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  1. I have already tried doing that but it doesn't allow me to make bigger any of the partitions 1-5 using the triggers. I can only set the partition size between 0 and the default value for partitions 1-5 (even after having reduced the size of the partitions 6 and 7 and therefore having free space indicated at the bottom of the screen). I did a fresh install of the 2Tb Hard drive using Hexen 2018 disk. Very strange...
  2. The thing is that I can't make it bigger using xbpartitioner 1.3. It allows me to make it smaller, but not bigger than the standard size. That's why I was asking how to do it, because it doesn't allow me by default...
  3. @nikeymikeyCould you please post a list of games that you left in .iso format? Do you have your E: partition with the standard size or have you extended it to be able to install all DLC? If so, how did you do it? Thanks in advance
  4. I'm trying to install all the DLC available in my E Partition but they don't fit. Is it possible to make the E partition larger? It is ok if it involves losing data or reformatting the hard drive. I have an Xbox 1.1 TSOP with iND BiOS and 2Tb HDD. How can I make partition E to be 10-12Gb?

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