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  1. So, I got a modded Xbox off of a friend a few years back. It's been collecting dust on a shelf while i was modding 360s and messing with other things. Some console info: Motherboard Revision: 1.0 Kernel Version: 1.0.3944.1 TSOP Chip: ST-M29F080A In January i decided to play around with it and upgraded its mod with Rocky5s Softmodding Tool, although i had to use the Hardmod method show in MrMario2011s guide. I decided I want to hardmod the system and TSOP Flash rather than run the softmod. While digging through the file explorer on XBMC i found evidence of SmartXX which a google search turned up a modchip. So, I took to r/originalxbox and thanks to the help of @KaosEngineerfound that it must be a softmodded system and I'm good to flash the TSOP. I went on to download and burn a DVD-R with Bios Checker and burned another with the .iso file found in the download of "OGXbox Cerbios Disc v2.3.2". I bridged the R7D3 points on the top of the board and the R7R3 points on the back of the board, reassembled and popped on bios checker to get the info. I then popped in the OGXbox Cerbios v2.3.2. Once the disc launched, I read through the "Read Me" files on my PC and on the disc. After reading, I selected the following options: "Cerbios Disc - Static IP & No BFM Mode" --> "Flash Cerbios with XBlastOS" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2 256KB" Once in XBlastOS I chose "Boot Onboard Bios". No dice... So, I copied/unpacked a clean .ini to my C partition, ran through the steps again and got to XBlastOS. This time I went to settings and saw Flash options. I selected: "HDD Flash" which gave me "C:\BIOS does not exist.' So, I tried: "CD Flash" which gave me "insert a disc with an img.bin file." I can't figure what step I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong here. Am I supposed to burn both the .ISO and .RAR files to the DVD-R rather than only the .ISO? OR am I missing something else entirely? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I guess I deleted my copy of it, who knows. Does anyone in the forum have it and able to update the download links?
  3. Hello everybody! Does anyone have the pdf file for the manual for this ogxbox model or know where I can download it, I already searched on Google and couldn't find anything.
  4. OGXBox XBlastOS MC/USB TSOP Flasher Created by Sweetdarkdestiny There is no need to softmod your xbox before TSOP flashing. This tool created by Sweetdarkdestiny makes it very simple to flash your TSOP with nothing but a stock console and a USB drive. But really, as long as you are able to launch the MS bios from your TSOP, even with a chip (disabled, of course), this tool can do it for you. The readme "How to run the exploit save" contains information on which games are exploitable and will tell you which folder to use for the game you want to use. I have used this thing multiple times and it is quite idiot proof. Please read the "Read ME" to understand more about how to run the exploit. For the record, I use splinter cell because it's pretty straightforward and works every time. This is the way I personally use it: I place the 21585554 folder and the game save folder I need on the USB drive. I then drag over the bios I would like to use to the flash drive. As long as you remember where you put it, that's all that matters. I plug in the flash drive and boot to the MS Dashboard. I copy both save files (the installer application and the exploitable game save) over to the HDD using the game save manager in the MS Dashboard. I then restart the console. I load the game and follow the instructions for that particular game. Once the exploit loads and I am in the tool's menu, I use the live file browser to copy the bios I placed on the flash drive over to C:/Bios/. I can then be assured that I know exactly what bios I am flashing and as newer versions of Cerbios come out, this is the simplest way to go about it for me. You can also name the bios files anything you want so that you know what they are when in XBlast. Once the bios is in the Bios folder on C, I navigate through the menu to "Launch Pure XBlast." (I'll post more specific navigation instructions when I get home.) This launches the standalone, unscripted version of XBlastOS. I just go into the flashing tools section, find the bios file I want to flash which is already freshly copied over to C:/bios/ and let XBlast do its thing! Simple, painless and awesome. There are also many automated/scripted procedures for this tool and many bioses to choose from, if you need something other than the newest version