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About Me

  1. Hello, I’m trying to repair an Xbox Ver 1.1 for a friend. It has a Xenium 0449 05 M2 MT mod installed with a 160 GB HDD. I’m getting a 05 error on boot up. So, I’m assuming its booting with xbox original bios and 05 error has to do with the unlocked 160GB HDD. My question is, what options do I have here. I don’t know if Mod is bad or the HDD has an error. The mod has a red led always on and I don’t know if this is normal. If mod is ok, what options do I have to repair HDD to work with existing Xenium mod.I have checked the D0 wire and it is ok. Thanks
  2. I am putting an original Xbox motherboard into a PC chassis and I want to use a proper ATX PSU with it. I don't have the time to get PCBs made and assemble the board so the first person that can ship me one to WA via Priority Mail can name their price for it (within reason). I'm also willing to buy more than one.
  3. I have 2 XBOXes v1.2 and v1.6 with Rocky5 softmod v1.1.6. I was messing around with the NKPatcher and nulled the HDD drive key on one of them before backing up the EEPROM and now it boots up to error 05. It seems I need to format it using the hotswap method, xboxhdm v1.9 and a backup of the Dashboard from the C partition, which I don't have. Can I use the files from the other XBOX? EDIT: I'm probably looking at it fro the wrong angle... when using the hotswap, won't I get access to the backed up EEPROM in the E partition? Can it be used to restore the HDD?Or is it better to just format it and start from scratch? This subject is still pretty new to me.
  4. Totally green here so be gentle. I've spent a couple nights reading your posts and I'm just more lost haha. I've pulled out my OG Xbox v1.6 after about 16 years storage. It has a mod chip and a 160Gb drive. However I've got the red green flash on the eject button. If I smack it hard enough while powering on I can get to the dashboard, sometimes. Maybe a loose connection, maybe a failing mod chip, I'd love to hear opinions. Also wondering if I should even try fixing it or is there something else I should head straight for, maybe a different mod chip, bios, etc. Reading through the posts it's clear I don't even know where to start, what do I have, what I should do next. Any suggestions or help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. I have a 9 year old little boy who is dieing to play dad's old Xbox Cheers
  5. I received a broken 2001 1.0 Xbox for free. I removed the clock capacitor, rerouted some trace rot. After that, it seemed to be working great besides terrible disc reading (even after a pot tweak). I ignored the often suggested thermal paste replacement thinking "don't fix what ain't broke" and bought a new laser, after all, I got the thing for free. It's working great as far as I can tell. BUT the lingering thought of thermal paste wormed it's way into my brain, after all, most people seem to suggest it (sometimes to do it just cuz). The combination of so many people suggesting it, and some of the counter-arguments to it on this forum made me pretty anxious about the whole ordeal. Especially after investing money into this. SO when does one know when, or if they should change the paste? I basically have the oldest OG Xbox possible, and it seems to work fine. I noticed the fan area in the back can get warmish when reading discs - but I've never had an xbox, and this could be normal. I haven't modded it, so I don't know its temps. Should I be worried? or bothered? Should I mod the console just to see the temps, just to be sure? Is the Xbox good enough at knowing when it has overheated to reliably leave it alone until theres a tangible issue? TLDR; I'm overly paranoid about my newly acquired 1.0 xbox, and don't know how necessary it is, or when I should replace the thermal paste. Thanks for any replies! It's much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I recently bought four xbox one controllers not tested for repair them, I had very good surprises in the lot, only one needs micro soldering to be repaired, except that the problem comes that controllers are not 100% official (both brands appear have permissions from Microsoft to manufacture and sell controllers), the controller in question is a PowerA and I have to change the micro USB port except that I can't find a replacement micro USB port on the net and no one seems to have documented this subject, I wanted to know if one of you had already changed a micro USB port of a PowerA controller and if he still had the reference of the port used for the repair, thanks. Have a good day
  7. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. As you can see from the pic here: https://imgur.com/a/Vvnf6uX I removed today the clock cap and I found some corrosion. I cleaned very carefully (probably more clean will need) with a soft brush and isopropil alcool. I have noticed that corrosion affect some SMD component that now are gone, so I navigate the web looking for pictures to find the missing component so I can but and resolder them. Please help me with the values of the following components from bottom to top: R7G2 = 3K ohm R7G1 = 1.1 K ohm Q7G2= 1AM R7G3 = 285 Ohm CR7G1= A11 R7F9 = 2K ohm R7F8 = 256 Ohm R6F7 = can't find any value on the net Can you help me with those values? Also, any tip to double check? thanks
  8. So I got my Xbox back after 20 years and it no longer boots into the dash. Its like its stock but the boot screen still says xecuter2 instead of Microsoft so I have hope that is still working. Could it be booting to the stock menu cause the chip is disabled? I'll attach a pic of my mod chip.
