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  1. >>> OGXBox 2021 XBlastOS 8MB MC TSOP Flasher <<< I finaly managed to get the (for me) perfect TSOP flasher done. It makes use of the known save game exploids for SC, MA, 007 & TH4 and uses XBlastOS to flash any TSOP right away. As base it will load up UnleashX where you can choose the bios you like to flash (See list below). After you have selected the bios UnleashX will unrar all necessary files and copy them to the needed places and after that XBlastOS will start. Also a pretty bare bone UnleashX will be installed in which you boot after the TSOP flash from which you can launch an installer like the OGXBox Installer 2021 to set up your HDD. So no more softmodding before TSOP'ing or using EvoX, Raincoat or Resctoox to flash a TSOP. All bios files and configs are pre-configured to boot up the evoxdash.xbe of the C drive. Here is a list of provided bioses: XBox v1.0 - 1.1 ONLY! - x2 5035.67 (512kb) XBox v1.0 - 1.3 ONLY ATM! - Cerbios v1.02 ALPHA (256kb) (Will be updated when newer version come out) XBox v1.0 - 1.4 - EvoX m8 plus noDVD (256kb)* - EvoX m8 plus yesDVD (256kb)* - iND 5003.67 (256kb) - iND 5003.67 XISO (256kb) - iND 5004.67 (256kb) - x2 4983.67 (256kb) And since this version is only 6.2MB in size (Incl. all save games!), you could add your own bios files beside the others. Screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/nBwAIIY Pre release version video (The final is slightly different but you get the idea) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zam2SXG1WI8 All credits go to these guys and teams: pysko_chewbacca, Rocky5, Team Cerbios, Team iND, Team Xecuter, Team EvoX and Team Unleash. Download sites (Pal and NTSC version): https://1fichier.com/dir/dyFJYcXu https://mega.nz/folder/cJ8XRAYZ#cCK8TgW1RsPWPkGvGSiUmA Have fun.
  2. My 1.2 has had a borked TSOP for the longest time, I've been using an Aladdin XBlast to make up for it but I know someone who could make better use of that modchip while I would rather go back to a flashed TSOP. I know that some chips have features for TSOP recovery such as the XBlast Lite, but I haven't seen any of those for sale in a local capacity. Does anyone know what other options I may have here?
  3. Howdy! Long time follower of the forums and this is my first post ever on the site. Finally got me a modded original NTSC Xbox from eBay after years of not owning one. Loving it! Mostly playing Halo2 on XLinkKai. My only issue with it is that who ever modded it and sold it to me on eBay removed the iconic classic flubber intro boot, all it has is just this blame and dull blue Xbox logo during boot and nothing else. Looking to see if there is anyway I can get the flubber screen back? I know it's something to do with the BIOS, just haven't found any leads in what to do and all the information i used to frequent back in the day on isozone is gone and anything I find is obscure with no clear information or instructions and I'm afraid to mess anything up with out some kind guidance on the procedure. I'd really appreciate the help or any kind lead. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone. I have another tricky question. Let's assume I have an Xbox 1.3 with a failed tsop flash. Assuming nothing works anymore. No picture, no sound, no dvd drive, nothing. Could I just solder an identical working chip piggyback onto the other one and then flash it again? Maybe you could also use a cable and connector to disconnect the working chip during the flash process? I would just be interested. Or is there an even easier way that I don't know yet? Greetings
  5. Ok, so by mistake I used a winbond flash method on a non winbond TSOP (ST), which resulted in the console freezing during the flash process and (ofc) followed by frag. Hopefuly i suceeded in installing an old alladdin modchip which i had lying around and the console works fine. So here' my question. Is it possible to re-flash the TSOP theoretically using the following method: Boot the console and then disable the chip without shutting down (e.g. desoldering the D0 point) and try to flash the TSOP correctly this time?
  6. 128MB, Cerbios, 2tb drive based on the origins image with a few extra things. I would like 300.
  7. It's just not flashing and refusing to do so. It's acting like the point isn't jumpered. I soldered the jumper using a wire to bridge it. No idea why this isn't working.
