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  1. Has anyone seen this? After talking to a well known scene member he says its legit. up to 8tb hdd and .iso supported. From xbox scene forums: "This is a new custom bios with all existing and new features implemented by the team.While we may share some similarities that can be found in bioses such as config loading, custom colors etc, our solution will be different compared to all existing solutions.In addition new tools will also be released to take advantage of some of the features we have implemented.With our custom LBA support we now support hdds up to 8TB in storage size.No more 2.2tb limitations and file corruption.***8TB size limit may be expanded upon again in the futureMore info will be made available in due time Everyone loves a little ISO in their life. So why not add it natively into our bios.No more patching Bioses with hacky ASM, Diskutilities, Dashloader or Nkpatcher.With Cerbios just boot your console select your favorite game and enjoy endless hours of fun.Existing attach.xbe compatible.Check out the videos below of two problematic games working flawlessly as ISO and on 128mb hardware using Cerbios.https://emalm.com/?v=WU9GVhttps://emalm.com/?v=RNwC3But why should I use ISOs over HDD dumps?Well with our custom LBA support for HDD up to 8TB there is no excuse about not having enough space.ISOs do not have file length limitation like some HDD rip games do, so no patching or truncating of file names is required.All DRM checks pass as ISO (Harry Potter).More info TBA" Cerbios Alpha V1.zip
  2. Growing up as a wee gaming lad, my first home console was the ever cheap PS2 Slim with a PAID demo disc from Circuit City (Shoutout to Jampack Volume 13). Even as I amassed my collection of games, I was envious of the competition from Nintendo, since the funny cube had the cool italian guys, & I didn't. but then there was the Xbox, something that seemed so powerful & complex, I avoided it entirely out of fear & confusion (mostly confusion). However, I had multiple cool uncles who played classics like Halo, Doom 3, & Jedi Knight Academy on their individual Xboxes. Every single time I saw them play these titles, I was floored by their visuals, the gameplay on display, & the fact it was all coming out of this hulking THING that I knew was just better than my PS2 in every way, including physically if my PS2 was forced to do a trust fall with Xbox. Fast forward to the present, & for the past 6-7 months, I've been on an absolute spree on collecting Xbox Classics, controllers, accessories, & multiple Xboxes themselves after learning how varied the modding scene for the Green Box actually is. After spending over a decade completely ignoring the brick that I so deeply admired, the goal is to honor it's legacy by cleaning up any Xbox that I find a good deal for, learn what makes them tick, mod them to smithereens, & of course, play. The true first Xbox doesn't deserve to be forgotten.
  3. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a XCM Ruby red working Xbox, not just the case. Please message me if you have one that your willing to part with.
  4. As the title says i'm after a full cap replacement kit for a 1.4 Xbox. Looking for a UK seller to avoid humongous shipping charges. Looking to replace the caps on the MB and power supply board. This box will be my 2022 Ultimate Xbox build with Cerbios, Huge HDD, Xbox HDMI+ and whatever else I deem fit to add Any ideas anyone? The only place I have found so far is Console5 in the US and the shipping to the UKis $40 at its cheapest. That's a lot for a tiny parcel of caps.
  5. Hey guys, I've got a 1.2 that I spent the weekend revitalizing with all new fresh capacitors and upgrading the RAM to 128mb. Everything went well. I had Xblast reading all 128mb, and everything was working a treat. That is until I went to pull it apart for final disassembly to clean the case and everything up before putting all back together for the last time. I first removed the SATA/IDE adapter from the HDD, leaving the molex connector in place and holding it by the cables and moved the HDD tray out of the way. It was then, that I somehow managed to let the SATA/IDE adapter dangle enough for it to brush the PSU right along side the big 470uF 250v capacitor without realizing it. And in my excited haste, I had not yet disconnected the power cord from the Xbox... As soon as I saw the bright flash and pop that was the SATA adapter getting completely obliterated, my heart immediately sank. The adapter, of course, is thoroughly destroyed. The logic IC and one of the voltage regulators quite literally exploded. At that point, I knew I'd be extremely lucky if it was the only casualty. On the Xbox itself, it blew the T3.15A on the PSU. I had some spare 3 amp glass slow-blow fuses, so I rigged one up until I get the proper cylindrical fuse to replace it later this week. Surprisingly enough, the PSU still works fine, albeit with a slight discolored battle scar on side of the big capacitor... However the motherboard is a different story. It now 3 boot/FRAGs both with or without the X2.3b lite I've had installed for years present. Thinking I had fried it, not feeling too optimistic about fixing it, I harvested the newly installed RAM, and original RAM but subsequently reinstalled the original, after changing my mind on giving up so quickly. Anyway, I've tried all the troubleshooting methods I could with what tools I have at my disposal, which is not much. All the PSU voltages are good. I've swapped PSUs with another, just in case. One observation I made is that the MCPX X3 gets really hot very quickly, so I'm sort of thinking it's shorted and therefore also toast, and that's what's causing it to FRAG. In any case, I figured, maybe I'd share my story for your entertainment, and maybe even see if any of you had any suggestions on what else I might try to test before I go on the hunt for a replacement board and continue scavenging useful parts from this one.