of Cerbios. There are lots of ways it can be used. I am posting the 32MB version, since it is the most comprehensive and useful. The 8MB version is available in the fichier folder that Sweet posted. DarkDestiny, Thank you very much for creating this tool and for sharing it with the community. Your work is very thorough and powerful and I use it with lots of projects of mine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fichier Folder : https://1fichier.com/dir/oXIMz61T Mega Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/ZjF3EarT#qRyBz7AOIDMO77wbPrXiyj43nwBQYKMZKyvue-1tAMw --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is also an XBlast-only version which utilizes the same exploit. You will immediately boot to xblast and you can HTTP flash from your PC, which is also a quick way of doing things! https://mega.nz/file/FqVjHIhD#MKTgY-fJMfEUuv3jmrBmvMbCYRCdGqHehrQq-YweMVg https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/379-xblastos-4-game-exploids/#comment-696 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am only able to offer help with using the tool. If you have technical questions, or need support, DarkDestiny can be best reached on Xbox-Scene. It is his software and he will be able to answer any questions you have. I will still try to help anybody as much as I possibly can! DarkDestiny's Xbox-Scene thread: https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/397-ogxbox-xblastos-mcusb-tsop-flasher/#comment-720
  5. OGXBox Installer 2021 v1.9.3 Cerbios Edition (Refresh) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny Just "small" updated version of his Installer till 2.0.0. comes out. Changes: Fixed some small funny stuff. Changed the EvoX m8+ BFM bios to Cerbios 2.3.1 BFM bios. (This fixes the boot issue people have reported.) Added an option to flash the latest Cerbios v2.3.1 in various flavors. Updated to the latest XBMC4Gamers build. Updated to the latest XBMC-Emustation build. And with the 1.9.0 build: This will now boot without the use of a BFM bios (Like Slayers) and loads a mini boot menu. In there you have the options to launch the installer in various modes: Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & BFM Bios With the 1.9.3 build: The disc will now be able to boot using the endgame exploit. Sweet tells me that there are some small updates to the build, so I have updated the link. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Some people seem to have problems with brand new HDDs which cause this installer sit on the doggy logo forever. To avoid the need of using anything else other as this disc you can boot now without the BFM and set up your HDD. You can also switch the mode at any time if you like. Please Take note that some options in the "No BFM" versions are slightly different. Not by much but you may see it if you used the old version. However, I hope this make some ppl happy." Bowlsnapper: Looks like Sweetdarkdestiny fixed the BFM Blank HDD issue. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Folder Link for the download : https://1fichier.com/dir/oU8S1x1b Folder Link for the download of the Extras Disc's : Emulators v1.0.0 / Game DLCs v1.0.2 / GAME Wide+HDD Fixes+Updates v1.0.3 https://1fichier.com/dir/RTai0x0y ------------------------------------------------- Bowlsnapper: I hate fichier. There are a lot of limitations on how many things you can download and ads. So I hosted these on Mega. Installer Disc: https://mega.nz/file/Aj1SBRhS#PtY226v0PJdLfrrIZD8NDwsyXkhzKmw8K3pazlAJ9iw Extras Disc 1 - Emulators: https://mega.nz/file/53l21SxC#Sytcsk9sAAYyBZVUSDM3LN4i6vEVdP0YiOhoFOviDrE Extras Disc 2 - Game DLCs: https://mega.nz/file/o2Nh2LBQ#d6KMQEBzRU18HzdJM5gZYQB-ckrSnOvI78Cto-H_Q6c Extras Disc 3 - Widescreen Hacks, HDD fixes, Updates: https://mega.nz/file/UvFSyQLR#oMouAkyzzcje04XhQ-D9C-BAuooUg2KhVnqMqF3KPT8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. I do not take credit for this. Original Thread: https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/396-ogxbox-installer-2021-refresh/#comment-722
