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  1. Just FYI, I tried multiple times downloading the emulator for OG Xbox "Snes9xbox_v6b08.zip" and get "! E:\OG XBOX Modding\Emulation\Snes9xbox_v6b08.zip: The archive is corrupt". Thank you for the shares though!
  2. oXL0C0Xo

    Ftp Issues

    Got it! In case anyone else runs into this issue, there is a patched version of UnleashX to fix ftp issues at https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/blob/master/Extras Disc/Dashboards/UnleashX.zip
  3. Hello everyone! Just getting back into the scene, after a very long break. I hard moded my first xbox in 2004, and I just powered it on for the first time in over 10 years. Trying to get everything updated. Very nice site!
  4. oXL0C0Xo

    Ftp Issues

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue? I have an Xbox console v1.6 with an xecuter3 CE chip in it. I have formatted the drive using the x3 bios utility, and transfered over UnleashX v0.39 to the C drive. It does boot into UnleashX, but when I try to FTP files to it using FileZilla, the directories seem to be named weird with the date in front of them. So fileZilla tells me that the directory is not found... I have attached a screenshot. Please let me know what you think, it is much appreciated!
  5. These look awesome! Can't wait to try them out

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