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Found 18 results

  1. Selling PicoPromSDs. My new EEPROM tool. Testing is going great and haven’t heard anything negative. Because of this, I’m opening up sales. $35+shipping What does it do? 1. Reads and backs up the EEPROM 2. Decrypts EEPROM Data and displays it in plain text. 3. Can write changes to the EEPROM 4. Calculate the password for the original seagate and WD drives all from a MicroSD card have questions?!?! Just ask! EDIT: as mentioned earlier in announcement post… if you purchased an ArdPromSD from me and want the new PicoPromSD… I’ll give you a $10 discount. I’ll also be selling a pogo pin adapter for $8
  2. XCAT v1.00 is now out and just waiting for you to start archiving your lost Xbox Live content and updates. I could do a whole writeup but why would I when it's all covered on Consolemods and RetroRGB. https://www.retrorgb.com/xcat-a-huge-win-for-xbox-preservation.html https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:XCAT We have a support channel on the Xbox Scene discord where you can ask you have any questions or list any concerns. https://discord.gg/xbox-scene Download is available on Digiex.net or Xbins. Please check out the Unarchived DLC/TU list to see the simple list of what's missing. https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Unarchived_DLC Please go forth and Archive your content!
  3. Hello, I thought some here may be interested in a tool I have created with the help of ChatGPT. I wanted my Xbox to connect to the Internet but my PC only has wifi so I figured out a way to bridge the connection and share it but my wifi did not really support bridge mode so I had to learn how to set up a NAT and now I have written a program that helps set this up easier. With this your xbox will get internet over Ethernet cable and FTP still works. There is some error handing (such as if bridge is already configured). Basically this will Emulate a bridge and change the ip/port settings for static use when nobridge capability is available for the wifi card. Took about 50 hours to get the program up and going maybe someone else may want to test it and give me some feedback? https://github.com/Iridule/Xbox_Nat_Helper
  4. Hello all, I need some assistance. I was trying to softmod a few xbox's I got laying around here. One has a ton of update and DLC data on it I want to contribute back. That all being said, I used one of the consoles that didn't have much data on it. I then used the Splinter Cell NTSC game. It worked and loaded up the softmod tool, I pressed A. It gave a generic error and asked me to choose NTSC or PAL, I chose NTSC. The script continued, appeared to backup the EEPROM, modify C Partition, etc. at the end, it says "See that was painless go ahead and reboot" annnnnnnnnnd.....pain. Only boots to an error 13 or 14 So, could I take this drive, hook it up to FATxplorer, unlock the drive with null or 1111's, grab the legit hdd key from the E: partition, then lock the drive using the correct key. Then can I use FATxplorer to rebuild the dashboard/C partition somehow? From what I can tell from YT vids, when it rebooted, it looks like a script should have ran and that never happened, just errors 13 or 14 and nothing boots (real discs or burnt ones). I do have access to one softmodded xbox if that helps me to solve this... Regards, PHX-Sisko
  5. Will sharing an IP address be beneficial? Exposed IP Addresses for WebRTC The websites you visit can see your IP address thanks to your browser. start the test Even if you're using a VPN, your personal information could still be compromised.
  6. Hi I am trying to clone a drive using HDD Raw copy and getting very slow speeds 50 MB/s Both a drives a WD Black 7200rpm. I have connected directly into my motherbaords sata 3 ports. I have tested the drives and get speeds above 100. Is this software limitation? If so is there any alternative? Thanks
  7. Someone to compile this tool for me please? My PC won't open Visual Studio and I'm not very experienced with C++ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/n95ri6vwu0kyd/Compilar+XZP+Original+Xbox+Compress