  6. OGXBox Installer 2021 (EOL) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny THIS INSTALLER DISC ONLY WORKS FROM A BURNED DVD DISC, NOT MOUNTING THE DISC IMAGE SAVED TO THE HARD DRIVE This version is EOL and should only be useful for archival purposes. The newest version of this installer can be found here. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Why use this this instead of HeXEn/TruHeXEn or Slayers? Well, good question and here is the answer: It's faster than all of them. It doesn't have faulty bioses on it. It's up to date and it offers way, way more to install than any of the others. So you have plenty of Apps, Dashboards or Emulators to install and a huge amount of bug free bioses (ModChip and TSOP (incl. Winbond). It's a simple build without any fancy code or the need of copy stuff over and over again. It's clean by default which means no temp files will left behind. You have plenty of live apps you can use or just test before you install them." Bowlsnapper: I had to put these discs in my Xbox, rip them to the HDD, then take out the HDD, mount it with FATXplorer, copy the files to my PC, Create ISOs with Quix, then upload them to Mega. I only have the PBL versions, as those are the only discs I ever downloaded and the original ISOs are gone. I rebuilt the ISOs to the best of my ability as I feel that this is the best installer out there and puts Hexen and Slayers to shame. As I said, these are PBL (Pheonix Bios Loader) versions. This means that you must have a preformatted HDD for the BFM to load properly. If your HDD is new/blank, it will freeze upon loading and not work. I do not know why. It's a glitch, I guess. If your Xbox is sitting at a red LED and a black screen THIS IS WHY. Format your drive using the Slayer's Installer if necessary, or FATXplorer. As long as the partitions are there and the HDD isn't totally blank, the installer will load correctly. So stock HDD setups should work fine. If I had the non-PBL versions, I would post them, but I do not. We are lucky that we have them at all. It is a shame that Sweet pulled the links but I feel that this is something that should be shared and used for a very long time, at least until another installer shows up. Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. He worked hard on it and it shows. I am STILL finding new things on this installer disc every time I load it up. Every other installer is a waste of time, in my opinion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OGXbox Installer 2021: https://mega.nz/file/QjkhyRKR#Wxd3RTFiKS3l7gSqsGDVkbM03bscWXn_RTQGx7lyKck OGXbox Installer 2021 Extras Disc: https://mega.nz/file/lmcREZjQ#VfzXvJiKAAdNb0oNvmOW_kBgEOBTQpNNWMV1LlVt5QI 1.5.4 EOL Mirror: https://1fichier.com/?cmclnzvvd4gufvt90j4d
  7. OGXbox Cerbios Disc 2.3.2 Created by Sweetdarkdestiny A very big thank you to sweetdarkdestiny for creating this other amazing piece of work. The original thread is here. This thread is basically a mirror. https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/382-ogxbox-cebios-disc/ THIS IS NOT THE OGXBOX INSTALLER DISC! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! This the new Cerbios Disc 2.3.2. Build 03 This is disc started as a simple flasher made to make it easy as possible to flash the Cerbios. Now it's a fully grown installer which is up to date by this day. It not only provides every public available Cerbios bios in different flavors, it now provides you evey needed dash, app you name it. You have the option to launch this disc in 4 different modes: DHCP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. DHCP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. Static IP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios. Static IP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop. You also have the option to use XBlastOS, EvoX, GentooX or ResctooX to flash your modchip/tsop in any mode! This flasher also offers a simple option to go from a softmod to a TSOP flash for NTSC & PAL users. And it offers even more like the latest Team-Resurgent apps on it up to date to this posting. As well as apps from the XBox Preservation Project, Cerbios Intro Maker, CISO, Custom Cerbios Splash, Ram DeLimit & XBMC4Gamers / Emustation Artwork Stuff. UnleashX in a special version only available on this installer, Rocky5's latest XBMC4Gamers dash with additional skins and XBMC-Emustation build. There is also the option install/reinstall more apps (if needed). And like you may know from the OGXBox-Installer this disc here provides every repair option you can think of. Below I attached a couple of screens. And a massive shout out and HUGE THANKS goes to JadeSparrow for his support, suggestions and testing! You did an incredible job! Finally, here is the changelog or at least some parts of it. The changes we have made are massive! Boot Menu Added: The "Cerbios Archive" to it (Not using a BFM for this). And I removed it from the other main configs since there's no need for it to be there anymore. Added: The about & Infos section to the Boot Menu and removed it from the other configs since there's no need to have them in every config. It saves some lines of code and speeds up the boot