  8. I did it. And it costs nothing to do it if you're trying to flip consoles!
  9. Flashing a Sharp TSOP - Everything you need to know to flash a Sharp TSOP Xbox. There are a bunch of tutorials out there explaining how to flash TSOP, but not much info on flashing a *Sharp* TSOP. Because of this I feel it is my duty to write down my experience flashing my Sharp TSOP Xbox. The Sharp TSOP is not easy. It requires more soldering, more software, and more steps. Hopefully, this tutorial will make it a bit easier for you. THIS TUTORIAL ONLY COVERS SHARP TSOP! If your chip says 'ST', that does NOT mean "Sharp Technologies". If your chip does not have the SHARP logo on it, don't follow this tutorial. OK. BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALREADY SOFTMODDED YOUR XBOX! The Xbox is easy enough to softmod. Softmodding is not covered here. You should also be familiar with FTPing files to and from the Xbox, burning Xbox DVDs. These topics are not covered here. Step 1 - Figure out what version Xbox you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found my serial number on the bottom of the case and looked it up online. It appeared to be a v1.1. This was good news since the v1.6 cannot be TSOPed. If you have a 1.6, stop now. Step 2 - Open it up and see what TSOP chip you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I opened up my Xbox and discovered I had a 1MB TSOP chip. Good news again, I think. 1MB sounds better than 256KB, right? But it was also a Sharp LH28F008SCT-L85 chip. Sharp TSOPs are the most difficult chips to flash. That's not good news. But it can be flashed. Step 3 - Start downloading your software. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the following Xbox tools: Hacky Rehash EurAsia Hexen Shambles Edit 2017 Step 4 - Take your motherboard out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carefully disconnect all the cables and remove the eleven screws holding the mobo down. The power connector was the hardest one for me. Apparently, you need three hands to do it. I used a Starbucks card to shove down into the molex connector to free the clips. Even then, it was a pain to remove. Step 5 - Soldering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not gonna lie. The soldering is not easy at all. It's not for the faint of heart. It's the tiniest soldering I have ever done. I've soldered on old Atari 2600's, TI99-4/A computers, and modchipped Gamecubes. The Gamecube was by far the smallest soldering I had ever done, and prepared me for this task. Get yourself comfortable doing small soldering before proceeding. I am no pro, but I have some experience and I have accumulated some gear that I would consider essential in getting this soldering done. You will need the following: A magnifier. Mine is a visor type magnifier that I got on Ebay for around $15. 30 AWG jumper wire, and a suitable wire stripper. A small 1" scrap of stranded wire. The finest tip you can buy for your soldering iron. It will also be helpful to have some electrical tape, some flux, some small tweezers, very small cutters, very small needle nose pliers, a small vice or helping hands, some experience doing small soldering, and a very steady hand. 1. Solder the jumper wire on the bottom side of the mobo. Add some solder to the via and the pad. Don't hold the iron too long on the pad or it will come off. For the wire, I used 30 AWG jumper wire. Cut it to length, tin it, and tape it to the mobo in position. Use tweezers to hold it while you solder it down. 2. For the solder bridge, pull out a single strand from a stranded wire, get about an inch. Add solder to the pads. Tin the wire. Hold it with tweezers and heat it while you press it down into the melted solder. Once it's dry, snip off the excess wire. 3. Solder about 8" length of jumper wire to the pads on the top side of the mobo, but don't connect them. This is so that you can put the Xbox back together and join the wires after it boots. NOTE - If you boot up your Xbox with the wires connected (or jumped), it will just give you a black screen. You must boot up with the wires disconnected, then connect them after the Xbox has booted. It might be helpful to solder jumper pins on the ends so you can just place a jumper instead of twisting the wires together. 4. Inspect your soldering closely. Gently tug on the wires. Take high res photos of it and inspect the photos on the computer. Tape the wire to the mobo so it doesn't come loose. Once you are happy, put your Xbox back together. Just use one screw for the mobo. Don't plug power all the way in, just make it snug without clipping it down. Leave the two wires hanging out of the case. Leave the top lid off too. You won't need it until you are done. Step 6 - The software tools. