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Found 18 results

  1. Nice to see the OGXbox still receives some love from all around the world!
  2. Hello to all! I'm in the process of trying to repair my v1.0 original xbox, and searching on the internet I found this forum. Hope I'll find some help here and be able to play it again ^^
  3. Hi everyone! Been following this forum for some time and watching plenty of Youtube videos on modding the OG Xbox. I got my first Xbox the first Christmas it was out and fell in love immediately. While I have love and respect for the other players (Sony, Nintendo, and Sega at the time), Xbox holds a special place in my heart. I think to this day, the OG Xbox is one of my favorite systems, mainly for all the great games and nostalgia is has provided over the years. Having been stuck at home during this coronavirus crisis, I finally cleaned up my game room and dug out an old Xbox 1.4 I got for sale. I successfully softmodded it with Rocky5, and I believe TSOP'd correctly the two bridges. Next step is to flash and eventually upgrade the HDD. Anyway, thanks for making this such a great forum for Xbox fans and modders. I look forward to getting insight into the modding community moving forward.
  4. just found this page and i will continue coming here its been a long time i didnt turn my OG xbox on but lately been modding it and found you guys thanks for the content you guys offer.
  5. Hello everyone I've recently reacquired a couple OG Xbox's and about 60 games to get back into some of my favorites. Along the way I've always wanted to mod one of these guys and never had the chance so figured now is as good a time as ever. I've modded/hacked other systems but never a XBOX. I pulled the first one apart to check and see how clean or dirty it was and surprised that it was in pretty good shape very little dust sitting on the mobo, psu and fans. Taking a look at the resources here and other places, I've determined that its a 1.1 board and has a leaking clock cap which I'm going to remove, it also has 2 leaking caps but still turns on without any issues noticed. I'm wanting to flash this guy but am having some trouble in tracking down 100% correct info, my plan is to fix the caps, clean up the board, redo the paste on the gpu and cpu, and upgrade the HDD to 2tb so I can rip and/or download more games to it without the disc drive as it sticks a lot and only opens 1 out of 4 times. I figure I'll need to softmod it first so then I can Tsop flash the bios but that's where I get lost in which one I'll need. The second one was obviously not so well taken care of heavy amounts of dust and debris all over. This one is a 1.6 board and doesn't boot but that is due to mutliple bulging caps. I'd like to do the same thing with this one if I can as it will be donated to an autistic boy who loves gaming. I know the 1.6 can't be tsop flashed but can I get a work around to putting in a larger drive with just a softmod? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. I've just realised, I've made several posts/replies but I haven't actually introduced myself. I'm Stevie. My Xbox (360/One) gamertag is SILEeeles. I've dipped in and out of modding. Never done anything hardware based. Usually only soft. Back in the day I softmodded an xbox using Splinter Cell and an action replay memory card. I dont know how easy/hard it is to get hold of them now or if it would even work with modern Windows. This time I used a cable from ebay that has a usb port on the end. Same Splinter Cell method.I know there are others, but I remembered using Splinter Cell last time, so I thought I'd use it this time. Last time, though, I never bothered to install games or whatever. I dont think I even used emulators. I can't remember. I do remember having a dash that looked like the original 360 one. Anyway, this time I decided to stick with XBMC4Gamers, I swapped the hard drive out for a 160GB one. The only other two consoles I've modded are a Wii. And a PS2. And whilst the PS2 one is infinitely more of a pain in the ass, I decided to leave that as it was. It just looks awful over composite and the graphics are just ... Shame really, since its just sitting there now. But it was a learning experience, I guess. And I suppose I could set up a business selling Free McBoot memory cards The xbox is mostly set up now. Everything is FTP-ed to and from it. Still working out the emulators and things. Emustation has confused me a tad, since it seems to include folders for just about every system ever, but there arent emulators for them at all, so I'm not sure why they are there, but there you go.
  7. I am a diehard xbox fan. I have owned xboxes since the early 00's and just last week finished my first hardmod. Looking forward to utilizing the great info here!
  8. Did a duox2 hardmod back in 2006 and recently found my old box and have gotten back into the scene! Just trying to get back all the old files and such I was using back in the day and stumbled upon this site which is awesome.
  9. Happy to be here with like minded folks, looking to learn more about these amazing machines!
  10. Hello everyone! Just getting back into the scene, after a very long break. I hard moded my first xbox in 2004, and I just powered it on for the first time in over 10 years. Trying to get everything updated. Very nice site!
  11. Hi everybody! I'm back on the scene after a long time. My original xbox from launch date is running great with an old Matrix chip and a 500GB IDE drive. But, now I am setting up a spare Xbox 1..6 for a friend who loves old games.. I've been pleasantly surprised to see some updates are still out there since I last updated (now years ago!) I'm slowly configuring and setting up their xbox as a wedding gift. I threw in an Aladdin 2 XT, 1TB hard drive, Bought some USB adapters, and even the DVD Remote for it.. It's looking nice so far. - Bender
  12. Hi, I'm Dorian. I own an Original Xbox Crystal I'm glad to see there's a place like this on the web.
  13. Greetings my new friends, I was finally able to acquire a modded Xecutor 3 Xbox and I’ll be doing some cosmetic mods, the RAM upgrade and a 3TB HDD install. I plan on getting hid of all my classic games and consoles and substituting them for the Xbox only. Needless to say, upon researching I ended up here several times, so thank you guys very much for sharing your work. Have a good one!
  14. Hi all! I decided to dust off my Xbox and performed a TSOP and this forum helped alot so i decided to join to get some help with some specific topics, as well as help others that are as clueless as i was when i began this whole process. so...Hi! Glad to be a part of such a dedicated community!
  15. Hey Gang, 14 year old hard modded XBox and 8 year old soft modded XBox finally died. Have not been in the scene for a long while. Couple of questions: - What would you suggest for the newest ultimate build? - Is there a company or someone that you would recommend to do custom mods, case, system, everything? Thanks for add!!
  16. I'm a new user of a new Xbox and I want to learn whith all you.
  17. Hello everyone! My name is Mike and im pretty new to modding game systems here. Never really done anything like this, first got intrested when I found the Facebook group, everyone has been great on it,. I have a degree in computer support but I'm a Automotive Technician for Ford, kind of a weird turn of events I know, lol. I do tend to ask a lot of questions, I like to fully understand things before I dive into them. Hope to make some new friends on here!
  18. new to this website, trying to find where i can troublshoot different things im haveing trouble with like why i cant a disk ive burned to load properly. The file explorer can see the files like they should be but when you run the default.xbe it just reboots to dash. Same thing happens when i try to FTP the game over. plz help

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