slightly. - Added : Huh! Main Flasher Upd. : XBMC4Gamers to the latest build by 1.1.2024 (Comes with a couple of themes) Upd. : XBMC-Emustation to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Upd. : Xbox Artwork Installer 3.1 to the latest build by 1.1.2024 Added & Upd. : CISO 1.3 Now with OSC & Linux support. Added : Copy Cerbios Disc - Sort of a manual (WIP) Added : 7.3.6. Ram DeLimit (PC App) Added : 7.2.7. Launch ElpisHD Added : 8.8.7. Install ElpisHD (ALPHA TEST RELEASE!) Added : Copy XBlastOS RAMTester chips locations Added : 7.2.6. Launch EEPROM Backup. Added : 7.2.16. Launch Xbox Ram Check Added : 7.3.5. Custom Cerbios Splash Added : 7.8. Copy Manuals/eBooks/PDF-Misc. - 7.8.1 Copy Manuals - 7.8.2 Copy eBooks - 7.8.3 Copy Misc (TSOP Pints, LPC Rebuild ...) Added : 7.2.19 Launch Xenium Tools Extra. Added : LithiumX Dash by Ryzee119 Added : Read Me files to the re-/install app section along with MD5's. Added : A "special" version of UnleashX which will be installed by default. Added : XBlastOS Manual PDF. Added : Xenium Tools (As live app and installer) Added : HDTV Test App (As live app and installer) Added : Controller Test (As live app and installer) Added : XBMC-Emustation to the Disc. Added : Hardware Test Suit (Install & Live App) Added : CISO 1.3 (PC App) Added : Config Magic (Rocky5's fixed build) Added : XBox Preservation Project's PineCone. Added : Enigma Video Mode Switcher. Added the option to setup a XBox HDD up to 2TB. XBMC4Gamers with Team Resurgent skin and UnleashX are your setup options. For bigger drives use Eaton's FatXplorer 3.0. Added the option to repair / rebuild your C / E / C & E partition/s. Added the option Backup UDATA & TDATA. - With it you can easily backup the folder to FTP them to your PC/MAC to search for DLC's & Co with PineCone. Added Copy clean Cerbios.ini to C:\. - Usefull if you screwed up your ini. Added a Back to Stock option - "Full Back to Stock (PAL/NTSC)". Added (By request) the option to flash XblastOS for ram upgrades. - Make sure you read the read me first in the sub menu. Added the Cerbios Config Cheat Sheet. - It's like a small wiki which explains the Cerbios.ini. Added the option to reinstall dashboards and / or shortcut. - Can also be used to switch the main dash on boot. Added a option to reinstall apps. - Search in 8.8. Install additional applications. - - ALL Apps will be installed by default so it's only need if you have deletet something! Added : Team Resugent XBCM4Gamers skin. Added : Cerbios Intro Maker. Added : Cerbios BFM UDMA2/4/5/6 incl. PBL.. The BFM loads as follows: - C:\evoxdash.xbe - E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe - E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe It will be copied to your apps directory - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U2 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U4 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U5 - - E:\Apps\Cerbios BFM U6 Fixed : XBlastOS not installin when setting up a new HDD. Fixed : ACL Files not installing. Fixed : ETM and XBTF Files not installing. Hidden Flasher Added : EvoX d6 & m7 TSOP Recovery bioses. Added : 6. Flash Cerbios 2.3.2. ALPHA with XBlastOS* UDMA2 up to UDMA6 and 256kb up to 1024kb. Upd. : Read Me first file. Archive Added : 4.6. Cerbios V2.3.2 ALPHA U2-U6 (256kb bioses only)* Unlistet: Added the Cerbios 2.3.2. as BFM in varius flavors to the disc. It's just a folder in the root dir (biosBFMALPHA). JUST FOR TESTING! Cerbios Disc Changed : The Cerbios Disc skin. Changed : The BFM bios of the BFM Modes to 2.3.2 alpha. Changed : Instead of 4 configs for the 4 Cerbios disc modes we are now just use 2 for all 4 version. Archived by removing all BFM gimmicks like: Open Tray, Close Tray and such. It minimize the work to maintain all 4 modes by HUGE amount. Who has seen that coming? Changed/Added: A non BFM boot menu to avoid problems using a new blank HDD. I also added the options to launch this Disc in varius flavors. * Guess it's the best to do it that way for now. The main flasher will stay on the 2.3.1 till a beta of 2.3.2 or newer drop. I also added a lot of icons (still a lot missing). And I wrote a lot of txt files. Made a DVD Cover AND a "Cerbios Disc - Sort of Manual" (Still WIP). And a lot (!) more adds, fixes, changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fichier Download Folder : https://1fichier.com/dir/XpNkvkyV Mega Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/MvUyEJRC#cZsvQ5Dw7Bl-lZn9jbXoj4yCuQHsyJpvB3IClucG4X0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This software package was created by @sweetdarkdestiny. Credit goes to him.
