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About Me

  1. I try to install games to Xbox . Dvd2xbox wouldn't launch so I connected the console to my PC to transfer the files and reinstall the dvd2xbox application. Transfer is normal no issues by nothing starts . Neither the HDD ready games I had and most the dvd2xbox . I tried music videos and work perfect every time . Tried to transfer other dashboards like unx emustastion xbmc and all work fine. The issues are always with games and dvd2xbox application . I downloaded "HDD ready" from an archive to further test if maybe my files are bad but same. Tested different versions of dvd2xbox same . In all launchers it just goes black and I have to reboot
  2. I love this skin, so. there's a way to edit xml to xbox boot directly into GAMES tab, i mean, i rarely use any of the other tabs...
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought a hardmodded PAL XBOX one year ago with 2TB HDD full of games, I haven't had the chance to test all of the games yet, but there are some games that I tried and couldn't load them of the HDD. 1- Conflict Desert storm 2 NTSC: Although I changed the region of the console using ENIGMA to NTSC, but this particular game when trying to load it, ot skips all the logos and vidoes at the beginning and goes straight to the main menu, and when trying to start a new game I get an error that the disk is dirty or something like this, tried to download another version from VIM'S LAYER with the same issue, the PAL version worked. The odd thing about this game is when I tried also to play it on my modded PAL XBOX 360 at gave me the same error, but worked ok with my other modded NTSC XBOX 360. 2- TAZ WANTED: Freeze at the first loading screen 3- Loons: Also freeze after starting new game 4- Tomb raider Legends: No intro video, I suspected that it might be due to the game being NTSC, tried to look for the PAL version but only found that this game has one version for NTSC and PAL. That' all I tested so far, had problems also with 007 Nightfire, and 007 Everything or nothing but all was solved when I swithed the region to NTSC with ENIGMA. Any help or any ideas regarding the above ?
  4. Price is £450 roughly €531.35 roughly $568.69 Worldwide postage UK postage is £19 European postage is £52 , €61.40 Rest of world is £60 , $75.82 Payment using PayPal friends and family or direct bank transfer. Posted using Royal mail special delivery tracked. - video of dashboard and game https://youtu.be/ZuqVQGjiZso - MakeMhz HD+ installed for 480, 720 and 1080 HDMI output directly from the xbox. Direct digital video to TV with no lag. - Output resolution depends on the game. - 873 xbox games installed. - Full list of games at; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13iIkqvOGbBIjKKRK9LlJaX-uMq9POzIBSDXzHZ8R1qo - With official xbox S gamepad - Case fan replaced with a quieter Noctua fan. - New five meter HDMI included. - Power cable included. - Case and controller S fully disassembled and washed in sink. Controller cable and one thumb stick replaced. - CPU and GPU thermal paste replaced. - DVD drive cleaned, re-greased with new belt. Tested and working. - The rubber on the controller sticks has light wear. - Case is in good to condition with some light marks. - OpenXenium with Cerbios 2.3.2 alpha bios installed. - In Xbmc4Gamers use the d-pad for menu navigation. - HD+ settings can be changed by booting xbox using the eject button and using the PrometheOS settings, or launching C:\ElpisHD\default.xbe through file manager. - Xbox games with support for high definition or enhanced definition output; https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Games_with_Alternate_Display_Modes - In game reset button combinations; Reset game = left and right trigger + start + black Back to dash = left and right trigger + start + back Soft reset = left and right trigger + black + back Shutdown = left and right trigger + d-pad up + back - Some games might have graphical issues when using I.G.R. back to dash and playing another game. It is recommended to power cycle when switching games. - Megadrive and SNES emulators installed with games. - Several homebrew games installed. - Power on xbox with eject button to access XeniumOS boot menu. - DVD2Xbox can be used to backup games from disc. - For questions please ask in #xbox https://discord.gg/QRcXapTC
  5. I've been doing a crazy amount of research, and thanks to how scattered information is, I decided to ask for a "definitive" answer: What is the best way of loading games onto an Xbox? While I know there are varying definitions of "best" I'm mostly referring to compatibility (no random breakage) and file size (as small as possible.) I initially assumed that CCI was the best, but due to Repackinator refusing to compress my redump ISOs (unless it was via context menu, but then I had no default.xbe), I looked into the other two methods (XISO and extracted files in a folder) I personally find it easiest for me to just extract everything with XDVDMulleter and drop it onto my HDD, with the few test games I've used work seemingly perfect, I can't help but wonder if any issues can come from this method?
