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About Me

  1. Howdy. 8 years ago I bought my OG xbox and tinkered with it a bit - but never really found the time to really delve into it. I was confused by how it would boot differently with the power and eject buttons, I think I had attempted to softmod it before I realised it had a modchip installed and that was why it was doing different things with the different front buttons. I think at the time it might have booted with both buttons but I can't fully remember as it was so long ago. Cut forward to 2024 and I finally had some time to look into it so am trying to get help with the various issues I've encountered. Firstly, it would only boot with the eject button. The power button would go to an EvoX logo but then a black screen. The eject button would load into UnleashX dash. When inspecting the board I noticed some bulging and a leaky cap, so bought a cap replacement kit (as well as a clock cap) to do a recap. I've only a tiny bit of soldering experience so it's a little daunting but I hope I'll be fine with it. I've only soldered a wire in my old NES to make it region free so far, so a complete noob at soldering. I also had planned to replace the thermal paste, as well as the stock fan and run power off the HDD power cable, and upgrade the stock HDD to a 250GB PATA I have handy. I assume I need to redo the HDD to get rid of the softmod. But the fact that the power button doesn't boot worries me a little about that part of the process. I don't have a replacement fan yet so was going to do that later on. Today I opened her up to begin the process of replacing thermal paste and attempting the recap, but I forgot that there was a wire connecting the front buttons to my modchip. I must have accidentally pulled this off the pad when removing the drives to access the motherboard. I have read that you suggest to solder this to the chip itself so that it is permanently enabled, however will this cause me issues down the track since my modchip wasn't booting correctly with the power button? Also the wire used for this was SUPER thin. I have some thicker wire I used for NES to ground the pin on the region lock chip to disable it. Would that work ok to use instead, if I removed the existing wire? Should I just re-solder the eject/power button first to reduce potential issues with testing it out after recapping, replacing HDD etc? I forget which pad it was soldered to. Top left corner of the back of the front panel buttons I think? I can't seem to find instructions online. How should I go about trying to get the chip working - just try installing the new HDD and that should get rid of the soft mod? If I do need to flash the chip, how should I go about that? Sorry for lots of questions, just completely new to this process.
  2. Hi (Didn't know a better place to post this) I'm new here, and.... I know basically nothing about modding, but I wanna softmod my system to start out, (1.6) and explore the option later of hard modding (probably on an older revision once I can find one) are there any resources you can recommend for me to get my head wrapped around how to start? I think I have everything I need to softmod now, but I'm still iffy on how all these launchers and stuff work. I'm sure this is ground that's been tread a million miles before me by other noobs, but there is just an overwhelming amount of knowledge out there and no particular place to start, I've watched a handful of videos on softmodding and understand basically how i'll do it, but there are so many variations of each tool/application etc that it's hard to know where to even begin. I'm sure this isn't much info to go off of but I'm pretty lost. After I dip my toes in with the soft modding I'd like to ultimately hard mod a different console, just any recommendations on good resources for absolute beginners would be much appreciated, thank you kindly!
  3. I have a 1.6, fully recapped and sporting an Aladdin XBlast (thanks snapper). I've done a lot of reading trying to figure out my setup and I think I've read too much, watched too many videos and confused myself. I have downloaded to Dragon4Gamers 4tb torrent, and then used HDD Raw Copy to transfer it onto the 8tb hard drive i have for my xbox. Is that all I need to do for that part? Where I am getting confused now is getting cerbios going. Do I use cerbios tool to do this? I tried playing with it before work this morning but I couldn't get it to load. I selected the folder I have for cerbios but it wouldn't let me do anything in the tool with it. Can anyone walk me through my next steps to get this going? Sorry for the NOOB questions, I'm trying to learn.
  4. Hi guys. Looking for some help here. I’m new to this. I’m working on my first modded Xbox. While I wait for my chip to arrive I wanted to set up my hard drive. I’ve been trying to read a lot and watch videos to understand but I’m getting stuck. My plan is to run Cerbios with Dragon4Gamers 4tb. I downloaded the 4TB torrent. I was going to set up my HDD using FATXplorer and the Hazeno downloads for C and E drives. I have an 8TB hard drive to install. I do not have a working DVD drive for my Xbox so that eliminates using OGXbox installer disc. I can hook my hard drive up and see it in FATXplorer, when I select that drive to format it shows 7.62 TB after I select it and go to my partitions it only shows 3.64 TB and if I try to up it it says that’s the max and I need to free up more space to increase it. Where am I going wrong? That’s not enough space to install the Dragon4Gamers
  5. So I have finally gotten a grasp of everything but the N64 emulator. I downloaded EWJ ROM pack, copied over the surreal64 folder into the emulators/n64 folder, copied some ROMs over in the roms/n64 folder. It scans and actually shows my files scanned but always comes up with a script error saying it cannot make a list. What am I doing wrong exactly? I've read how frustrated rocky5 is over people asking about this same issue but I followed his instructions as he laid them out on a Reddit thread. I'm stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have hard modded xbox with aladin chip is there a guide to installing new dashboard to xbox
  7. I cannot seem to figure out where to place the Cerbios animation files and how to structure the .ini file to point at them. My other question is where to put the XMV player. I guess I need someone to explain it like I was a child or their golden retreiver! Help!