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To flash your TSOP, you will need a bios file, and a tool to flash that bios file. 1. Bios file - It was recommended to me that I use the x2.5035.137.bin. This is a 1MB bios file that supports large hdds. I found this bios file (and a bunch of others) on the Hacky Rehash bios flashing disc. You can browse the disc on the Xbox or launch the disc and select "Copy BIOSes to E drive" and then FTP the bios file to your PC. Hexen also has some BIOS files. 2. Flash tool - For Sharp, it erases using a "Winbond" method which is block erase. That also suggests it will be using Raincoat to do the actual flashing. Raincoat is the tool that is used on EurAsia, and Hacky has the EurAsia tool on it. NOTE - It is not enough to just get the Hacky disc. You'll also want to get the EurAsia disc so you can make your bios disc. 3. Make the bios disc. In the EurAsia zip file, there is a folder called bios_disc. Copy that folder and name it something like My_Sharp_bios_disc. Next, copy your bios file (for me, it was x2.5035.137.bin) into the folder, then rename it to bios.bin. Next, you will want to edit the bios.txt file in that directory. I made mine say this: EurAsia TSOP bios disc This flash disc is for a Sharp TSOP. The bios.bin file is: x2.5035.137.bin Now, burn those files to a DVD using the ISO 9660 standard. Now you have your bios disc. NOTE - There is a README file in the EurAsia zip. You should read it too. It was gobbledeegook the first time I read it, but after a few failures, it all made sense. Step 7 - Time to do some flashing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power on your Xbox using the small button. Let it boot up, then connect the wires (or attach the jumper). Put the Hacky disc in, then launch the disc. In the Hacky's menu, select "Winbond" (not "1mb flash"). It will tell you to have your bios disc ready. At this point, just follow the directions. Don't lose power during the flashing or you will probably be bricked. Flashing will take approximately two minutes. Not more than five. It should first erase, then program, then verify. When it is done, it will eject the disc tray. Remove the disc and left it shutdown. EurAsia gets launched. I burned the bios disc improperly the first time and Eurasia rejected it. But Eurasia waited for me. It just kept looking for a disc and then ejecting the tray while I was busy burning a new bios disc. When I had a good bios disc burned, I waited for the tray to eject and then placed the disc in there and waited again for it to close. You can see the text from my bios.txt file here: Erasing, Programming, Verifying... When it boots back up, you should see the new boot animation. Congrats! You are now TSOP'ed! Xecuter logo in place of the Microsoft logo confirms it is booting your modded bios.
  10. I'm just wondering if an XBlast Lite is required for the TSOP features or if the os will see a 1mb TSOP and options for TSOP management should appear... Or would the chip have to have a certain cpld and I would have to program it first?
  11. Okay, I wanted to use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP flash kit for all of my consoles that I am trying to flip and sell. I'll save money on modchips , and I want to be able to manage my TSOP AND flash it if that's possible, with an Xblast Lite. The xblast lite can do this, correct? With 1.0 and 1.1 consoles of course (1 meg flash). I do want to know if the xblast menu for the Lite will let me flash the TSOP? I mean, since it can manage it, whatever that means ,I'm sure it can flash it, correct?
  12. There is a bundle of files and I don't know what to do with them. I have the 007 game for the exploit. Can someone please let me know what I have to do to just make this thing work? And to have bioses of different sizes so that I can flash different sized chips? I would like to flash my overclocked version of Cerbios to any console from a 1.0 to a 1.4... or 1.5 if you think the world is flat. So from one megabyte to 256 kilobytes. @SS_Dave @KaosEngineer @sweetdarkdestiny
  13. I got tomcat's XBlast to revive my coma console. I've determined that the TSOP is corrupt. I would like to flash it, if possible. I don't have a softmod kit, and I don't have a SINGLE Original Xbox game, much less any exploitable ones. This console needs a lot of work, so I would rather TSOP flash it than put a chip in it. I don't even have a HDD yet... still waiting for my check. Can I use the 2021 OGXbox installer disc and the XBlast to flash my TSOP? I understand I might have to use a softmod installation, but do I really need a stupid game? Please help me out here Can I just use the Softmod mode of the OGXbox installer? Edit: No I can't. The softmod mode isn't what I thought it was. Horsefuck. I need to come up with the simplest way to TSOP my consoles as possible. Guess I'll have to use the Sweetdardestiny method. lol. Guess I'll have to buy a softmod kit off ebay.
