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Found 10 results

  1. arfows

    Size Does Matter

    I have a couple of extra 500GB HDs laying around and wanted to upgrade the XBOX HD. I have the SATA to IDE adapters and the 80 wire cable, but since I would like to put some XBOX games and emulators on there, I'm trying to minimize the file space taken up by XBOX games. When it comes to maximizing storage efficiency of XBOX games I have a couple of questions: 1) In researching this topic i have heard of a bunch of terms (ISO, XISO, redump, CCI, xiso redump, (HDD ready - is HDD ready a particular format or is it a generic term for games that can be played from the hard drive), other names etc) ...but i'm not sure exactly how they all relate or which is the most size efficient for either of my A) Cerbios TSOP or B) softmodded 1.6. What is the file size hierarchy of the various formats, is it from largest to smallest: redump > iso > xiso > CCI? Is there any I'm missing in there (still not sure if HDD ready would be included in there or if its a generic term for a ripped game). When DVD2XBOX rips a game, what file format is that considered? Right now I have folders that have the games in it, for example, Star Wars KOTOR II 19,256 files at 3.81 GB, Call of Duty 3 517 files at 3.3GB, and Burnout 3 Takedown 715 files at 1.98GB. From what i gather these have been trimmed already since they aren't a full 7-8GB, what file format would they be considered? Assuming CCI is the smallest file size per game, would I save much space converting them to CCI to be used in the XBOX that is Cerbios flashed? I understand that there are a few games that can't be compressed without issues but I don't have the full library anyway so if a couple don't work, so be it. 2) If a drive is a soft modded unleashX drive that for some reason has 220GB on the F partition and the rest on G partition and both partitions have Games on them, and i try to resize the partitions to put it all on the F partition, I will lose all the games/data on the G partition correct? Thanks in advance!
  2. My Xbox is running a 160 GB IDE from 2007 or something. I needed to ask this about 3 years ago, I used Crunchbite's (on Homebrew Discord) 8 GB Etcher image to prepare the new drive then iirc I used the XBox Formatter to make the partitions (which automatically set the cluster size to 16 KB) then I copied all the C:\ drive content from the original 8 GB HDD via FatXPlorer and also transferred some games and homebrew. And at that time when I was using the stock HDD my Xbox was giving me constant 10-11 mb/s on my diy crossover cable connection to my laptop. After I put that new HDD in I didn't notice that right away but the max transfer speeds I get are around 3-7 mb/s on the same crossover ethernet cable. Is it related to the cluster size or is the HDD just bad or on it last legs?
  3. Hi guys As i explained in new member topic (thats what i am) i already have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I picked up a 1.4 Ogxob with a (very old ?) duox v1 modchip. I can read on tis forum many posts about the duox2 version that has 512k banks. What i would like to know is does this v1 modchip has the same size 512k or 256k. The modchip is working fine. Is there a way to find out what bios it has ?.Just out of curiosity if for any reason i have to reflash a (newer) bios. When booting the xboxlogo (which is blue) it reveals on the bottom of the screen xececuter 2. When i load OGxbox installer 2021 i see Kernel 1.00.5838.01.My sata 500gb hdd is detected and f and g partions available. Advice for this newbie would be much appreciated.
  4. Is there a preferred pixel size for the box art and screenshots? I want to add my own in so I was checking to see what size and resolution works best. Also, do PNG files get converted to jpeg? Because I placed some PNG files in and noticed they turned to jpeg.
  5. Hello All, I recently put a Seagate 3TB HDD in an original xbox Rev. 1.6 with Xecuter 2.6 modchip. I split the F and G drives evenly and everything installed and worked fine. I just tried the same with an identical hard drive in a xbox Rev. 1.4 with Xecuter 3 CE modchip (X3 3294 Bios) and the G-drive size doesn't display correctly. I used TruHeXEn 2021 DVD-R to format the new drive. I then used XB Partitioner on that same DVD-R to format the F and G again. I pressed "A" until the F and G were even and made sure they were 64k clusters. Formats in XB Partitioner fine and then when I check the hard disk settings while still in TruHeXEn, they both display and show the same expected size. But when I eject the DVD-R and boot off the HDD and check hard disks in dashboards, the G-Drive shows as 0MB and sometimes doesn't display at all. The F works fine though. I tried formating them @ 10 times, same thing. If I FTP in, the F-Drive shows and is writable, but the G-Drive doesn't even display as an option. Any ideas why the G-Drive is not displaying the correct size? Thank you!!!
  6. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, I am asking to see/get ideas on how some users out there have their HDD partitioned. I am using a 2TB on a 2nd xbox with a X3 chip. I have most of the space divided between F and G partitions. Does anyone else use other partitions for specific resources?(emulators,music,apps...etc) Would like to get cool ideas or suggestions. Thanx
  7. Hello everyone my name is Jayson. I'm new to this forum and xbox modding. I hope someone can help me. Issue: I have a Original Xbox version 1.6B with aladin modchip. I installed a 500Gb Western Digital Blue sata HDD. I used Hexen 2019 to initialize the new hard drive. But the partition F: only shows 123 Gigabytes. I'm pretty sure that i set all the storage size to partition F:. While on Hexen interface, drive F: is 400+ gb. But when you remove the hexen disk and let it boot to xbox interface. It only shows 123GB. Anybody have an idea what going on? I also tried hexen 2018. But same issue occured. Thanks in advanced.
  8. I upgraded the HDD in my Xbox to a 320GB SATA using a SATA/IDE adapter and upgraded the cable to a 80 conductor. The Xbox is a v1.0 with a AladinXT modchip. BIOS is iND-BiOS 504.67 (F and G) installed from a Hexen 2019 DVD. I prepared the hard drive using Hexen 2019 and everything works ok except I cant adjust the partition sizes in xbpartitioner. If I understand it right the Extended partitions 6 and 7 in xbpartitioner is for partition F and G. How do I take the space from 7 (G) and give it all to 6 (F)? I tried pressing the A button (and every other button for that matter) and nothing happens. Do I need to change the BIOS to an F only version? if so the only iND-BiOS 504 in Hexen 2019 says force 480p..will that be a problem? thanks
  9. I'm trying to install all the DLC available in my E Partition but they don't fit. Is it possible to make the E partition larger? It is ok if it involves losing data or reformatting the hard drive. I have an Xbox 1.1 TSOP with iND BiOS and 2Tb HDD. How can I make partition E to be 10-12Gb?
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anybody else has encountered something similar. My hard drive is 250 gigabytes, xbox sees it as 23o gig but my issue is that my f drive where Ninja Premium (all packs 70ish gigs) and games (18 are 1-2 gigs, some are only 500megs) only occupy 12oish gigs, I see this by trying to delete it and then it shows me the size before confirming. I had f occupy all the leftover space with the partition tool when I copied my original drive but it just doesn't seem correct. I'd hate to redo everything, since ftp'ing takes forever. Are there any "hidden" files I should be looking for? If I do "start over" should I just do the regular formatting ie: f,g drives etc....? Thanks !!!!!!! EDIT: Realized I posted in Hardware Mods. Could this be moved to general if not allowed. Thanks again..

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