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Found 22 results

  1. I need to download the DVD2Xbox, so here's a good topic.
  2. Hello there, I own an OG xbox since 2003. It seems to be a v1.1 according to the manufacturing date. It was stored well and after getting it out recently, it was all in good shape and running. It was modded back in the days and got a chip, I have never seen it and no Idea which one it is, and a 120 GB IDE HDD. So to keep my first XBOX alive I decided to buy another one cheap and mod it myself. As far as I can tell it is a v1.5. It became an Aladdin XT Plus2 last week and runs fine afterwards. Now I am trying to figure out, what the next steps might be, so I came back to the forums. Looking forward to do interesting discussions and get hints and help. Greetings, Alex
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here, so of course have questions. I recently installed an aladdinxt to a 1.6 console with a 2tb sdd upgrade. My question is, is there a way to retrieve my saved data from my old 1.0 console? I know you can transfer a lot of things normally, but some stuff doesn't give you an option to copy. My 1.0 box is not modded. I also have some dlc from the old xbox live on there, that I'd like to retrieve, but have no idea how. thanks everyone for your feedback.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm glad to be part of the community. I love the XBOX and the whole world that revolves around it.
  5. Just recently signed up to this website and it's so great to see that the ol tank Xbox is still being tinkered around with these days. I first started out console modding when the Playstation 1 modchips became a BIG thing,then started modchipping the Playstation 2's (countless hours of lost sleep and frustration lol) then moved onto the Microsoft Xbox hard modding scene.Since the breakthrough of Jtag and then RGH modding,i moved onto the Xbox 360 consoles (which i'm still modding to this very day) If i need any excuse to break out my soldering iron,then i'm as happy as kid in a sweet shop,so console modding for me has always been enjoyable and fun. Thanks to admin for allowing me to join this website.
  6. Just getting back into the Xbox scene. I joined to look into how to tsop. Usually I’ve always been a softmodder but with the Xbox’s getting older I don’t want my hard drive to give up the ghost.
  7. Just turned on my Xbox and it worked for about 10 minutes before dying. I joined this forum to hopefully find the answers I require to get it back up and running again. Who knows if I succeed with that I might get the modding bug
  8. Hey Guys, I have just gotten into the OG Xbox and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about this amazing console. Thanks! Ben
  9. Hello everyone, I am a recent owner of a newly hardmodded XBOX, and I am very happy with it, although discovering the modding basics are a bit hard and fuzzy right now ! I plan to change the harddrive from 130Gb to a 2To one in the following months and then change my dash to whatever is best suited for handling the full romset of the console. Also have to understand why a few games are not working. I also own a second one, I should remove the clock capacitor on it and maybe try a softmod ? For now I just play with it, had forgotten how good the games collection is, and how the rumble adds a lot to gameplay, those old games are great ! Well, I just discovered this forum, which seems neat ! and plan to use it to learn more about what I plan to do with my XBOX. Cheers
  10. hi guys i haven't been on here for a while so i thought i would introduce myself i am planet69 been modding xbox's for over 2 years and looking for new stuff i can do to mine to make it as good as it can be
  11. Hello everybody, Though i'm not new to the modding scene I am new to this website and with me getting my original xbox out of storage i would say i was new to that as well.# so hello
  12. Great to see the original xbox community is still going strong
  13. Hi everyone My name is Rens I'm from Overpelt , Belgium, 25 years old (male) I have been into xbox modding about then years ago, softmodded a few, tsopped my own (broke a few). Haven't really done much the last 7 years when it comes to xbox modding, Started gaining interest again about a month ago and i'm having fun right now with trying some different mods
  14. Hello everyone, New member to the forums. I have followed the link from our Facebook group. Glad to be here, have a nice day!
  15. I'm new to the modding scene after picking up an ogxbox from facebook marketplace for £25 a couple weeks ago. I've softmodded it and now need to swap hdds. i have a 750gb Seagate Barracuda IDE that i bought for the job from Ebay along with all the extra bits needed. I'm hoping to find everything i need here so here's my big HELLO
  16. Hi everyone im new on here, does anyone know what is a good tutorial for Heimdall's hexen?
  17. I had not used my Xbox for many years, got it down rom the loft and was going to sell it last Christmas as I was clearing out. I changed my mind though and decided to give it a facelift from blue and silver which was done in 2003. I went for flip paint, colour change led lighting in USB ports, controller ports, front panel bottom edge, internal and in the top of Xbox with blue led jewel. It has X3 ce i installed along with X3 front panel, 250 gig western digital drive, Phillips DVD drive which reads everything perfect. Running unleash X and XBMC. All the usual elms and toms, 50 Xbox games, loads of movies and tunes. Oh nearly forgot the matching controller with leds I did. If you are wondering about second Xbox on the right of pic it's a spare I picked up for £15 with leads, and X3 installed. I painted, fitted lighting, Perspex and drive upgrade. Also removed 2 controller ports to fit an LCD screen which I hard wired into X3 chip, came out ok. I also have 2 crystal Xbox that I have fitted led,s in along with controller light. 3 metallic blue and silver custom Xbox and 1 metallic red and silver Xbox. All have drive upgrade, new DVD drive belt to cure sticking Samsung drives,, led lighting and Perspex. Can pop pics of others on if anyone is interested and I also have two PlayStation 2 consoles I chipped many years ago, with flip paint, perspex and lighting plus hard drive n one of them. hope you like, Bren.
  18. A BIG Hello from to everyone. Old school retro gamer/collector from the UK here. Been gaming since 1978 so i have grew up with all the arcades and consoles. decided to finally dip my feet into the modding world for once. Going to be a big learning curve but i am looking forward to it!
  19. Hi all, Thought I'd join up and say hi. Glad to see people still keeping the original Xbox going. In my opinion the best console ever as beyond it it's just a graphics race and with emulators it can play most stuff before it. Very interested in reading and discussing more about creating a laptop version, but keep getting lost on what to do and how I want my attempt to turn out. Anyway that is a debate for a different thread so I'll end things here and hope to talk more soon.
  20. Hello all, thanks for the nice forum. I am an original XBOX fan. Slim
  21. hi everyone. i joined here because i recently bought a new modded xbox original and i want to see what exactly i can do with it

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