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  1. Ok so I was thinking about this and you should be able to recreate this splash screen (or your own) with Gimp and OpenShot video editor. I wrote a tutorial but couldn't add all the images so I have posted it on my own website. https://bit.ly/2KzcSPb Cheers!
  2. I would like to add another game to this 'not saving but saving issue' and that is; Charly and the Chocolate Factory.
  3. thank you arfows and Dave I'll see what I can do in the weekend, not sure if I want to link my personal YouTube for this. About the tutorial, I dunno, I just used iMovie, it can be done pretty quick. I could do a tutorial but it would be for Mac. I'll see if I can do the same on Windows.
  4. To bad I can't change the thread title to something like "iso games give error message about not saving", but I would like to add another game with the same error message: Start Trek Shattered Universe.
  5. Hi, Besides a very good cleaning, my controllers need new thumbsticks! But I can't seem to find them for the original Xbox S controller. Does anybody know if the 360 controller thumbsticks would fit?
  6. Hi, just made this for myself but I figured some of you may like it. I had to shorten it a bit and compress it pretty hard to fit into the allowed 2MB but overall it looks okay I think. intro.mp4
  7. Just wondering though, why does it say "Running scripts" in the lower left corner instead of "LOADING" animation in the upper left corner?
  8. Ok good to know! I though I was on the latest build, but it seems there is another update option in the downloader menu and viola now there is the option I was looking for... If only had known last week. Thanks.
  9. Hey Rocky5 thanks for your reply, what should show? what option do you mean? I have two options in the login menu "Auto login >" and "Enable Profile Lock" Like I said, "Auto login" was already enabled (before I posted my question.) the problem is not with auto login but with the profile picture on boot every time.
  10. I can't edit my last post so I will just leave this here in case somebody wants to do the same. to remove the profile image from the startup window I have edited the XML file located at XBMC4GAMERS\skins\Profile Skins\720p\inxludes.xml line 172 changed <texture border="5">black-back.png</texture> to <texture border="0"></texture> line 180 <texture>black-back.png</texture> to <texture></texture> line 181 <bordersize>1</bordersize> to <bordersize></bordersize>
  11. Yup, doesn't speed up anything. Evox M8+ Bios, 2TB Hdd, XBMC4GAMERS latest test version. I didn't think the boot could go any faster. It's not a huge issue though., but if there was te possibility of removing the square it would be nice.
  12. Hey Dave, Thank you for your reply, but I already have the login screen disabled and the auto logon enabled. I would like to boot without the profile image shown. When I turn on my XBOX I have -the flubber intro -XBMC4GAMERS splash -then it will show loading in the top left corner and the profile image in the middle I would very much like XBMC4GAMERS to just show the loading in the top left corner I tried to use a profile image with just the same color as the background but it still has an outline.... completely removing the image will give the
  13. Hi, I have been searching for a way to disable the profile picture of XBMC4GAMERS. I only have one profile and it is set to auto load. Looking at /system/userdata/profile.xml there is the line <thumbnail pathversion="1"> that shows where the current image is located but if I delete it, there is still an empty square shown.... now how do I get rid of this square?
  14. I have started editing the "XISO to HDD Installer" script so I can use it on my laptop instead of via XBMC. After creating a new default.xbe the game still complains about "Unable to save" but it seems to save just fine.

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