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  1. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, I am asking to see/get ideas on how some users out there have their HDD partitioned. I am using a 2TB on a 2nd xbox with a X3 chip. I have most of the space divided between F and G partitions. Does anyone else use other partitions for specific resources?(emulators,music,apps...etc) Would like to get cool ideas or suggestions. Thanx
  2. Thank you @SS_Dave and @KaosEngineer, I did try the Ogxbox installer 2021 disk and it didn't fix the issue. I installed the dash from the disk and I even ran the fix dash on the disk. Not sure why but both options still gave the error 21. The options posted by @KaosEngineer did worked. I apologize I didn't back up the default.xbe 64KBs to post before hand as I didn't see the post and I ketp trying to find a solution. kept trying and trying to see if I could figure it out. I noticed that even with the installer disk, the file provided by @KaosEngineer had more files than what the disk installed for me. I found that odd. I'm sure the install disk should have the whole file structure on it.
  3. Thank you so much for replying, Here is the C partition and the MS Dash folder. I get error 21 when I load file.
  4. Thank you for replying @SS_Dave From the default file. This is the location C:/MS Dashboard/default.xbe My Chip is enabled.
  5. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, I can't seem to make the MS Dash boot via the .xbe I am trying to launch if from C:/MS Dashboard/default.xbe I upgraded the HDD and transferred files back but not sure why it isn't booting anymore!? Could file be corrupted? Can it be repaired? XBOX v1.0 X3 Chip/X3 Bios UnleashX Dash
  6. Thank you again for the reply @sweetdarkdestiny, that's what I am currently using also for the HDD. Thank much for informing me on the HDD lock status, I can proceed with tinkering
  7. Thank you @KaosEngineer and @sweetdarkdestiny for the replies, Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. I have a X3 in the Xbox. I wasn't too sure about the HDD enclosure, was think I would have to plug directly into the motherboard. Would I need to lock the HDD after of can I keep it unlocked?
  8. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, If I unlock the HDD can I then connect the HDD to a enclosure and be able to transfer my HDD backup from my PC to the HDD? Can the PC read/detect unlocked HDD? FTP takes a bit long than I would like to transfer data. Would FATXplorer work in this case?
  9. I am unable to find EvoxM8plus.67 I was able to find 1mb EvoxM8plusFC.137. Is this the updated version? It's 1MB in size.
  10. Thank you @SS_Dave for replying, Many thanks for bring me up to speed on the main bios version I will definitely look into flashing EvoxM8plus.67 (256kb) Bios. Is there any other guidelines I should follow when it comes to bios selection for my system?
  11. Thank you @KaosEngineer for your help with my topic and questions. I have a better understanding of the banks and bios now. Will use this feed back as reference guide. Going to search for other bios to try out and see what i like best.
  12. Thank you @KaosEngineer again for replying, I did see size for some of the Bios. Wasn't sure if there was benefits to installing to different banks(other Bios).
  13. Thank you for the reply @SS_Dave The manual does display the bank switches settings/combinations but not for the face plate with the LED and LCD, I apologize if I didn't mention it was the xecuter x3 panel. At least I didn't see an illustration of panel on/off positions. I can confirm that if the LED switch lit (light on) then the switch is set to the ON position. I loaded into the X3 settings by holding the white button on the controller when I turned on the Xbox. I then used the flash Bios option in the settings. I flash a Bios to bank 5 and then I tried the buttons combinations lights on/off. That is how I figured what is the on/off position of the LED switch. But as to flashing Bios to a specific bank. I do understand that different Bios can have different a advantages/disadvantages. Should a certain Bios be linked to a specific bank because of the banks size Example: "The X3 1959 Bios (a.k.a X3_1959.bin / X3_1959_v16.bin) is a 1MB Bios" or because of a advantages/disadvantage? Thank you @KaosEngineer also for replying, I see why that would display the information in that manner. I was trying to use it to get familiar with the Xbox hardware/software. Since tool was available I figured I would try it out. shame.....
  14. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, So I installed a X3 chip along with the LCD face plate that has USB on my v1.0 Xbox (not windbond/Sharp). I managed to flash bios to the chip but I am unsure of how to understand the bank switches. Bios checker always show unknown bios. I get Evox Bios to load when all 4 switches lights are on. I get X3 Bios to load when switch # 2 lights is on. Every other switch combination my Xbox just powers cycles on/off 3 times with power button flashing before it shuts down. I can't even get to the flash Bios menu anymore. So my questions are.... Question 1: On the face plate are my switches are ON if they light up or are they OFF if no light is on! Is this correct? I don't see the on/off wording on it. Question 2: How do I determine where to flash a Bios? 256k/512k/1MB/2MB? Question 3: The graph description below shows what bank you are on depending on the switch combination, yes? 256k Bank Bank 1: on on on on Bank 2: off on on on Bank 3: on off on on Bank 4: off off on on Bank 5: on on off on Bank 6: off on off on Bank 7: on off off on Bank 8: off off off on 512k Bank Bank 12: on on on off Bank 34: off on on off Bank 56: on off on off Bank 78: off off on off 1MB Bank Bank 1234: on on off off Bank 5678: off on off off 2MB Bank Bank 12345678: off off off off
  15. Thank you again for the reply, Ok sounds easy enough. Thank you very much for the assistance.

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