  8. >>> OGXBox 2021 XBlastOS 8MB MC TSOP Flasher <<< I finaly managed to get the (for me) perfect TSOP flasher done. It makes use of the known save game exploids for SC, MA, 007 & TH4 and uses XBlastOS to flash any TSOP right away. As base it will load up UnleashX where you can choose the bios you like to flash (See list below). After you have selected the bios UnleashX will unrar all necessary files and copy them to the needed places and after that XBlastOS will start. Also a pretty bare bone UnleashX will be installed in which you boot after the TSOP flash from which you can launch an installer like the OGXBox Installer 2021 to set up your HDD. So no more softmodding before TSOP'ing or using EvoX, Raincoat or Resctoox to flash a TSOP. All bios files and configs are pre-configured to boot up the evoxdash.xbe of the C drive. Here is a list of provided bioses: XBox v1.0 - 1.1 ONLY! - x2 5035.67 (512kb) XBox v1.0 - 1.3 ONLY ATM! - Cerbios v1.02 ALPHA (256kb) (Will be updated when newer version come out) XBox v1.0 - 1.4 - EvoX m8 plus noDVD (256kb)* - EvoX m8 plus yesDVD (256kb)* - iND 5003.67 (256kb) - iND 5003.67 XISO (256kb) - iND 5004.67 (256kb) - x2 4983.67 (256kb) And since this version is only 6.2MB in size (Incl. all save games!), you could add your own bios files beside the others. Screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/nBwAIIY Pre release version video (The final is slightly different but you get the idea) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zam2SXG1WI8 All credits go to these guys and teams: pysko_chewbacca, Rocky5, Team Cerbios, Team iND, Team Xecuter, Team EvoX and Team Unleash. Download sites (Pal and NTSC version): https://1fichier.com/dir/dyFJYcXu https://mega.nz/folder/cJ8XRAYZ#cCK8TgW1RsPWPkGvGSiUmA Have fun.
  9. OGXBox Installer 2021 THIS INSTALLER DISC ONLY WORKS FROM A BURNED DVD DISC, NOT MOUNTING THE DISC IMAGE SAVED TO THE HARD DRIVE Made because ... ! First of, you have the choice between two versions. 1) PBL which uses Phoenix Bios Loader and 2) NonPBL without the Phoenix Bios Loader. Both versions aim mainly for ModChip/TSOP users. So you don't have the options to softmod. If you want that, go with Rocky5's Softmodding Tool. Why using this this instead hof HeXEn/TruHeXEn or Slayers? Well, good question and here is the answer. It's faster as all of them. It dosn't has faulty bioses on it. It's up to date and it offers way, way more to install as any of them. So you have planty of Apps, Dashboards or Emulators to install and a huge amount of bug free bioses (ModChip and TSOP incl. Winbond). It's simple build without any fancy code or the need of copy stuff over and over again. It's clean by default which means no temp files will left behind. You have planty of live apps you can use or just test before you install them. Just give this installer a chance, test it and I think you don't use anything else again (except for softmodding which I don't plan to integrate at all.). NOTE: Use folder links below to download the latest OGXbox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4 archive or other supporting files. 1 ) OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.0 MD5 for the v1.0.0 ISO: b844a24f31c0c8f41325e783d50f9d1a MD5 for the v1.0.0 RAR: 50ae7369f08a972601c4c75260965532 Download from 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/?44oryacyh292q6t7rbzd Folder link for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz Download from Mega : https://mega.nz/file/AZ9zESba#otk8Ckf5LlvkKkw1ty4GIsVyDRnxhuCfZu4M6YqLC4w Folder link for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g 2) OGXBox Installer 2021 UX v1.0.0 MD5 for the v1.0.0 ISO: e82dacd9b36f496e85c98b3935462f52 MD5 for the v1.0.0 RAR: d463ac6e8ce9829469c962b790f8d8e0 Download from 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/?52xlot8c5ms9e1rb5n9e Folder link for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz Download from Mega : https://mega.nz/file/YA8lHQzJ#VOazKVrHL6oZ9qW0ezyEM3U3hs38_-w5OfOkLCMvX-0 Folder link for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g Finaly, because i don't have the permissions to edit this topic later, I have included folder lins for Mega and fichier where you can find updates. Just bookmark them or this topic (I will do a post in case of an update, what ever suits you better. If you have a question or you need help, feel free to ask and i will respond asap. And if you find a bug (which i don't hope) or you have a suggestion, which could make this disc better, let me know, I'm always interested in making things better. PS. Using this DVD as a Frisbee is prohibited! Use other installer for that.