  14. Hello I'm having an issue successfully flashing a split Tsop using the xblast lite modchip. I've albeit believe I've successfully soldered d0, a15 and A19 to the modchip. I can see the split in xblast os, I can boot either split but it currently has a 1mb cerbios 2.02 on there. I can boot either bank from the modchip. My issue is with tsop_m7, I flash this to the 256k bank of the modchip and proceed to boot with hexen inserted that boots off the other bios. I get no display and a solid green lights, eventually the Xbox power cycles back to xblast os. I've also tried setting the front switches to boot the 256k bank on power on same issue but it'll power cycle every minute or 2. I've tried setting xblast os to boot bank 2 with the power button. Same issue The option "force tsop recovery" has been set to both tsop banks - no change I've also tried tsop_m7 on the 512k xblast lite bank - same issue I'm stuck, not sure what to try next with the exception of shortening the a15 wire as I know I gave it too much ( approx 8 - 10 cm) but would rather not mess around with it if it's fine. Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated
  15. It was hard to get a good image, I think I damaged the board pretty bad. I figured my years of recaping crt's and some smd soldering here and there would make me qualified. I think I might have seriously damaged it beyond my repair abilities, I had such a hard time trying to make that joint (I made the mistake of using flux), any advice on what to do now? worried I might be S.O.L
  16. After i Tsop my xbox with Evox M8 plus the dash won't boot and i was know about this then i tried to install unlashx dash from hexen 2021 disc then i installed in E/Dash and then i got message says: do you want to make it your default dash, i click in Yes, after that the boot animation frozen with microsoft and when i tried to boot hexen nothing happend :(
  17. Hi I have been trying this for a few days and nothing. I used to have a softmod, but wish to install cerbios to my TSOP. I put in a new 3tb drive that i set up with fatxplorer. I installed the bootanimations folder to c drive, placed the cerbios.ini on the c drive also, and placed the bios in a folder named Bios on c. I loaded the hexen disc and bios checker they still work fine. I have an ST chip, and joined the connections fine, as I used to run the softmod and hexen still loads. If I use XblastOS (tried from hard drive and from some Xbox flash programs that run off disc) to flash, if I pick net flash I upload the bios and it does nothing on the xbox. I tried a 256k, 512 and 1mb version of cerbios. If i put the files on the drive and select HDD it finds the bios, I get a message about holding LT+RT+START+WHITE to start the process, is not easy but when it works it just goes back to the bios select screen. If I try gentoox from any loader disc, the program loads but then come up about invalid boot disc and shuts the xbox down. I have not found a gentoox to run from hdd yet. I have tried a few times now and nothing, was able to install some dashboards, but just having trouble flashing the tsop. I can not find an OpenXemium to buy that is not used or expensive, and all the aladin ones seem to be unflashable now. Anybody got any ideas of what I may be doing wriong, or suggest a dashboard I may be able to flash cerbios to the tsop, current cerbios is 2.0.2. Thanks for any assidtance you may be able to offer.
  18. I have a V1.0 System I was getting ready to Tsop flash, but I ran into a problem where I accidentally got solder on the legs of the Tsop. I tried removing it, but things just got screwed up more and more. I was wondering is the board going to be screwed, or is my only option a mod chip?
  19. Evening everyone. Tried to post this on /OriginalXbox and for some reason my post isn't going up even though I've been active in it for sometime now. Anyway here is what I am trying to do: Hey fam! I have a 6 Xboxes. 3 are 1.0 and all have chips. 2 Jafars, one x2.0 pro. Most had issues one way or another and I had the chips lying around anyway. So out of convenience at the time, I installed them. I figure I don't need them in there. I already understand the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I just want the chips for other boxes. Definitely not new to the OG, I've just never swapped mods other than chips. I have TSOP'd before, so bridging points is not a problem. I am just trying to figure out steps. These are my thoughts: Drives are all unlocked (partitioned, formatted, no retail/stock dash), so I am thinking pull the drives, rebuild to stock with FatXplorer, install the drive back in the box, then relock with the modchip still in. Pull the modchip and disconnect d0 Bridge points Boot from exploitable game Use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP MC Flash Program or his flasher disc Profit? Just looking to see if anyone has done something similar and if this process sounds like it will work? Looking for any and all input other than "don't do it." If I mess up, I still have the chips right?