  8. Does GSSMT Tool compress folders to .XZ_?
  9. Kaos Engineer Can You Compress This File To .XPR For Me? https://www.mediafire.com/file/5uvq7uqs4a75mwa/LoaderMedia.zip/file This is the tool: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gygcx54d740brx9/Bundler.zip/file I don't know how to use it because it doesn't contain a .exe file and i don't know how to use it through the DOS menu
  10. I think this belongs here? Since I'm just trying to install XBMC4Gamers. But like the title says, Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc will not boot when I try to boot it from the "Applications" section. I've followed the instructions on how to set up the files correctly, but when I click on XSTED, the screen goes black for a few seconds then it goes right back to the UnleashX dashboard. I thought maybe it's mounting it to the disk drive virtually? But even my disk drive won't boot a disk when there's a disk in it using the "Run CD in drive" button, no matter what's in the drive. I'm kinda at a loss, so I'm coming here for some help. Attached is how I have it setup on the drive. 1.4 that's been TSOP'd, if it matters
  11. Easy-Build for XBOX Original What is it? A tool in testing for compiling xbox code. Easy to Update script. https://github.com/Empyreal96/easy-build-xbox How to use: Have easy-build-xinit.cmd on the ROOT of a drive e.g: D:\easy-build-xinit.cmd Open easy-build-xinit.cmd Setup the Xbox trunk in your Drive root as specified in easy-build-xinit (VHD users are already set up) Let the script apply Team Complex patches (These allow the xbox trunk to be built) Once that's done, follow onscreen instructions until Razzle loads Type into razzle: easybuild You can now build from the Easy-Build mainmenu Built binaries will be in %DriveRoot%\xbox\xboxbuilds\fre{dump} Any issues or suggestions please open an issue ticket so I can look into it Information Windows XP - 10 x86 Fixed issues with mstools/idw folders incorrectly being set Basic Options for compiling 'Unofficial' binplace script 'xcopybins.cmd' to place some built files Added 'xmakesamples.cmd' which builds the XDK Sample CD. Added a WIP script to set off the XDK build see XDK below Fixed %_BUILDVER% not being set on razzle-easybuild handover Changed menu colours (I may change back depending on feedback) Small update to some 'dirs' files that adds folders to the build process that can build successfully Separated easybuild.cmd (mainmenu) to public/tools/ Actual easybuild.cmd shows correct Razzle Tool Path now, starts xcopybins.cmd as postbuild XDK Building InstallShield Professional 6.2 is required for this: I have included my currently in progress script to try and build the Xbox SDK. Currently it fails compiling the InstallShield specific XDK Setup scripts.. To run the script, load Easy-Build, drop to Razzle prompt and type "private\SDK\setup\xsdkbuild.cmd" If you want to help the development of Easy-Build, have some issues join the Matrix chat! https://matrix.to/#/!febkSwamiedCsfevDe:matrix.org?via=matrix.org NOTE: This is VERY early stages.. It is lacking in many features that Easy-Build-NT5 has.. If I get time I will eventually figure out more of the build system, any and all help is greatly welcomed!!
  12. In the Build v1.1.8\Extras Disc\Documents folder their is a txt file that says: You can run the "Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc.iso" from the Xbox HDD. What happens if I run the virtual image and wish to restore xbox to factory using that image. Will it corrupt the drive as the image is being read off the same drive? Or being a virtual image it is stored in a temporary location and once the xbox is restored it is deleted and won't interfere when restoring.
  13. guys, is it possible to add Russian to the program? please help me do this
  14. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue, but I go to download C-Xbox from the ISO Zone, gives me a network error when downloaded. Tried to download on this site as well, same issue, network error. Can download everything else from these sights just fine.
  15. Hi, I have a lot's of XBOX iso's I want to use those with the attach.xbe (https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1134-xiso-playing-games-from-xbox-hdd-using-iso-images/ ) But that means I would need to manually rename for every game.... Is there a command line tool to rename XBE titles? (preferably linux or source available)
  16. Just a simple dark theme take on Rocky5's XST theme, since it was my favorite theme aside from the fact that it burned my retinas at night. Obviously huge props to R5 since this is his theme, just with dark colors and tweaked panels to suit my console (you may have to go in and change them if they're not working/to your liking, obviously). Rocky5 XST but wait, now dark
  17. Used to turn ISOs into ready to transfer game folders in order to play on your upgraded Xbox HDD. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zhnfvwysymawsrt/c-xboxtool206.rar
  18. not ogxbox related but surely there is a few rgh modders in the group decided to share my gerber for the community to order and enjoy b9bbcde2263011e999d9026a86b9cae7.zip

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