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  1. For anyone interested I have been looking at the SDK building.. I think it requires a lot of external files. In "xbox\private\SDK\setup\file groups\" it different lists of files to pull, these look in several places it seems: - "Binaries.X86FRE" which is related to NT builds (possibly the NT 5 Workstation/Beta 2 codebase) - "Extras\D3DIM\Tools\Maya25" this at face value seems like a tool for Direct3D (need to look in to it more) - "3dsmax" it needs source files from 3DSMax - "DMUSProducer" this a Direct Media Producer? (Need to look into this too) - "VisualStudio"
  2. No problem! I kept forgetting it existed but now I rely on it Yeah that's the same tree I worked with just installed as was in the source setup, with the different installation path, just modify "xbox\private\SDK\setup\xsdkbuild.bat" It has paths set for the "Default" they used with the source so we can change it to where ever if needed And the files I think are in the "xbox\private\SDK" folder somewhere, I think it was called setup.rul or something, that folder has the IS Build script and specific XDK setup libraries and headers
  3. I think so yeah, I will double check this weekend as got my new laptop today so I can crack on with this and NT5 I think it is like you think though with some template files missing
  4. Thanks!! I'm glad it runs on XP fine, I only tested it myself on 10 x86 Yeah I actually found a copy of InstallShield 6.2 on archive org (I think it was archive .org) it works but it seems the actual IS script we compile is either incomplete or files for the XDK building are missing but I plan on messing with Installshield at some point to learn about these 'Language Independant Intel 32 Files' and why they appear to be missing.. Let me know if you test any of the xbe's and ISOs created with the tool
  5. Theres been a small update, mainly to test the log outputs and placing another thing from the src • Postbuild scripts now have 'basic' logs in the %_NT386TREE% folder • Added copying 'HVS Launcher Test' files (not sure what this is) • Added two more buildable directories in "private\sdktools\factory"
  6. I recently posted about in in the Applications part of the Forum, it's a build tool/environment for Building the Xbox source code tree (Kernel etc)
  7. Easy-Build for XBOX Original What is it? A tool in testing for compiling xbox code. Easy to Update script. https://github.com/Empyreal96/easy-build-xbox How to use: Have easy-build-xinit.cmd on the ROOT of a drive e.g: D:\easy-build-xinit.cmd Open easy-build-xinit.cmd Setup the Xbox trunk in your Drive root as specified in easy-build-xinit (VHD users are already set up) Let the script apply Team Complex patches (These allow the xbox trunk to be built) Once that's done, follow onscreen instructions until Razzle loads Type into razzle:
  8. Newbie here! So glad to see some kind of OG Xbox community still exists! I'm not the most social bean but I will try! Hopefully I can bring a new level to the community with my tool I am working on to help build Xbox OG source code super easy, called Easy-Build Xbox EDIT: I am not sure on the rules yet of posting about and linking my tool, as the nature of it is source code, as long as there's no direct links on the forum is it okay? But for now I'm saying hi and learning about the forum!

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