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About Me

  1. My other post was in the wrong sub, here's a fresh one. Sorry about that. There's a pre-v1.6 Halo Edition that just went up on the Arizona ShopGoodwill, with the matching controller. I'm not bidding on it, figured I'd let people know. There was one a few months back that went for over $500 on there. The prices for stock xbox's on that site have skyrocketed since last year. Used to be no more than $40 for a parts unit. https://shopgoodwill.com/item/190290748 Sorry about that, I'm new to posting to the site, I'll be more careful. But to tell if its a v1.6 or not, if the A/V port is all plastic, its not a v1.6.
  2. Hey everyone! I have the following controllers for sale. All have been Cleaned & Tested. Paypal Goods & Services (I cover fees & shipping). Prices are negotiable & the controllers will be carefully packaged in a box with bubble wrap. Thank you! Halo Edition Controller #1: $80 Halo Edition Controller #2: $70 Blue Controller #1 (New Sticks): $30 Blue Controller #2 (New Sticks): $30 Green Controller (New Sticks): $30 Duke Controller #1: $25 Duke Controller #2: $25
  3. I have for sale a black x3cp and x3 fully tested. It's a spare as I also have a crystal version. 375 I have tg and email Tg 9082836787 [email protected]
  4. Hey all. It’s time I start to get rid of some of my pickups over the past year or so. I have around 25 or so, fully working consoles that have all been cleaned and modded. Clock caps removed on all boards under 1.6. I have all different sizes of HDDs in both SATA and IDE from 80GB up to 2TB. SATA options will include the needed adapters and 80 wire cables from Kekule. Everything under 1.6 is TSOP or has a mod chip. Most chips are xecuter 2.3 & 2.6. Prices of course will vary depending on HDD size and type and wether they have a chip or not. Most of them are empty mods waiting for games and emulators of your choice. I can also add those if needed. Again everything is tested and working and will be a clean, fresh mod, without old game saves and such. Couple of these are Crystal edition. For those that just want soft mods, that can be arranged too if you’re not capable or don’t have the necessary tools to do so. I also have 3-4 PAL PSU in different models for those that acquire imports and need replacements LEDs are also optional for controller ports. I also have some pretty cool spare parts that don’t pop up very often. I’d much rather let them go here than dump them on FeeBay. Located in Virginia, USA. Feel free to send a DM or post here directly. Everything needs to go, but I’m not doing lowball deals.
  5. I have way more than I need, but I do have them in the off chance that a PCB is wanted instead of a manual rebuild. The fug was I thinking!?
  6. I am offering Aladdin XBlasts for sale. They use a 1MB SST, and have 512k, 256k and another 256k for the XBlast OS. I think a fair price is $25. Correct me if I'm wrong, for anybody in the know. Good morning, everybody.
  7. 1TB X3CP DOA Xbox for sale. It has 128mb ram,evrything is mint Would like €1000 shipped. Paypal Goods is possible if the fees are coverd. Note sale is for the console only. No controller or cables included. Regards, Jeroen
  8. Clearing a few spare black OG Xbox. I have between 4-7 but need to check through them as its been a while and need to weed my spare coinops from the pack. Can post UK only One has a little chip coming out the front but not familiar with it. All for sale will boot but may need servicing so sold as working spares. I also have a few dukes I'll never use as I find them uncomfortable and some 3rd party S controllers too. Let me know what interests.
  9. Howdy folks! I got a og Xbox for sale with a xecuter 3+ faceplate+ LCD, it comes with a duke controller, a original box for the console and a 2tb hdd with a complete NTSC library and a HD AV pack. Looking for 850 USD + shipping.
  10. Right now I have: 1 Red 3 Blue 2 White 2 Black 2 Purple I also have parts for more (besides blue) if needed. They're flashed to XeniumOS MakeMHz 2.3.5, have all been tested to boot to a BIOS, and come with 2x7 pin headers. I also have LPC rebuild boards for 1.6 consoles if you need that. OpenXenium: $35 + shipping The LPC board is an additional $2 Ships from the USA, send a PM if you're interested.
  11. I have Jafars programmed with os support and XblastOS for sale. It functions the same as an Xblast Aladdin, it's just better looking. Right now I have Clear/Copper + Black substrate + ENIG for $25 but I'll have some cheaper boards in other colors later in the month. Includes the needed 2x6 pin header, I also have LPC correctors for $2
  12. I bought this Xbox new and rarely played it. It is not modded. I pulled it out a month or so ago and it wouldn't play. I had the drive professionally replaced. It worked for a while. Now it will not power up. I just want to see what I can get for it. Also included are two like-new controllers, power cable, composite cable, standard component cable, and upgraded TKS Custom component cable. The TKS cable is a huge upgrade! I'll take $95 (OBO) shipped in the lower 48 US states for all of it. It will be packed well and shipped UPS ground. PayPal only. Thanks guys. Like new controllers: TKS Custom component cable: Standard composite and component cables:
  13. Send me a PM and let me know if you are interested. I have at least 5 available.
  14. Hey guys take a look at this classic piece of case modding... Looks like it was either done by a kid or by a very impatient adult with the wrong tools!