  6. hi everyone, just got myself a modded xbox after i missed that xbox era with my ps2 and gamecube.
  7. I have an xbox with a X3 CE chip installed with the attached bank switches. I was able to update to flashbios 3.0.1. Bank 1234: on on off off This xbox does not get passed the Xecuter boot screen when I short press the power button (chip enabled). If I long press the power button (chip disabled) I get code 13. If I long press the power button with an original xbox game in the DVD drive the game runs no issues. I am also able to reach the flashBios screen by long pressing the eject an power buttons together. I bought this xbox a while back and have been trying to make it work properly. I believe I'm missing another bios file but I'm really not sure. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I didnt find a price check thread and wasnt sure where to post this. But wanted to ask how much would this go for? V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
  9. Hi all, I have a 1.1 motherboard that is dead, I know it's not the psu as I have another 1.1 and it works in that console. Basically I was trying to add LEDs to my case which needs a 12v source. I used a Y splitter on the molex connect for the HDD, it worked for a few mins then the console died and now won't power on? I have replaced the 5 caps near the psu connector aswell. Thanks
  10. I bought a 1.6 xbox with plans to modchip it. The first time I booted it I got a FRAG, then after turning it off and on it was fine. I tried booting a few times and everything worked, so I chalked the first frag up to disuse for years. I opened the xbox to clean it in preperation for the modchip, make sure caps were fine and all. The metal shield was pretty rusty so following some advise from other posts here I sanded it and painted it with Rustoleum. Other than that, I didn't do anything to the rest of the box. Since putting it back together it FRAGs every boot. Did I cover a grounding connection and need to clear that? Unsure of what move to make. Here are some shots of the board. https://imgur.com/a/iuc8fc1
  11. It does for real..... So I put xbox360 slim inside a og xbox. I rewired the front panel work with original buttons and added one extra button for the sync button. Hardest part was to make the dvd drive to fit perfectly. I had to make some crude legs for it. I added larger fan, but then I was like that's not special enough. This sucker will be watercooled. That's more like it. Just need a little bit slimmer fan and install it under the radiator and cut holes to the top cover. It's a perfect fit. On the bottom window you can see the final resting place for the hard drive. Peace XD
  12. Hello everyone. I just finished TSOPing an Xbox model 1.1 and decided I wanted to flash Cerbios 2.01 Retail, and after flashing I have a red/green flashing light with no picture. The system is hooked up via composite (yellow, red and white) video cables and now I have no picture. I cannot access FTP, either. I was also sure to FTP over the Cerbios.ini and boot animations to the root of C ahead of flashing. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  13. Hi, I have a 1.6 XBox with the 5 caps near the power supply bulging a bit, now I want to replace them but I don't know which caps to get. I am currently looking at this set: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FK0J332L/9921194?s=N4IgjCBcoEwKwyqAxlAZgQwDYGcCmANCAPZQDaIMALDAJwAMVIAukQA4AuUIAyhwE4BLAHYBzEAF8iAdnhIQqSJlyES5SmADMjCKxCdufIWMlEYjWvMXL8RUpAqbt9AAQBWgGIt2XSCACqwoIcAPJoALJ4GDgArvx4ppT00pbQCujYtmoOIABsAHSaLgBq3vq%2BAUGhEVGx8YkAtBBp1pmq9hRg9CwSvUA Are these good quality ones that will work no problem on the XBox? Sorry if this has been asked for 1000 times but I've not been able to find a post that has exact cap specifications because I don't want anything to go wrong. Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone! Obviously a little new here. Looking to get my 1.6 repaired if anyone can help me out. Basically, my son and I were playing a game and console completely turned off. Turned it back on and it immediately shut off. Tried again and it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Just a click. I ordered a new power supply thinking that may be the culprit, swapped it out and still nothing. Console is softmodded and has a larger HDD that I did myself about 6-7 years ago. I rarely play (have 2 kids under 5) but my autistic son is really into sonic (which is installed on the HDD). My original sega is in storage:( I also would have to look for the original HDD drive which is probably in storage as well since I haven’t had it in there for years. At this point I’m sure it’s a motherboard issue, but definitely want to get it working again. Anyhow, let me know what possible options are! Thanks again!
