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  1. (Forgot to add in last post and can't edit) I did decomp into IDA psudocode most functions in the 5933 Kernel, but I do need to go over it and learn how to improve ida's output.. This one is for AvpInitCurrentTvEncoder https://www.github.com/Empyreal96/xboxkrnl-IDA-decomp-test/tree/main/Functions%2FAvpInitCurrentTVEncoder.c Every other function is in the repo's tree
  2. So I have been trawling old x-s forum mirrors, found the original 1.6 thread and there are a few bits of interesting info: https://xbox-scene.xbins.org/forums/index.php/topic,1215.0.html These symbols were extracted from the "latest" 1.6 kernel at the time of the thread, may be handy to look at: AV: Conexant TV encoder _Conexant_CCRegisters Conexant_CCRegisters AV: Focus TV encoder _Focus_MacrovisionHamp Focus_MacrovisionHamp AV: XCalibur TV encoder _XCalibur_RSM53Regs _XCalibur_RSMRegs _XCalibur_RSMRegAddr XCalibur_RSMRegAddr XCalibur_RSMRegs XCalibur_RSM53Regs And some I have s
  3. That's interesting, especially as another thought on the rumour mill was M$ used old/binned chips, and iirc around the time of the 1.6 being spotted SiS chipsets weren't as popular Nice for linking that link, I'll give it a proper tickle later, I guess any registers in the link would be in the `xcalibur-regs.h` file in xbox-linux.. I think I'll try compare that with any that's in the code I have and see if I can make sense of it, I do know that the Xcalibur chip is present at 0xE0 (focus = 0xD4, Conn = 0x8A) but that is all I properly know yet
  4. I'll keep that in mind thanks! Currently still on the digging theough many forums phase trying to compare any info with what I have code wise.. Recently saw someone theorizing that the Xcalibur was a rebranded Connexant chip as some av registers matched, but that could be coincidence/compatibility
  5. Oh you diamond thank you! That's one of the files I was curious in finding
  6. So I haven't been able to dig up much, a couple of files that could be helpful seem to be dead links (mainly .txt files saying certain things like the Xcalibur/1.6 I2C stuff) One thing I am slowly looking into is seeing if I can figure out differences in a 1.6 capable Kernel and the source tree as I have an idea on the functions needed, hopefully any av registers can be extracted, and maybe xbox linux could help? But with no real coding experience it will take some time to piece it together
  7. I was likely gunna take a crack at it myself soon as finally got almost all the bits I need, I'm sure it'll be fine as I had to make a botch up AV cable/extender for another xbox
  8. It's weird I stumbled across the same issue as the OP where upgraded HDD wouldn't boot any disks, not even cold booting an installer disk.. it was an old xbox softmod that I reformatted and setup in my 1.6 chipped, and I did use xbpartitioner with just the F drive.. Symptoms were it booted to the MS dash (so access to C was able) but whenever it tried to load any disk it would halt and start clicking, prior to this, in the old xbox it worked fine loading any disk.. so I think I can vouch with your xbpartitioner theory!
  9. I think shall look into the controller cable and the dvd cable to extend, I have several left over.. could be handy to have standard USB ports in ports 3 and 4 bit that can come later I need to avoid a no dvd bios ideally, the rig I'm setting up needs use of the drive when I swap it in I will have to have a ponder on the power supply scenario I think
  10. Yeah I saw some power extenders on ebay, I thought making them would be the case, ideally 3x the size of the default cable.. it's for the inside of a rather large PC case I think I will fetch a few cables and join them up for the dvd power.. I couldn't find any internal controller extended cables, but I was thinking sourcing the cables from another broken console would do the trick for now One other thing, are there any known power supply units that are known to work with the xbox 1.6? I haven't got the tools to make an enclosure
  11. Hopefully this will be an easy solution.. I'm trying to find extended cables for the insides of a 1.6: - DVD Drive Power cables - Gameport cable extention - PSU power into the mobo Ideally I wanna try find some premade cables/adapters.. but If it has to be a DIY jobby then tips would be much appreciated!
  12. As we all know the Xcalibur encoder in the 1.6 Xbox, was Microshafts in-house built chip.. No public documentation or anything. I'm wanting to find bits and pieces of info that may be round from old dead forum threads, randome files etc.. Sadly I have no Reverse Engineering and little coding know how to be able to pick a newer Kernel apart, but I am thinking I may be able to dump some info from my 1.6 itself while it's running. So if anyone has any ideas please post here!!
  13. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just found this xbdm.rar file and then in turn found this thread It does seem to have some FTP code yeah, and some comments that state about its configured to connect to crusaders ftp when it's done.. so deffo a development stage of their tests.. Its buildable with no errors in the complex/4400 tree but I'm gunna have a better poke at it this week
  14. For any Debug Kit users who may be interested, the initial update adding the Developer Kit Menu to Easy-Build is now up! Currently it supports the following: • Transfer files to and from the console • Update the console with the 4400 XDK Launcher (Requires XDK Launcher of any kind already set up with xbdm.dll) • Shortcut to install the 4400 XDK • Pop-out console to run Xbox CLI tools (e.g xbmemdump.exe) • Reboot the console from Easy-Build • Launch a debug logging session • Launch Yelo Neigborhood for Functions that provides I will slowly add features and incorpora

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