  8. Hello all, I've just dusted off my old Xbox and have some questions about it, I've tried to Google it but the people writing answers is on a whole other level of knowledge. I'm looking to install a 3TB HDD in my Xbox and I have some questions. I have a Xenium modchip, and I'm wondering if I can follow along this guy from 24:18 and forward? Can I use Cerbios with my Xenium modchip? When I boot the Xbox now it says Xecuter2 under the Xbox logo, I've tried every tool in my dashboard but no one seems to tell me the BIOS that I run now. I think I have a revision 1.4 because I've a Focus video chip, I've also looked for soldering on those pins for TSOP flash, but they don't seem to be touch (just read about a guy that managed to flash TSOP and brick his device). I just want someone to verify that I can upgrade the BIOS so that I can utilize the 3TB HDD before I manage to brick it. Second question that I have is this little switch that's connected to the modchip itself, what does it do? There seems to be no difference where it put it, it has two "modes" front and back. Thanks in advance
  9. I received a modded OG Xbox from ebay recently. It's got the original HDD in it, so that needs changing, but I've no experience with this process. I have a stack of old HDDs but they're all SATA, can I use a PATA-SATA adapter? Do I need to use specific software? Can the Xbox format it itself, or do I need to do this on my PC? Also, I'm guessing quite a lot has changed in the decade I've been away from Xbox modding, and I'm sure the software on this one is ancient too. Anything essential that's come along since that'll need adding to this? Mostly I just want to fill up an HDD and get on with it, I don't have any particular interest in HDMI mods (I'm using a CRT) or media players etc.
  10. Greetings from Japan, wonderful people of this wonderful forum! I have been a long time lurker and and even longer time dreamer (to have a OG Xbox). As you might know here in Japan Original Xboxes are rare and come pretty expensive (50 to 120usd depending on the conditions). Anyway I recently bit the bullet and for 4500jpy(40usd) got my hands on a semitransparent black limited edition with controllers HD converters and original cables, all in very good conditions (externally). DVD is finicky but after few shots works. MB should be a 1.0 according to serial number. The seal is still intact which makes me believe nobody has been in there. I got a copy of splinter cell, ordered usb port and ide-to-sata interface, ide cables. I am studying now right usb stick while I was looking my chances for a softmod and maybe an HDD upgrade (I have many laying around). I read discussions in which members say "chip or death" but I am noob with solder - I fix almost everything all the time so I do not know if it is a bit of a complex, Japanese humility or just I am still a noob for real. Let's just say I am not confident enough to try TSOP or modchips on this beauty while just remove the clock capacitor is something I would feel totally ok doing. Looking around for component I stumbled upon this seller online that offers what stated in the title: a modded xbox 128mb ram, 2tb, fanless heatsink, softmodded for 200usd. I mean just the components are about 150usd. The guy clearly loves xbox. The fan-less heat-sink and the lack of a modchip are the only two things that really make me go like "nani?" especially the heat sink so I decided to ask here... I know that later models did not have one but is it safe? also how it is the price? should I just drop it and buy this one or should I softmod it by myself? In case can I swap the "shell" with the one I have or depends on the MB series? Thank you for reading this huge thing. edit: also can you suggest me a reliable and noob friendly step by step guide to softmod?
  11. Yanimo

    Noob Hdd Dead

    Hey guys, I have an old Xbox I'm a noob and don't even know where to start I just want to replace my Hard Drive and have games on said Hard Drive but I do not know how. Can someone please help. I just want to play Halo with friends.