  15. good greetings all i was given a version 1.0 XBox with a Xecuter 2.6 ModChip it has a controller underneath so you can boot either original XBox dash or the EvolutionX (probably like a partition thing) I couldn’t get FTP to work so used a memory card slot to get CHIMP to clone the drive BUT none of the games or applications carry over to the new dive? there is 70 OG XBOX games and like every available skin ever made for EvolutionX but there not on the new 500gig Western Digital? The settings and skin have copied but none of the files. I don’t want to keep writing again/again to the drive as it was not brand new when I got it i am slightly above n00b level but am comfortable in any instructions you give me file system looks normal in explorer C:// D:// Empty E:// F:// G:// S:// Q://
  16. I am looking for a blue xbox configured with the front faceplate like the above. Thank you.
  17. chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning. i tried the 'fix error 16' button in chimp, it said it was good but when i put back in the new HDD i still get Error 16. The stock 10GB HDD i got with the xbox still works if i connect it. i then tired booting the xbox with the 10GB HDD then turning off the xbox and putting in the new HDD but then i got error 13. plz help i already spent like 70$$ on this shit. my xbox is soft modded i removed the clock capacitor i have a compatible HDD, 40-pin/80-wire IDE cables, a working SATA to IDE converter Thank you
  18. Hello, i got a new xbox, and i had a few issues with it just to establish some info: it's been staying in my appartment for about 2 years without even plugging it in, idk how much it stayed at the seller's place The sticker on the bottom (where the screws are) has not yet been broken The xbox uses the philips dvd drive It's from europe (PAL) So, it has been emmiting this quite high pitched sound constantly, it's not very loud but it still gives me headaches Also my custom CDs don't seem to work on it (xbox can't recognize disc), however i tried a few more official-ish discs and they worked Any tips?
  19. Greetings to all, I have an xbox classic 1.0 that they gave me. As soon as I tried to turn it on the initial boot appeared, but then I heard a noise like something sizzling coming from the power supply. I open the xbox and I noticed some screws springs on the power supply which probably caused a short circuit. Now the console does not turn on anymore. If I try to turn it on, the fan turns half a turn and turns off. In stand by I have 3.25 volts on the purple cable while the transformer on the secondary between the red and black cable gives me 0 volts. What could I check. Thank you
  20. So I was looking back into Xbox emulation to see how it has progressed, and Xemu claims it can play 62% of the games library now. I was reading up on how it works and you can command line load an iso, but it doesn't support compressed isos so I'm not interested in that method. It does also support Xbox hard drive images however, and custom dashes. I'm curious if anyone has used xboxhdm to create a hard drive image with one of the hard drive ready rom sets out there and a custom dash to play them in Xemu? Xemu doesn't specifically piece this all together for you on the website, but it seems that should work. Either way I'm going to try it, but just didn't know if anyone knows.