  6. I'm having a strange issue. I flashed my TSOP with EvoX M8 plus and upgraded to a larger 120 gig IDE drive. I used FatXplorer to create a "games" folder in the F partition and moved some games over. I can see the games in UnleashX and EvolutionX dashboards, but they won't launch from the file explorer. The xbox just boots back to the dashboard. I can't launch from the games tab either. I used the same 2020 TruHexen disk that I used for my 1st xbox. The SATA drive on that xbox works fine on all my xboxes, but the IDE drive simply will not launch any games in my TSOP xbox or two other openXenium xboxes. I've used multiple 40 pin and 80 pin cables, and I've reformatted the drive multiple times. Is it possible that FatXplorer isn't functioning correctly and I need to FTP the games over? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm running into a similar issue with another SATA drive. I'll create a "games" folder in the F partition with FatXplorer, but that partition looks completely empty from file explorer. Why on earth can't I properly format two drives, load games onto them with FatXplorer, and launch games from them? I don't understand why it worked in the past and now it's not working. I need ideas.
  7. The xbox cracking scene released quite a few hdd fixes and patches for games.. These are normally just patches to run on default.xbe's. I wonder if anyone here have a collection of those to share. I am especially looking for r-fchdfix ( fight club hdd fix from Riot (ntsc) ) and a hdd fix for shin megami tensei nine.
  8. Is UnleashX purposely restarting when attempting to add icons to the Xbox games list, or is there a potential issue with the software causing this behavior?
  9. I was verifying every app works with Cerbios BFM, and Xored looks as if it is displaying some sort of code, instead of populating the game list. It only allows me to press Dpad Up and LT/RT to scroll up. No other buttons work. I've deleted the app and downloaded a fresh copy from Gamers downloader, as well as restoring a backup from a Rocky softmodded xbox. All display this mess. Is BFM modifying the paths, and if so, can I change it to work correctly? I checked Xored.ini and compared against a known working version, and they're identical.
  10. I edited UnleashX's config.xml to connect to Insignia if anyone wants to add it to their setup. Credit to Terry68Firebird from 7 years ago for the guide. I'm using the Blackbox Jezz Mark3 skin. Not sure if others work, I'm sure the older skins probably would. Scroll Speed is adjusted in the UX System Settings. It seems you can enter anything between 10 and 60. 10 is fast, 60 is slow. 10 feels perfect. I just found out UnleashX has a music control popup if you press White. Right Thumb also mutes. My preferred dash is Gamers, not sure if Rocky would be able to implement this into his work. It's a cool feature. s will. 20240319_225513.mp4
  11. Work in games and have every generation of XDK. However the original is one I know very little about. I think I messed with it like a decade ago and got the Neighborhood set-up but don't remember anything beyond that. Does anyone have an idiot-proof guide to getting this thing running retail games? I picked a bunch of JP titles up recently and really want to try them out. Apologies for the stupid questions but it's REALLY hard to find any information these days. The SEO on old Xbox stuff is terrible. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