  10. Here you get a shit load of pre patched EvoX files. 144 EvoX bios'es in total. These files are for 128MB XBox'es version 1.0-1.4 and 1.6/1.6b. You get these in many different versions in many flavors like: EvoX 128MB (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX 128MB 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX 128MB HDplus (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX 128MB HDplus 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX 128MB XBoxHDMI (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX 128MB XBoxHDMI 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA2 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA2 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA4 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA4 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA5 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB UDMA5 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA2 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA2 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA4 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA4 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA5 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA5 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA2 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA2 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA4 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA4 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA5 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) EvoX Titan 128MB XBoxHDMI UDMA5 1.6 (256kb/512kb/1024kb) (noDVD/yesDVD) ******************************************************************************* Some infos about the patches I used: Titan Patch Version: 1.1.0 MakeMHz XBoxHDMI Patch Version: 1.4.3 MakeMHz HDplus Patch Version: 1.0.2 MakeMHz EvoX 128MB Ram Patch Version: 1.0.0* *Could also be v1.0.1 how ever, it's the latest m8plus_true_128MB_fixed.ips. ******************************************************************************* All these bios'es are sorted* and ready to use with XBlastOS or any other flasher which requires that the bios is named bios.bin which has to be in C:\bios (C:\bios\bios.bin). Note: YD = yesDVD and ND = noDVD*. (*Yes you can still boot/cold boot any DVD you like with it!) All these files are also packed as bios.rar files using winrar 3.0. So you could unpack these with UnleashX etc.. (Only of interest if you go to use these of an installer). That lead me to one thing. If you are one of the last ones who creates installer, feel free to use these files on your disc. ******************************************************************************* Credits and a HUGE thanks for the patches fly out to: MakeMHz and Gaasedelen. And also a HUGE thanks to Donnie-Burger for testing. ******************************************************************************* And don't forget to suppport the Devs! Buy'em some coffee because nothing works without coffee! Visit : https://github.com/gaasedelen/titan https://github.com/MakeMHz ******************************************************************************* Download Folders: Mega : https://mega.nz/folder/JFlR2Q5C#lxK9TfF_sgGxl2gPI4uqIw 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/cdrhapgD ******************************************************************************* PEACE! EDIT: How to update your ram on a XBox 1.6/1.6b :
  11. OGXBox Boot Menu Just a simple boot menu which offers the function to not just launch your DVD or Dash, you can also set one dash as default if you wish. Ofc FTP is also available set to DHCP (you can change that in the settings). XBlast can be launched from the Misc menu as well as the File Explorer. It may come handy for the one or the other. If you sell pre modded xboxes it can be useful to let the buyer decide what he wants. How ever, here is the DL folder (maybe for updates but it should be bug free), a video which shows the options, and a simple screen shot. Peace. Folder Link: https://1fichier.com/dir/9xQo7gju Video Link: https://youtu.be/7DSsqQMrklQ Screenshot: Embedded Video: https://youtu.be/7DSsqQMrklQ
  12. As usual, they gouge you if you try to buy a rubber belt for the original Xbox if they actually call it a belt for the original Xbox. But I heard you could use 23mm or so rubber O rings from the plumber's section of a store. Since I loathe the idea of spending $3.00+ for 1 "official" OGXbox drive belt, what are the exact size measurements (or close to) for the actual OGXbox drive belts so I can attempt an approximation with a 10 for a buck O ring? I want to resurrect my Xbox's troublesome disc drive that refuses to come out of it's shell, like a shy turtle.
  13. Hi im new here got my classic xbox recently and i want to experience everything on this console
  14. ILoveXbox

    Xbox repairs.