  9. Redherring32 (of OpenTendo fame) has been putting in some research into bypassing the need for a clock capacitor on the 1.6 revision Xbox; unlike the prior models a 1.6 will not boot without it. By removing R7P3 and R7P6 current limiting resistors which go to the positive leg of the clock cap and then connecting 3v3 standby voltage to that same leg, you can remove it entirely and still have a functioning system.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/dtmjN9V U-ATA CRC Error 200 concerns me the most,can someone explain these numbers to me? i am pretty green in this ;d 20% of games have issues like freeze at loading screen, for example i have to restart xbox while playing Farcry Instincts because it freezes during loading next level, i have to load next level from downloaded save file,beside that games runs fine,no crashes during gameplay. But games like Halif Life 2 or Morrowind never had issues with loading maps/levels which is interesting.
  11. Can XBOX games be read in RAR format or do they need to be ISO format in order to transfer over by QWIX? OR can they be transfered over in another way to FTP and keep in RAR format and the XBOX can read it?
  12. So I installed a openxenium chip today and it turned on brought me to the os and I accidentally hit the power button and now it doesn't boot just flashes green 3 times and goes green/red. Even tried resoldering joints I'm stumped it was working and now it isnt... in the span of 10 min. Even tried a new hdd same issue. I also tried removing the chip and got error 07 it should be noted the chip was still wired in when I did that but not plugged into the pinhead (this is only when I was testing if it would run after it started fragging)
  13. I was toying with a softmodded xbox for the past 2 weeks or so. Started with UnleashX, to XBMC, then to XBMC4Gamers exploring the features of each. Is there a dashboard with the features of XBMC4Gamers that retains the media function? I want to be able to FTP movies to the xbox and view them the same way XBMC4Gamers displays your xbox games.
  14. I'm a bit in the need for cheapness. I was wondering if anybody had a very cheap ass modchip they could flash with the newest version of Cerbios. It'll get me by until I can get an openXenium and a 2tb sata. Anybody got one?
  15. I'm trying to fix the mobo on my other Halo console instead of replacing the board. The power button does not work or green lights. Only red lights and eject works. I've removed the clock capacitor and cleaned the whole area on top and underneath with alcohol. But only one trace looks bad, so I can't account for all the failure... Can I run this thing without a clock cap? Lol seems to be booting without it.
  16. After i Tsop my xbox with Evox M8 plus the dash won't boot and i was know about this then i tried to install unlashx dash from hexen 2021 disc then i installed in E/Dash and then i got message says: do you want to make it your default dash, i click in Yes, after that the boot animation frozen with microsoft and when i tried to boot hexen nothing happend :(
  17. I have this xbox PSU TUSCANY model but with missing components ,and i wanna repair it Can anyone help me with missing components reference. thnx.
  18. Hi. I have an XCM Ruby Red Xbox that is very faulty; I'm looking to swap it to a non modded Xbox with LED IF POSSIBLE. I would like to send it to you to have this done (I live in NJ, USA). My discord is Luke007#3295 to discuss further.