  20. as a result of having a bad accident I no longer have the ability to tinker and mod. I have given some away to family - but have 2 complete modded systems in great shape. I am unsure but there may be 500 gb drives in them. I have a tub of parts, power supplies, board(?) case and cables. I am keeping a couple for myself, of course... I am going for best offer and will send pics upon request. I would ship to canada preferred but will also ship us - I won't gouge for shipping or this stuff. they are in fantastic shape. I am in Alberta. sad to sell but it is sadder to not be able to mod any longer. Contact for more info. Thanks
  21. This guide and pictures taken from: http://www.biline.ca/xbox_solder.htm TSOP Flashing Unlock points if you are unsure which Xbox version you have click Here TSOP unlock points for version 1.0/1.1 Xbox This is the top of the motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7D3 as in photo above. This is the bottom side of motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7R3 as in photo above. All Ver 1.0/1.1 Xbox's with a 'SHARP' TSOP chip must also connect the additional red wire as in the photo above. All other TSOP's DO NOT require this step. TSOP Unlock points for all Versions 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/ Xbox's This is the top side of the motherboard These Xbox's have both points located on the top of the motherboard, for the first point connect the two solder pads at R7D10 as in photo above. For the second point locate the junction between R7D2 and R7D1 and connect the two solder pads as in the photo above. After the solder points are completed you should re-assemble your xbox (but leave the top cover off) when the power button is pressed it should boot normally as it did before you started. Note if you get the message TSOP write protected while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was m while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was made. To split Split a 1MB TSOP (v1.0, v1.1) into 4 banks of 256k, the following picture explains how to accomplish this: Note: If you have a 1.6/1.6b Xbox, it has no TSOP and therefore you cannot flash it. You will have to install a modchip or softmod.
  22. Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong section but not sure if this is softmod or tsop so put it here. After having help to update my original xbox (thank you) I have since found the first unit that wife bought me in 2002. I thought it had been softmodded and slayers installed. Today I opened it up as I want to fit a 200gb sata hdd that I have spare and was surprised to see that it has had some kind of chip fitted in the past. It's a lot of years since this was last used and tbh I don't remember having a modchip. It has the stock hard drive and the manufacture date of sept 2002. It has Evox M7 and dash is +3921 if that is of any help. I just need to know if I am safe to carry on and install the 500gb hdd. If anyone can work out what has been done originally I would love to know, from my limited knowledge so far I wondered if it needed a chip fitted temporarily to flash them back then.
  23. After atleast two months of issues with an HDD swap, I decided to try and TSOP flash my console (1.0 US) While my skills were shoddy at best, I don't think I soldered any pads that weren't the R7D3 or R7R3, and the system seems to boot fine (no error LEDS), but my controller no longer works. I've bought an aftermarket/3rd party controller, and that one didn't work either. There doesn't seem to be any problems on the daughterboard, and all the cables are plugged in right... Any idea what could've happened, and how I might be able to fix this?
  24. So I just finished another successful TSOP flash on a v1.1 and wishing I had spent more time focusing on that vs. having to repair numerous LPC ports from teaching myself to solder. Oh well, I digress… Since I’m fairly new to flashing bios’s (Xbox) I’ve been reading up on which bios is best for my needs as well as the method of flashing. Since I’m pretty old school I was always taught the importance of having a good boot up disc (ie. Hexen) laying around. Kinda fancy since I grew up thinking we’d be booting everything off floppy disks forever! The more I’ve read I’m finding that maybe Hexen isn’t the most impervious or bulletproof solution out there. It would appear that the Hexen-based bios’s could be tainted in a sense (as well as limited in variety). Can someone verify if I’m understanding this correctly? I hear those particular bios files have been pre-configured and therefore not the best choice to flash and replace the old soft mod. I’m of the impression that the most bulletproof method would be hooking up the hard drive to my computer and/or FTP’ing the OGXbox Installer onto it. Anyone? Lastly, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking that it would be silly to use any of these older BIOS’s without any LBA support. I’d like to utilize one of the newer (but not entirely necessary) Titan or Cerbios revisions available. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this. Thanks in advance for your feedback ✌
  25. still having this issue i get freezing/buzzing at the flubber logo with my hdd installed with everything correctly in place using the FatXplorer 3.0 beta to build/preload the drive and I have EVo bios installed too so hdd locking shouldn't be an issue i get a 07 (hdd time out) with no hdd installed (pretty obvious)

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