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  1. Requirements.Working Xbox with a Pinheader Install and a Working Modchip with a Hacked BiosHackDaBox Re-Flash DiscWith the working Xbox turned off Remove the lid , the screws from the hard drive bay and DVD-ROM drive. Remove the hard drive (still connected ), lift it up and over slightly, now lift the DVD-ROM drive up ( still connected) and spin it around to face the opposite way. So now the DVD-ROM is facing the wrong way round but still connected . Support the DVD with something underneath, so it sits level. Now put the hard drive bay back where it used to be ( covering up the power supply ).WARNING NEVER TOUCH THE POWER SUPPLY AREA AS IT CAN KILL YOU !This procedure is safe the way I have described above because you have access to the Modchip area . The chip should be plugged onto a pinheader ? If not you can not re-flash this way.Now remove the wire that goes to the D0 pad on the Modchip itself. Unscrew the screw near the LPC area and put the D0 wire under the screw and carefully tighten it up. You can solder the wire to the circle around the screw if you wish. remove any wire you have connecting the chip to the Xbox motherboard but leave the chip plugged into the pinheader.Now depending on your chip type you need to make the chip enabled all the time.On DuoX 2 solder a wire between the BT pad on the chip and pin 9 on the chip (This is point G on the official Duo diagram) see the picture below coutesy of cubistproject.On Aladdin solder a wire between BT pad on the chip and Pin 2 on the chipOn Spiderchip simply leave off the switch.Note : You need to do this to the good chip in the Xbox and the ones you intend to Flash.Turn on the Xbox with the good chip in and let it boot up and then load HackDaBox Re-flash Disc Choose Re-flash Spiderchip ( it works fine on DuoX 2 and Aladdin ). Choose the Xbox version you wish to use the flashed chip on. E.g. 1.0 - 1.5 or V. 1.6 but don't hit A to flash yet.Note Evoxdash or Slayers or your preffered Flash utility can be used with this method.Now carefully pull the Modchip off the pin header with the power still on ( note only 3.3 volts goes into the Modchip so it will not electrocute you.Now carefully line up the chip you are going to flash and then push it on the pinheader. Never try and force it on , double check it's lined up properly and it should slide onto the pinheader easily.Now go ahead and flash the chip now. The Xbox should turn off after the successful flash. Once it turns off ,turn it back on and the previously bad flashed chip should now boot the new flashed bios that you just put on it.If you picked Xbox V.1.6 and your Modchip is not in a V.1.6 it may not boot reliably so try it in the V.1.6 box.Remember to put all the original wires back to the chip, and remove any links you have made. In other words put the install back to the manufacturers recommendation.
  2. Hi guys now im recently splitting 1.0 bios to 4 banks, i backup bios with evox but gives me 1024 size backup I know that with raincoat it doesnt autosize to 1024kb but the problem i dont know how to use it Many questions... 1 could i split the 1024 bios to 4x 256kb bios? or 2x 512kb ones? 2 can i backup 256kb or 512kb bios size (tsop splitted one) 3 is there any option to have a 256kb backup of 1.0 1.1 bios xbox? last, is there any option or tutorial to get raincoat working? or to make backup with raincoat?
  3. So, I got a modded Xbox off of a friend a few years back. It's been collecting dust on a shelf while i was modding 360s and messing with other things. Some console info: Motherboard Revision: 1.0 Kernel Version: 1.0.3944.1 TSOP Chip: ST-M29F080A In January i decided to play around with it and upgraded its mod with Rocky5s Softmodding Tool, although i had to use the Hardmod method show in MrMario2011s guide. I decided I want to hardmod the system and TSOP Flash rather than run the softmod. While digging through the file explorer on XBMC i found evidence of SmartXX which a google search turned up a modchip. So, I took to r/originalxbox and thanks to the help of @KaosEngineerfound that it must be a softmodded system and I'm good to flash the TSOP. I went on to download and burn a DVD-R with Bios Checker and burned another with the .iso file found in the download of "OGXbox Cerbios Disc v2.3.2". I bridged the R7D3 points on the top of the board and the R7R3 points on the back of the board, reassembled and popped on bios checker to get the info. I then popped in the OGXbox Cerbios v2.3.2. Once the disc launched, I read through the "Read Me" files on my PC and on the disc. After reading, I selected the following options: "Cerbios Disc - Static IP & No BFM Mode" --> "Flash Cerbios with XBlastOS" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2 256KB" Once in XBlastOS I chose "Boot Onboard Bios". No dice... So, I copied/unpacked a clean .ini to my C partition, ran through the steps again and got to XBlastOS. This time I went to settings and saw Flash options. I selected: "HDD Flash" which gave me "C:\BIOS does not exist.' So, I tried: "CD Flash" which gave me "insert a disc with an img.bin file." I can't figure what step I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong here. Am I supposed to burn both the .ISO and .RAR files to the DVD-R rather than only the .ISO? OR am I missing something else entirely? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So, hello there. I am new to all this, although I have had my Xbox since 2005. I got it out recently and thought I should "modernize" it - and this is where I should have stopped. I have an XBOX modded with an X-Changer (not 2.5) and an evo x bios. It started the evolution x dash when pressing the eject button and the X-Changer OS when pressing the power button (interestingly showing two banks to boot from - one 256k and one 512k). So, first thing I did wrong was softmodding the system with Rocky5's upgrade kit, which deleted the original MSXBOX dashboard. The system, however, continued to work fine. The second time I should have stopped. Then, after a lot of research, I found out that there exists an updated X-Changer OS, so I updated the OS to V2.2 via network. It worked fine, but after that I could not start the bios anymore. It just circled back to the OS starting page (not showing two bank any more). So I decided to flash a new bios via network. I chose the latest Cerbios as I read that it should run on an X-Changer. The flash worked fine, but after rebooting the screen stayed black and the light of the XBOX was red. I guess I must have messed it up, to quote the band GusGus. My next idea would be to boot with a TruHeXeN ROM and reflash the bios, this time to an evo x one. So, is there anybody out there kind enough to tell me what went wrong and what I can do? Thanks in advance!
