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  1. Yes! that's exactly what I was looking for thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a lot's of XBOX iso's I want to use those with the attach.xbe (https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1134-xiso-playing-games-from-xbox-hdd-using-iso-images/ ) But that means I would need to manually rename for every game.... Is there a command line tool to rename XBE titles? (preferably linux or source available)
  3. I'm aware of this and because of this I wrote a small program to convert the ReDump iso's to Xiso. These iso's work fine. I used DVD2XBOX to rip Ninja Gaiden to ISO and it saved it in two parts. This iso doesn't seem to work/load. that's why I asked I'll try to rip another big game with DVD2XBOX and the ISORIPPER provided in the driveimageutils archive. Good to know it should support multi part iso's. Thanks missed that...
  4. Perfect! It now loads the iso :) Am I correct that this does not support multi-part iso's? Is there a way to set auto-run-dvd-game in unleashX?
  5. Ok after reading this a few times I tried to launch myself an ISO file, but I can't seem to get it to work... I have "Bios Virtual Disc Patcher" in "C:\" I have "Bios Virtual Disc Patcher Loader" in "E:\Apps" I have "reboot xbe" in "E:\Apps" I have an Executer 2 Pro, flashed with Evox M8 Plus When C:\Bios Virtual Disc Patcher\default.xbe is loaded the Eject LED turns orange Now what file do I need to put along side the ISO file? I tried several but after reading again I can't seem to find XISO to HDD script. I tried different ISO's DVD2XBOX but also ISO's created with the command line extract-iso tool. any help would be very much appreciated
  6. Or if you are into commandline tools use DD to split the raw dump. dd if=game.iso of=data.iso skip=387k bs=1k

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