  21. I made some homemade og xbox component cables using og xbox av cables and xbox 360 component cables. At first the homemade cables didn't work as I had read the diagram backward. Eventually it worked with what I assumed was fine colors until I took some comparison photos. Once going into xbmc, I noticed that colors were missing, specifically green and red. I've checked all the connections with a multimeter to make sure they go to the correct output. I also checked with a multimeter to make sure nothing was bridged. Everything appears "fine". https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1p4oX9jJtl0ok6f0cWt4hHe7HL04pc1k8?usp=sharing That's some photos showing a comparison photo of my pound hdmi vs my homemade component cables and the connector itself for the component cables. Any advice on what could be happening would be appreciated. edit: Everything is ntsc, incase that's relevant information
  22. Hello everyone I got a Softmodded V1.0 Evox with a 500hd, i´ve about 200 titles that work, but recently i´ve installed some via Flashfxp5 but they didn´t launch from the dash menu, it shows loading but it goes back to Evox menu, and doesn´t start from a game disc(does the same thing). The orange light is always on on the tray button. What i tried already: Cleaning cache from E: and X: Y: and Z: (nothing) Patched xbe of some games via c-box tool (nothing) Still, nothing, games won´t start anyway, what i´m missing here? Thank you very much
  23. Hey everyone. So, I find myself in a unique situation. I will try to break down my problem as simply as possible: ::I have an S-Type (small) Original Xbox controller with a bad cable. I only have this one controller. ::I do not have a breakaway cable to connect the controller to the Xbox, BUT I have an Xbox controller port to female USB port cable. (pictured here: https://ibb.co/wJTTYfL ) My question is this: could I desolder the Xbox controller cable from the controller board and solder on a USB cable with a standard type-A (male) USB connector to connect to the Xbox, through the pictured-above female USB port?
  24. https://github.com/gaasedelen/titan#overview Overview Titan is a series of hand-written binary patches for the original Microsoft Xbox kernel. These patches are designed to expand the storage capabilities of the popular 2001 game console in excess of 16TB. This is achieved by modifying the kernel to support LBA48 and extending the number of addressable 512-byte disk sectors in the IO stack. Special thanks to Mike Davis for his serial debugging boards, Matt Borgerson for his tireless efforts on XEMU & FATX, and finally Paul Bartholomew (oz_paulb) for his original LBA48 research from 2003 which facilitated up to 2TB for the past 15+ years. All of these people and their open-source works played an important role in the creation of Titan. Disclaimer This project does NOT use any copyrighted code, or help circumvent security mechanisms of an Xbox console. These patches should be considered highly experimental pending further attestation. By using this software, you accept the risk of experiencing total loss or destruction of data on the console in question. Titan may break existing Xbox homebrew, and existing homebrew may break Titan-based systems. Usage Titan's PC-based kernel patcher is written in Python 3. It is strongly recommended that you download the released packages which bundle the applicable dependencies for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Example usage is provided below: python3 tpatch.py m8plus_kernel.img Successful output should look something like the following: [*] Patching with Titan v1.0 -- by Markus Gaasedelen [*] - Hashing kernel 'C:\titan\m8plus_kernel.img' to ensure compatibility [*] - 0x800243AA: Patching HddStartVerify(...) [*] - 0x8002443F: Patching HddVerify(...) [*] - 0x800244E6: Patching HddStartRw_Length(...) [*] - 0x80024534: Patching HddStartRw_Transfer(...) [*] - 0x80024632: Patching HddRw_Save(...) [*] - 0x8002465B: Patching HddRw_Smuggle(...) [*] - 0x80024485: Patching HddCompleteRw(...) [*] - 0x800246F3: Patching HddGetDriveGeometry(...) [*] - 0x8002F066: Patching HddPartitionCreate(...) [*] - 0x80024B5A: Patching HddCreateQuick(...) [*] - 0x8005546D: Patching HddCreate(...) [*] - 0x80027143: Patching FatxParseSupeblock(...) [*] - 0x80029CE5: Patching FatxStartAsyncIo(...) [*] - 0x80029E5B: Patching FatxAsyncIo(...) [+] Patching successful! For a full walkthrough of setting up an Xbox with Titan, please refer to the GUIDE.md provided in this repo. Additional Notes Some additional notes about Titan are as follows: Formatting The FATX project is currently the only tested/supported method to format a disk for a Titan-based system XBPartitioner/XBlast/XeniumOS/FATXplorer are all considered unsupported and probably require updates I fully expect these tools to get updated releases in the near-future Partitions Titan is essentially hardcoded to use a 'F (Partition 6) Takes All'-esque partitioning scheme Titan could be extended to support additional partitions, but it seems unnecessary Clusters Titan allows increased cluster sizes of 128kb, 256kb and 512kb It is strongly recommended to format large disks (2TB+) with 1024 sectors