    Greetings! I am in possession of an original Xbox from the late 90s to early 2000s and I require some assistance before proceeding with its disassembly. I attempted to turn on the console by pressing the power button, but to my disappointment, the light failed to turn on. Moreover, the fan only turned on briefly and shut off immediately after releasing the button. This issue persisted even after multiple attempts, and eventually, the console stopped responding altogether. I tried holding and pressing the power button but to no avail. Could you please help me identify and troubleshoot this problem? Alternatively, any guidance on the repair process would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Just wanted to see if anyone could help, I have got the devkit up and running on my xbox recently and have been messing around with making something. In general information is fairly hard to find but ive got one or two sites that have got me started. From the application i have created, i can see that i can only access my own folder, it comes up as the D drive. Im guessing that this is done intentionally so as you cant access other folders etc, but how can i access other folders in the filesystem? In the case of the Dashboards, they obviously have access to the full system.. im just wondering how i could do this? If i was to make a Dashboard for example, i would want to be able to list the filesystem and open files etc.. Just hoping someone can help me Out
  16. Oh no, another flasher! YES! I have resently read from the one or the other that it would be nice to have a option to just flash a bios wihtout the need to install any apps, dashboards or what ever. So I decided to make that DVD for the 2-3 ppl. out there. So this DVD provides XBlastOS and EvoX as flashing tool. Like the MC/USB installer I made, all bios files are already packed as bios.bin so you can flash any TSOP (Incl. Winbond) or ModChip with it right away. Other as the MC/USB flasher this DVD version provides more bios files you can flash. And ofc there is also a XBox 1.6/1.6b flasher on board. And no, if you didn't have already a modded XBox you need to use the MC/USB TSOP flasher (Or you soft mod). How ever. On the main screen you simply select what you like to do: Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 With Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b With Dashboard Install. So you could install one (1) dashboard along if you like (Ava, EvoX, UiX Lite, UX, X4X, X4G or XES). If not just select the "Without" option and the Flash Menu will load up right away without installing anything. Btw. this installer will install nothing if you don't wish (The only thing you could install is a Dash anyway). Not even XBlastOS or EvoX which both run of the DVD. So you will just leave with a Bios folder on C:\ which contains the bios you have flashed. And if need you have some basic tools in the Main Menu under Miscellaneous. You also will find the option to update the MS Dashboard to the lates version (5960.01) if needed in that menu along with some other options. So you see, the main goal here was basicly bios flashing. No Apps, No Dah (If you don't want) and No Crap will left behind. And ofc this installer didn't touch any byte of your maybe already installed Apps/Dashes or what ever like some others do. Finaly this installer provides all the latest bioses like Cerbios, MakeMHz, EvoX TITAN etc.. Finaly one last word. This DVD didn't use a BFM on boot so it's pretty fast. And all bios MD5 check sums I know have been added to the EvoX flasher and to the Bios Checker App (Oh Dave will throw eggs at me for this). HOW EVER..... Hope you guys have a use for it. PEACE! Downloads : 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/wVNkbBai Mega : https://mega.nz/folder/UN1DzDAL#CuuhnuVesotAbaZVmIZzeg
  17. Hi everyone, I'm struggeling a bit with the softmod setting from OGXbox 2021 Softmode installation on my Box. Softmode installation works like charm. Afterward i used the "install single Dashbord" installer to install XBMC (to e:\xbmc as default) and i agree to use XBMC as my default dashboard. So far so pretty ... after the reboot, XMBC starts, all fine, but ... When i manuelly install xbmc-emustation (from source package) to f:\XBMC-Emustation, my box always boots up from XBMC-Emustation and not from XBMC. Same for XBMC4Gamers (f:\XBMC4Gamers). How can I change ?? Rework with Installer DVD is not working (change default dashboard). What did i miss ?? Thanks !!
  18. i've seen teh forums referanced a handful of times on Reddit, and seems Quite active, i've grown up w/ the Xbox and got my first Modded OG Xbox in the late 2000s, used it up till just recently (2020) (which i got my mits on an unpatched Switch.), and sadly had to leave my old long time running Modded OGXbox when i moved last year , i got one at a local 2nd hand game store "Red Fox gaming" and finally manged to snag a working (in good condition) 120GB IDE Hard Drive and did a Upgrade. Time to take a peek at whats changed since the late 2000s!
