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  1. FB normally means Ferrite Bead, and you would expect it to be short or close to, it is there to block high frequency noise either being emitted or received, much the same as the beads you see on video cables etc.
  2. Check your soldering It's a bit hard to tell but in the 2nd and 3rd photos where the 3 wires are at the bottom near R5M5/6/7 it looks like the blob on the left is overlapping the track from the middle wire, and maybe the middle and right pads have a small dag bridging the two?
  3. I just picked up one of these on eBay here in Oz for $20 AUD. Yet to test it but hopefully it is good, I'll let you know.
  4. Yeah cool, thanks Magicaldave. I have a linux fileserver so pretty easy to install FATX support and play with the new HDD if needed. Although from what I read the Hexen disc can do pretty much everything I need. Loving this forum for all the info and great users onboard.
  5. I'll watch this with much interest!
  6. They seem to range from $25 up here
  7. I just figured that I could spend about $10-15 on a chip and IDE to Sata adapter and put in a new HDD for less than it would cost to get a copy of one of the games with the save vulnerability and a USB stick that works. I can then put all my games straight to HDD. Being an electronics tech in a past life I'm not scared of a soldering iron. Maybe I'm doing it ass about?
  8. Hey all, Just found the old OG Xbox in storage. Thinking about chipping it and putting in a new HDD, installing MAME and having some fun. Any way just thought I'd say hello.

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