1.2Tb.... I knew 1.7Tb came into it somewhere :)

It will be less than that tho because there are a handful of games that cannot be played from hdd due to the long filenames etc...

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The Xtender is definitely more of a cool to have than anything else. I have 4 of them now and they’re really of no use practically speaking.

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