  15. I have some 4 port OGX360s with micro USB cables and Xbox adapters, no case as I do not have a 3D printer. $125 shipped to the USA International shipping may be more depending on where you are. I have blue and black PCBs so let me know what you'd prefer.
  16. I have 4 ogx360s. All tested and ready to go all are 1 player, but are able to be upgraded to 2,3, or 4 player by adding a pro micro for each player I have one spare pro micro, so I can make one of the boards a 2 player board due to chip shortage and my cost due to it… they are a bit expensive. (I’m making $10/board in profit) 1 player: $75.00 + $6 shipping 2 player: $85.00 + $6 shipping (can only sell one of these) they come with a 3D printed case with logoless lid… I can do ogx360 lid upon request(I can do white and blue for sure and probably black) and the Xbox to usb micro cable to connect to the Xbox controller port* *if you get the 2 player version, only one cable will come with it. just message me on here if you’re interested. Thank you
  17. My last batch of OpenXeniums are up for sale. Not making anymore (at least for the foreseeable future). Same as before 55.00 + Shipping. Comes with pin header (2x7). I have the following remaining: 5 White 5 Blue 4 Purple. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
  18. I have 3 OpenXeniums updated to MakeMHz firmware 2.3.5, only have black right now They come with 2x7 pin headers, I also have LPC rebuild boards if interested $40 + shipping
  19. I have two Open Xeniums for sale. (They do not have the J1 connector)... I'm asking $50 + shipping. The J1 connector was supposed to ship from DigiKey on 6/19/2022... however, they do not have an update. If you want to wait, i'll sell them for $55 + shipping after I put the connector on it. Feel free to ask questions. They are updated to XeniumOS 2.3.5 and ready to roll with 2x7 LPC header.
  20. I have 5 Aladdin XTs upgraded with 1MB SST49LF080As and reprogrammed to run XblastOS with 2 banks (1x 256KB, 1x 512KB.) $25 + shipping, Paypal goods and services I also have some v1.6 LPC rebuild boards if you'd like to buy them together. $28 + shipping for Aladdin + LPC board I'm in the USA and will ship internationally, just be aware of import duties and what to expect in your country. Send a message if you're interested.
  21. photo 01 photo 02 photo 03 photo 04 photo 05 provides more power and memory for: - removing slowdowns in emulators - hex patches for 720p output resolution - improved dashboard performance on 720p resolution - improved Linux performance 2TB HDD storage: - new unit installed Xerc2: - makes your Xbox turn ON and OFF from a remote (some TV remotes or Xbox DVD remote) - IR receiver was installed on the left bottom side of the front panel (requires some tweaks to work with your remote) OGX360: - lets you connect wireless Xbox 360 controllers to Xbox Original - installed internally (can be turned ON and OFF by clicking the button on left bottom side of the front panel) - 2 channels soldered and programmed (controller port 1 and 2) - OGX360 USB is located on the back of the console Others: - has 2 options, one for stock Xbox speed, and another one for 1067mhz this way you can play stock Xbox games without troubles and glitches, and also play Emulators in fullspeed - painted blue (automotive paint then clear coat) Listing contains: 1 x Xbox console (with 1ghz CPU, 128mb RAM, 2TB HDD, XERC2 and OGX360) 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 controller 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 receiver for PC 1 x Power Cord (USA or European depending on your location, same for Power Supply, if you are from USA it will be 110v, if from Europe - 220v) 1 x Xbox2HDMI
  22. Back a few months back my Faithful Launch edition Xbox died. I soon after sold off my collection all at once to a friend, except these 3 games. He already had them so he didnt want those 3. So here i am selling them. I do not have an xbox any longer so i cant test them, but they worked fine when played last year at some time. All discs are in REALLY Nice shape, except for a few tiny scratches here and there Lots of pictures to see whats included. I had the post office give me a quote on shipping, $14.80 in the USA. So i am selling the 3 games, shipped for $23. After postage and Paypal fees That will leave me about $5 profit for three games.
  23. v1.0's, 1.4's & a 1.6 for sale, all hardmodded except the 1.6, can be spec'd to order with hard drives. 30 day warranty from date of delivery feel free to message me with questions, PayPal Goods & Services only. Located in NY for pickup, willing to ship.
  24. I have the parts to build 10 x 1player OGX360, all parts are new and unused. My intension was to build and use these myself but I'll probably never get the time! I did try attaching a picture but couldn't get it to work, there's a link below. 10 x PCB's 10 x Arduino Pro Micro all components needed for PCB's Looking for £200 + delivery https://postimg.cc/yWVtWxDf Thanks

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