  12. Hi all. im currently using xbmc emustation on one of my soft modded xboxes. i want to add a bunch of Xbox titles but don’t want them all in one folder on dash carousel. is there anyway I can edit the carousel to have say three Xbox images and links for # - F, H- O, P- X for instance to make it easier to scroll through games I want? i know you can jump to a letter, but that’s no the way I’d prefer. any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  13. I've been having this issue for a while, and I am not sure where to write about it. I mentioned it in a post a few years ago, but now have more information but it makes the whole thing even more baffling. I am using an Original v1.4 Xbox (Halo Green Edition) There are a handful of games that my Xbox just refuses to play, period. Originally, the only games I knew didn't work properly were Stubbs the Zombie, Psy-Ops and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. They both would freeze at specific spots during the game, Stubbs during the "Don't do drugs" and Psy-Ops the final battle. Stubbs example - https://youtu.be/hO2w5w1KKFs With Stubbs, I tried it on my Xbox 360 and it worked perfectly without issue. So, I thought it was just a bad eye, or DVD-Drive. Drive picture - https://i.imgur.com/sMV3iMj.png I recently modded my system so that I could play Back-ups and preserve my discs, and low and behold...... the same issue is still happening.. even when played off HD, and there are more games! For example, with Stubbs.. I tried from disc, dvd2drive to play it off the HD, I went and got another disc from a local retro GameStore, and even found a back-up online to try out... and all freeze up exactly at that spot. Now I am finding other games with the same issue. Hulk: Total Destruction friezes when you start the game. Gauntlet Seven Sorrows freezes up after a few minutes of starting the game proper, it seems to be related to certain music tracks, but don't quote me. Once again, I've tried playing it on Disc, off HD, and even going out of my way to try a back-up I found on the net (both burned to DVD, and from HD) and it's the same results. Yet it works fine in my Xbox 360...... Seven Sorrows HardDrive - https://youtu.be/sE_dQsfw-lc Seven Sorrows DVD - https://youtu.be/xj8nMN3cLFY Seven Sorrows 360 - https://youtu.be/RdiYtq0Atyc (Runs with no issue) I did remove a bad clock/time capacitor as recommended. I am using the StarTech IDE2SATA with a 2TB Crucial SSD. Hardmodded my system with an open xenium chip. Here are some internal shots https://i.imgur.com/aAJkDMl.png https://i.imgur.com/qtmAh2x.png https://i.imgur.com/JzQEk8R.png https://i.imgur.com/llRixDK.png https://i.imgur.com/3IWYJ2N.png https://i.imgur.com/2ohDFWG.png https://i.imgur.com/MO0rsR9.png https://i.imgur.com/cf0opZT.png https://i.imgur.com/1VZ4Mez.png The High Voltage Capacitor on the PSU seems to reflect silver when I use the flash, so here's a better look at it. https://i.imgur.com/cdnAVqD.png https://i.imgur.com/Bm4ybuf.png So I want to know what is going on? Other games work just fine, I played through Robocop (2003) on my Xbox just last week with no issue and a few other games. Why do these handful of games crash, is it a bad chip? capacitor? Has anyone found an issue like this? Thank you all in advance!
  14. I just removed an Open Xenium modchip I installed a few years ago since I could never get it to work, removed the HDD I was trying to use, and put back in my original HDD that has UnleashX softmod on it so I can just play some games again. Problem is all my games and emulators just vanished. I don't think I am using the wrong HDD because I see my game save files that I remember. How could that stuff just vanish though? I feel like it might still be there but maybe I need to do something else? I boot into Unleash X fine and can navigate around so it seems like everything is working. This HDD was removed before I installed the modchip, the two have never been in contact with one another. Am I screwed? It's nothing I can't get back but it is work.
  15. How do I add the cover art for the games? I have tried and failed. I have tried placing them in the media file and also in the artwork file but nothing works. Do I need to add them in the config settings in the emulator? Thanks
  16. hi can anyone help?, i have an og xbox that i have soft modded it all runs great until i try to down load games, i use the site that a lot of people use internet archive og xbox games,i download them to my laptop and then i open filzilla and it all goes well the first time i play them i go into partition f and play them through default xbe but every time i do that not one game will play any ideas. thanks.