  19. Slayer's v.2.7 2021 This a updated version of the last ORIGINAL version v2.7 from Slayer's without BFM-Bios. Slayer never used a BFM but the later updated ones does. Not sure who has made them but they heavily screwed up the BFM Bioses. The ORIGIANL Slayer's (without BFM) almost never failed to boot even, all other installers failed! (Incl. the horrible BFM modded Slayer's, what a shame). So that makes Slayer's a useful disc to have on hand if you run in such problems that your other installers won't boot. And because I wanted it as original as possible I have not touched much here, like you can see below. I have not even changed the name (Slay3r's would look cool) or versions number. I just added the year 2021 to it to point out that this is a REAL ORIGINAL Slayer's with just some little changes. Hope you guy's like it. Changlog (Slayer's v2.7 2021): Added : ~ 1200 trainers. Added : A hand full of nice old skins. Added : The iND 5003.67 and iND 5004.67 to the flash section. Added : The option to install XBMC4Gamers (latest build). - You can installed also as main dash. :) Added : The option to install XBMC-Emustation (latest build). Added : XBpartitioner 1.3. Added : Enigma NTSC-PAL. (Strange it was linked but not in the ISO) Added : BiosChecker. Added : XBox version checker. Added : Complex Tools Added : Px HDD Loader Added : Xored Mini Launcher. Added : Resctoox to flash the Sharp and Winbond. - I also added the option to flash a Sharp or Winbond TSOP. For both I choose the EvoX m8+ noDVD because it makes the most seens. Added : A Live Apps menu (8) for quick access of all apps. UPDATED APPS: Updated : Config Macig to Rocky5's 1.6.1 Updated : Dvd2XboX to the latest build. Updated : DVDX to the latest build. UPDATED DASHBOARDS: Updated : XBMC to 3.5.3 Updated : Avalaunch to the latest build. Updated : UnleashX to the latest build. UPDATED EMULATORS: (Some of them were very very old.) Updated : ZsnexBox to the latest build. Updated : pcsxbox to the latest build. Updated : n64 to Surreal64 CE to the latest build. Updated : neogenesis to the latest build. Updated : Colecovision (AdamX) to the latest build. Updated : A2600 (z26x) to the latest build. Changed : The bios EvoX bios files to noDVD.(No other changes here) 1fichier Folder Link : https://1fichier.com/dir/xE2qhDTu Mega Folder Link : https://mega.nz/folder/sF9UQZZY#nPzCaPS9-fkYH2hjZkaf_Q Peace!
  20. So I have this 1.0 OGXbox and it has been FRAG'ing since coming out from being locked away in storage for a several years. I remember it working fine last time I used it. It tries to boot three times and then FRAG's 50/50 fast, does not output video, and does not output audio. I have noticed that when I press the eject button that the hard drive makes some sounds like as if it's working maybe and also the noise of the fan/fans gets louder or higher in pitch (not sure), but the FRAG'ing continues and still doesn't output video/audio. I noticed is (while having the Xbox connected to an ethernet switch) that when I press the eject button the ethernet link LED comes on for about a second or two, then goes out for about five seconds, and then comes back on and stays on. I also see the ethernet activity LED blink a seemingly healthy amount too. I'm thinking the problem is one or more of the following: EEPROM, TSOP, PSU, trace rot, maybe big shield (mildly/moderately rusted) that the motherboard sits in is not making contact with required connections on the bottom of motherboard, one or more capacitors on the motherboard possibly need replacing. I'm kind of hesitant about putting a modchip in as I'm not sure if it may get damaged/destroyed by this particular Xbox (I have an OpenXenium on hand).
  21. I was just wondering, whatˋs the story with Admin? What is his background? How did he get into the scene? What led him to create this badass forum we all use? I am curious to know!
  22. So I bought my XB from Ebay. It shipped with Aladdin plus modchip ( booted with blue Logo and text ) but running to original MS Dashboard. I assumed previous owner just want to run the game dvds and didnt need the dashboard thought. Its HDD is locked so plug to PC is impossible. I have tested several disc with its dvd player and can confirm its Samsung DVD is now dead. Id like to ask if there is anyway to install the Evox dashboard to its HDD or will it work if I format and copy EvoX dashboard to new HDD and plug it to the console? Thank you.
  23. Hi folks, I'm after some kind of wireless pad adapter for the original Xbox. Ideally for two or more pads. Hoping for a UK seller due to the inordinate cost of shipping right now, but if you know a cheap way of shipping internationally to the UK (reasonably fast, so not including months-long SAL shipping) then I'd be happy with that too. Cheers, and happy holidays!
  24. Hello everyone, I was able to find a 220V powersupply for my broken v1.1 xbox . Now I am aware of the connector and pinout and standby voltages are different. But assuming I have the connector, a 5->3.3V voltage regulator ( for standby ) would it ok ?. Note : The model I'm working with is DPSN-96DP-1 BR
  25. Hello, I am looking to understand what is the ‘normal’ range of cpu and m/b temperatures for a softmodded xbox. I expected this question to have already been discussed here but I couldn’t find any direct answers on it. My cpu temp after a recent gaming session was 69c. Is this too high or is it normal? M/b temp was 53c. I recently applied fresh thermal paste to both the cpu and gpu so that can’t be a reason for high cpu temps. Maybe it would be useful for folks to post what temps they see during game sessions. Thanks in advance for any guidance

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