per cluster (512kb) Matt's FATX is the only tool that can currently format disks with larger clusters Increased cluster sizes dramatically increases the speed of mounting FATX volumes (faster bootup) Increased cluster sizes will ensure more linear reads on the disk (faster file reads, game loading, etc.) Increased cluster sizes allows for more items in the root disk directory (8192 items at 512kb clusters) If you're using Titan, you can afford the luxury of bigger clusters so stop complaining about wasted space Increased cluster sizes were never the issue for limiting drive/partition sizes, this is FUD 64kb clusters should work on the Titan partition but bootup/mounting WILL be slow for large disks UDMA Titan can change the UDMA transfer mode used by the kernel with --udma N Increasing the UDMA mode has been profiled to improve some game load times in excess of 20% Increasing the UDMA mode will require an 80pin IDE cable The retail Xbox uses UDMA 2 (33mb/s) by default (as do many/all (?) modified BIOS') The maximum supported UDMA mode by the Xbox southbridge is UDMA 5 (100mb/s HDD <--> CPU) UDMA 5 DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL IDE TO SATA ADAPTERS UDMA 5 has been confirmed working with Startech adapters but has not been properly benchmarked UDMA 5 is unstable on RXD-629A7-7 based adapters, but UDMA 4 seems okay WLXKG-863B are the 'worst' adapters I have experienced working on Titan and are largely untested Games A random assortment of games have been tested to ensure some baseline on system stability I don't expect major issues here, but more testing should be obviously be done Dashboards XBMC seems to work fine EvoX seems to work fine EvoX displays the incorrect disk size because it performs a modulus of 'available gigabytes' by 1000 This does not mean that you formatted incorrectly, or that the HDD is corrupt FTP seems okay? Dashboard-based FTPs are probably much safer than BIOS-based FTP (eg. XeniumOS) Consider all other dashboards as untested Other Homebrew Notes DVD2Xbox works fine FTP via XeniumOS is probably risky. I would only use it to transfer files onto RETAIL partitions (C or E) Anything booting into a BFM BIOS (PBL, Hexen?) is totally unsupported for accessing the Titan partition (F) Consider all other homebrew as untested Patches Titan is only supported on the M8+ kernel. M8+ is a modified version of the final retail kernel (5838) Titan/M8+ can be used on ALL retail hardware revisions (1.0 -> 1.6b) These patches can almost certainly be ported to other Xbox kernels, but not something I plan on doing Previous iterations of these patches modified the kernel to use 4K sectors but was deemed unnecessary The released patches can be further simplified, moving away from the original 4K implementation More experimental patches that further accelerate mounting large FATX volumes may be added later
  25. I've been through hell with this Xbox over the past couple of weeks so let me give a bit of a rundown. I've got a 1.6 Xbox that I installed OpenXenium on using an LPC rebuild board, Chimeric's IDE cable, StarTech IDE/SATA adapter, and a WD 2TB drive. For the longest time I had issues with the OpenXenium install where it would FRAG if the chip was installed. I checked continuity and everything was fine with each VIA to its corresponding point, so I redid my soldering twice and it booted into OpenXenium. I then install a dash, setup the new drive, and put the Xbox back together. However it FRAG'ed again whenever I put the top case back with all the bottom screws. Took the case off, still FRAGing. I realized it was FRAGing with just Chimeric's IDE cable after a couple hours so I got a replacement cable, and everything worked fine with the top case back on. Until it didn't. After turning the Xbox off for a few hours it wouldn't turn back on, period. I took the top case off, and it powered on fine, but after a couple seconds I heard a loud whine/squealing noise from the right side of the Xbox (which I assume was the PSU) > turned the Xbox off > and then it never turned back on again, even with just the bare board. So I replaced the PSU. Issue fixed, it powered back on fine. But when I put the top case back on, it wouldn't power back on, and now I'm at the same spot I was before. The Xbox is not powering on no matter what I do. So here's what I've done so far since then to try and narrow this down: I do not know for 100% certain that the motherboard has been case swapped, but I have no reason to believe it was. The bottom stickers were all intact and the screws were not exposed, and there are no missing/extra screw posts on the bottom of the case compared to the board. I've also tested power with the board and PSU isolated from the case and I'm still not getting power, so the case is not the issue I've checked continuity with all VIAs to their corresponding points with a multimeter and they all have continuity. LFRAME is also not grounded I've checked the PSU using this chart here . I'm getting 5.3v on every orange, 0v on white, 0v on red, 0v on yellow, and 0.3v on blue I'm getting 3.25v-3.26v on the collector chip Anyone have any ideas on where to go from here?

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