  19. Please see link to 10 images of board here https://imgur.com/a/nJotOX1 The machine in question is a v1.0 with fresh electrolytic capacitors installed everywhere a few weeks ago aside from the power supply (Foxlink, with resoldered power leads). It also has an Aladdin mod chip which I was running Cerbios 2.2.0 beta on previously. After successfully upgrading the RAM on a v1.4 machine yesterday I decided to do my primary xbox today. RAM in question is the leaded F-QC50 variant. They appear entirely to be authentic Samsung chips. With XBlast OS flashed to the mod chip, I began with the RAM install. First chip, test, success. Second chip, test, fail. Quick rework and second passes. Then I decide to do the last two together and test afterwards. Test shows 1-3 pass, number 4 fails. This is the one below the CPU and next to the connector from the power supply. Rework number 4 with an iron, not hot air, still fails, rework it again, still fails. Go for a third try and now the Xbox will momentarily boot with solid green LEDs (hard disk spins up, fans spin normal speed, LED on mod chip illuminates) then quickly cuts power. Then will turn itself on again about a second later, usually with no LEDs on the eject button, fans spin normally, LED on mod chip lights, then power cuts out. There is no display. I also swapped in a known good power supply from a different v1.0 and no difference was made. This cycle appears to repeat indefinitely. Sometimes the LEDs on the eject button light up green, sometimes they flash green, other times there is no light at all. I have tried with no disc drive and no hard disk, with just one of those, and with both of them. I removed the fourth RAM chip in an attempt to rule out the chip itself, however the same result ensues. I then removed a factory RAM chip (M-QC50) from a known good console and installed that in the fourth slot, no change. I ended up removing that chip so only ones that passed the test in XBlast are installed. I know it is possible for the chip to be bad, yet still pass. I took the utmost care not to “splash solder” around while installing and/or removing the memory. I taped up the surrounding areas of the board and components with kapton tape before performing any work with hot air or an iron. High quality flux was used and cleaned up. I examined the board thoroughly multiple times and I cannot physically see an issue. Using hot air I carefully reflowed the factory RAM as well as the three that I added. My question mainly is where should I be looking for a solution to this issue? This is not the typical 3 reboots then FRAG problem. Is there a power related component I should be looking at? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Hello to anyone reading this. My probably is I'm a noob who found an already chipped Xbox at a thrift store, an I'm trying to figure out if the modchip is going bad or if I'm doing something wrong I think it's a Xecuter 2 lite from my research. When I found this Xbox it was in working order, but the hard drive failed not long after I bought it that was back in 2020, so I set it a side for when I had the time to fix it. So now I've been trying to flash the new bios on the chip, but every time I get a "not writeable error" on it. I've tried the Slayer disc and Hexen 2018 and 2021 but nothing is working. also if I disable the chip something called gentoox pop ups. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. I'm working on a mini Xbox and I'm going to be using a picoPSU for power. I've already read up on the 5v amperage issues and I bought one that should work fine. I've wired up all the ground, 12v, 5v, and 3.3v wires, and connected the Xbox's 3VSB, PowOK, and PowOn all to 3.3v. However, when I enable the ATX power supply and press the power button on the Xbox, I get green power LEDs for a couple seconds, then they blink green and red, and the console never powers on. Need a little guidance on what I should be changing in my setup.
  22. Hi Guys; Thomson drives at it again! I have a bunch of Thomson's drives which surprisingly work but they all need to be hit on the top of the dvd cover for them to open. I have opened them up and cleaned them and re-oiled the rails, as well as cleaned the belt etc. Does anyone know a fix for this issue?
  23. Anyone have a top and dvd bezel for a Halo Edition Console let me know. Need 1 to complete a set.
  24. I bought an xbox on ebay and now I noticed somethings I didn't before. Can anyone identify what is in the picture. I appoligize If this is in the wrong category this is my first post. In the first picture it is those 2 dots next to the disc tray. In the second picture it's the blue output. And in the third there appears to be something coming out of the controller. Also this was advertised as an xecuter 2 mod chipped xbox, and I paid $90.
  25. Had a weird experience with my latest mod, an xbox 1.6 chipped with an Aladdin XT. First, the dvd drive has a terrible sticking problem I have been unable to fix so far. So, I swapped out dvd drive with another one from a parts xbox, oddly the new dvd drive will play official discs but seems not to read burned discs despite the modchip??? So, unable to boot Hexen I had to swap back to the original (sticky) drive in order to set up the new hdd. When I attempted to run my tried and true copy of Hexen 2017 the disc still refused to recognize at all for some reason (btw just wtf here, this disc has always worked on every other xbox I've modded - but now no), but a copy of Hexen 2018 did in fact boot right up. I went ahead with Hexen 2018 (although I prefer to use 2017 due to having some issue previously with 2018, I can't remember now just what..) and everything seemed to go okay... until I tried to set up hd video modes. I get this error, 'msdash.xbe does not exist' or something similar. Seems that does not get installed when you use Hexen 2018??? According to some thread this file IS included on Hexen 2017 which makes sense because I never had this issue before. Anyways, after all this I just got impatient and ftp'd a copy of msdash.xbe over from another previously modded xbox 1.6 running the same modchip and... now the machine errors out with hardware error 21 every time I try to run the ms dashboard. I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind, I actually already had a couple of other issues earlier on in this mod but got past them. I saw another suggestion to just download msdash.xbe from the internet but when I googled to download it there were like four different versions or something and I really just don't want to mess around anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance if so...

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