  12. Hi, I'm new on modding OG Xbox 1.0 and after a few days reading over the net I found this thread https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1474-identify-mod-chip/ I think it's similar to mine The problem that I have is that my HDD dies a week ago showing error 07, then I found an IDE Segate ST3802110A (80 GB), check compatibility here https://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list, from an old PC and I have also burn a DVD -R with HeXEn 2018 that I found in this forum, but when I turn on with a long press it does't read the disc and only get the error 16. I never before saw the mod chip dashboard because when I get the Xbox in 2002 they told me the mod chip only works to read non original games if I long press the power button until the led becomes red, so I don't know which version of mod chip or bios I have thats why I can't replace my HDD. After I can replace my HDD i would like to update my modchip bios and install a newest dashboard for making mi Xbox to a emulator media and take advantage of this 80 GB HDD. Thanks for your help
  13. Hi Everybody. I bricked my first Xbox trying to softmod it so I got another one from my buddy. I don't want to mess it up this time. I know this is a hardmodding centric board. I'd appreciate any advice for not repeating my mistake. I have the file for the first xbox backed up. I was thinking it might be possible to recover the first box.
  14. I recently installed Rocky5’s xbmc emustation & so far it’s been great. So far I have Genesis, NES, SNES & PlayStation roms installed and I have absolutely no issues with those systems. However my main issues that I cant seem to understand is getting other emulators to work. I’m a huge fan of fighting games like MVC2 and ultimately this project isn’t complete until I can get those games on there. I recently found out that there is a downloads section that allows me to download emulators straight to the xbox and that was such a relief because I’ve struggled to add emulators manually. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong when I add emulators manually but they just don’t seem to work. I can definitely live with this if I can get my main fighting games in there. my friend gave me a few cps roms but I’m not sure how to get them to work in the emustation. I know I sound super noob so bare with me! Lol
  15. Hey all, Just found the old OG Xbox in storage. Thinking about chipping it and putting in a new HDD, installing MAME and having some fun. Any way just thought I'd say hello.
  16. I hope this is the correct forum, apologies if not! I'm totally new to xbox modding and have watched videos and read as much as possible, but I've managed to screw up anyway unfortunately. I bought a hardmodded xbox with Xenium chip but stock hdd and so I used Hexen 2018 to install a 320Gb. I followed instructions, used Xb partitioner so that drive f used the rest of the available space etc. Once done and xbox rebooted, I'm only getting 123Gb available space on drive f! I was advised on another forum to redo it from scratch with Slayer's instead. Again once completed, it went back to only 123Gb available. I tried running xb partitioner again, go an error message 'LB48 not found' (I didn't get this error message the first time). I've tried re-doing it from scratch with Hexen 2018 again, same result even when I tried another hhd that's 250Gb, still only getting 123Gb. Any way to fix this, or should I give up and accept only getting 123Gb to use as at least it's still working now but if I mess about with it I may end up bricking it? (I softmodded my daughters xbox last week, that's working no probs. I'm awaiting a 500Gb hdd in the post, that I was planning to use Chimp to clone to and install, but now I'm anxious that I may have the same prob with that one as well!)
  17. Hey all, just thought i would post a quick hello and say damn i wish i had found you 1 week ago. I have just got in to the xbox original modding scene and lets just say wow once your hooked its hard to turn away. looking forward to learning as much as i can from fellow modders and also giving back a little knowledge.
  18. Hi all- I just picked up my first OG Xbox tonight! I'm stoked to mess around with it and build up my collection. Unfortunately it won't power up; I opened it up and it looks like there are some bad capacitors on the motherboard so I'll be replacing those straight away. However I'd like to figure out if the Power Supply works regardless of that. If anyone has any tips on that let me know please.
  19. Hi, I found some original xbox from junk and I thought it would be cool if could make it work. It seems to be missing a hard drive and when I turn it on it blinks green three times then alternates orange and red lights. I don't know much about xbox but I would like to learn whatever I can from this community.
  20. Hello to all. New member to OGX and to the modding scene..
  21. Hi, just saying hello, I have my org xbox with xecutor chip working well for years and now i have Coinops 8 installed on it but have to access it using xbmc. Thought i was doing a smart thing by copying the default.xbe of coinops to the c: drive and renaming it xboxdash.xbe but surprise surprise, locked out now. I have thankfully renamed the old xboxdash.xbe to a different name which i will try and rename once i can get into FTP again, (cant get in ). Ive used angry ip to find the ip address but i think im locked out. once i get permission i will use the hexen disc to give me FTP access and change back the way they were.
  22. need 3 post to download skin. so hi!
  23. Hello all, haven't turned on the old Xbox for years... Just checking in here for the state of the art. Hope do do some NES and Atari emulation and maybe some media center
  24. Just posting as a newcomer, need a couple more for that Hexen download! So much much good info.
  25. Just needed that 3rd post to get forlorn's Hexen download...couldn't wait!!!!

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