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  1. Looking for some help. I have downloaded the image and I am trying to copy it to a 2tb compatible hdd. I am using HDDGuru and keep getting the following error as seen in image below:: https://imgur.com/a/mkOokP2
  2. I will be keeping an eye out for when these become available again, awesome work!
  3. I have been on discord #originalxbox and we have came to the conclusion that it could be the three capacitors near the cpu. They look fine, but could still be going bad. Also might be the gpu...By the way, hi @MrMario2011, are you the MrMario on youtube by any chance, big fan if so!
  4. I have the same issue, Xbox version 1.1, Did you ever figure out the problem. Mine is hardmodded via xecuter 3
  5. Thank you for the post ironsniper1, I will be checking this out!
  6. Happy to be here with like minded folks, looking to learn more about these amazing machines!

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