  17. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I've always been a fan of the mugen game engine for creating 2d fighting games. What I bring you today is Xmugen created by me and I want to share them with you. If you have any doubts about how it is installed with pleasure, I guide you. regards World Warriors X Xmugen Capcom All Stars Xmugen The King of Fighters Xmugen Stay tuned, because I will be uploading more new xmugen Download all here: https://herecomesachallenger.wixsite.com/hcnc/xmugen
  18. I bought this modded big boi in 2005,here is the problem,in original Fable The Lost Chapter if i try to load save state my game will just freeze which will force me to restart xbox,game runs fine without loading save states,saving is also okay. Same problem occured in Call of Duty:Finest Hour,loading next map will almost always led to freeze,after restarting xbox map loads fine. Worst problem was in Kotor 1,xbox would just refuse to continue gaming after cutscene in the the Star Forge. I have EvoX if that matters.
  19. Can XBOX games be read in RAR format or do they need to be ISO format in order to transfer over by QWIX? OR can they be transfered over in another way to FTP and keep in RAR format and the XBOX can read it?
  20. Hello where can i find xbox isos, i know vimm.net but it's it any other good sites out there.
  21. Hi all, bit of a story here. I got an HDMI kit for my xbox recently, dug out the old girl and it worked great...except the display was going black for a second or more during games. Not crashing, just briefly losing sound and video. It was doing this on component as well, which was why I stopped using it in the first place. I assumed my component-HDMI adapter was faulty. I was sure it wasn't related to the HDMI kit, so I decided to mess with different video modes (with enigmah and the settings in evox) I now get no sound at all in games...except Beyond Good and Evil. Dashboard (ie XBMC also has UI sound). The problem also happens with legit PAL discs. The system region is PAL-60. I recently updated to Rocky5 using the extras ISO which comes with the softmod kit, so I'm as confident as I could be that the softmod isn't the issue either. Can anyone help please?
  22. I'm trying to put together the best collection of Xbox games that will fit on a 1TB drive so I can make a 1TB image to speed up my modding process. I can get 1TB drives much cheaper than 2TB drives and there are really a decent amount of Xbox games that MOST people have no interest in so I figured trying to squeeze everything out of a 1TB HDD would be a fun challenge. I wanted to post this first before I got too in-depth to know if: 1. Discussing something like this would be against the rules? I'm not trying to sell anything nor will I be sharing links to where I got any of the games being discussed. 2. If anyone would be interested in taking a look at what I have so far? I have all the Xbox games available to me on a google sheets document that I have recorded how critics and users have reviewed/ rated them and a list of the top games I have come up with so far to be critiqued. If this or something similar has already been done I'd love to see what someone else came up with and also bash my head against my desk for spending the last 2 or 3 weeks making this spreadsheet when I probably should have posted this first.
  23. Hello! I hardmodded my V1.1 and got a 2tb hdd all partitioned and loaded with my backups for when my disc drive inevitably fails. The problem I have now is that when i open the games tab in UnleashX off Cerbios, games just says empty? I had it working just fine with a handful of games but when I backed up my full library this started occuring. I have tried repartitioning the drive with FATXplorer and it displays the drives and free space but won't actually display the games, any ideas?
  24. On a modded PS2 and Wii you can play games directly from iso images. This can also be done a Xbox. You just need some tools, some attach/default.xbe's the correct bioses and some dashboards. I have tried to follow a tread on xbmc4xbox and another one on emuxtras on how to do this. But I gave up as it was unclear to me where to get hold of the attach.xbe file and also if i had to re-flash my bios to make this work. I wonder if someone here can make a good tutorial on how to make this work. ( I use xbmc4gamers as my main dash, And i have two xboxes, one with evox m8+ and one with indbios 5004. ) Thanks,
  25. Hi Guys I am new here and have soft modded my og xbox and installed XBMC4Gamers dash, however some games are just not being recognized by the dash. I have tried so many different solutions, such as copying from different flash drives, hdd.....etc, nothing helped. When ripping the games from a disc, they work fine, and most work ok after copy, but some just show these weird names as you can see in the screenshot. Xbox is running a 1TB hdd, for those games that wont work, artwork installer just marks them as being corrupt. Has anyone else had this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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