  5. This guide and pictures taken from: http://www.biline.ca/xbox_solder.htm TSOP Flashing Unlock points if you are unsure which Xbox version you have click Here TSOP unlock points for version 1.0/1.1 Xbox This is the top of the motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7D3 as in photo above. This is the bottom side of motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7R3 as in photo above. All Ver 1.0/1.1 Xbox's with a 'SHARP' TSOP chip must also connect the additional red wire as in the photo above. All other TSOP's DO NOT require this step. TSOP Unlock points for all Versions 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/ Xbox's This is the top side of the motherboard These Xbox's have both points located on the top of the motherboard, for the first point connect the two solder pads at R7D10 as in photo above. For the second point locate the junction between R7D2 and R7D1 and connect the two solder pads as in the photo above. After the solder points are completed you should re-assemble your xbox (but leave the top cover off) when the power button is pressed it should boot normally as it did before you started. Note if you get the message TSOP write protected while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was m while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was made. To split Split a 1MB TSOP (v1.0, v1.1) into 4 banks of 256k, the following picture explains how to accomplish this: Note: If you have a 1.6/1.6b Xbox, it has no TSOP and therefore you cannot flash it. You will have to install a modchip or softmod.
  6. Sooo..... chinese IDE 80 way cable to sata adapter (Master jumper available and enabled)... "aladdin advance" modchip with SST chip. 2TB drive yada yada... been working fine for years. with Evox Wanted Cerbios because... y'know - new toysnstuff.... Flashed the default 2.3.1 Beta - All working well - lovely stuff. Then... I thought I'd try the one with UDMA4 on the end. Now - no video output. At all. my TVs all say (no signal)... This is with component and with composite. Green lights come on on power on - flashing if I push the eject button to turn on. (I heard there was a "safe mode" udma2). But alas no video. Did my flash go bad? It seemed to complete the flash just fine in EvolutionX flasher for both the standard 2.3.1 Beta, and for the "UDMA4" version. But dead now. Any ideas? zero cost option I guess is remove the modchip and TSOP flash (I think it's a 1.4 board definitely not 1.6)? Or try to get a disc to load hexen 2021??? the DVD drive seems to try to open (I can force it with the little pokey hole thing - the eject rubber band is dry)... Or do I have to buy a chip flasher... wanna avoid money spend if possible! lol! Thanks folks!
  7. Hi all, I have a 1.3 xbox, with an Xecuter3 CE installed solderless. I was flashing via FTP, and was able to flash successfully, BUT, I am an idiot and flashed over bank 1 of the 256mb bios so I think I overwrote the x3 default bios. My issue is that my chip does not have the power control board installed, so I cannot use the power+eject button trick to get to the bios recovery screen. Some hopefully helpful pieces of information: 1. After I flashed the cerbios in bank 1 of 256, I was able to reboot to dash from the x3 menu. The cerbios animation displayed, and my evox dash booted with no issue. I then powered off. When I hit power again, it started fragging 2. I did not copy the cerbios.ini to the root of the C drive, which may be part of the issue I am facing, as it does not know to point to the evoxdash 3. When I boot with bank 1 of the 256k bios, the console still frags immediately 4. I also installed a different bios Evox8 in bank 5 of the 256, but I cannot get it to boot from that bios (on, off, on, on for the switch positions). Just constant fragging 5. When I boot with the banks that I have flashed bios to (1 and 5 256) the first boot takes a second before failing, while any other bank setting is nearly instant. I was wondering if I have any options to get to a safe mode where I can flash the bios without the power control board? Any disk drive options, or switch settings I could use I would happily buy that piece for the chip but it is basically unobtanium at this point as I am sure most people on this sub are aware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, I bought an OG Xbox witch came with Aladdin Avance chip installed, I tried to update the BIOS but it failed so is unusefull. Reading and watching some guides I decided to obtain a programmer to recover it. Here comes the problem, everywhere I watched said the the BIOS chip is "SST49LF020", so in the programmer software I selected this chip but I'm getting an error. Will post the chip and error photos. Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
  9. Reposted with pics on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/rH19myY I need help flashing this corrupt Bios chip on my Og Xbox. Unfortunately this is the only way i can reflash it, as i attempted to flash it but forgot to bridge the points now my Og Xbox only works with a modchip. I got around to picking up a programmer TL866II Plus with Xgpro v11.90 Flasher tool. But i keep getting a pin detect error. I first tried it with a new exact replacement chip using a TSOP 40 adaptor. Then ended up losing that chip. And desoldered the one from the motherboard. I also removed the cold solder from the adaptors and added some fresh new high quality solder with flux to make sure that isn’t the problem. I socketed it into the slot and no luck “Pin detect error”. I then ordered another adaptor this time without a socket and i soldered on the bios chip. I also redid the solder joints, as the ones on that adaptor were dull aswell, and no luck. I picked up the correct or the closest settings on the Xgpro v11.90 software. I tried TSOP 40 Hyundai and Hynix HY29F080 with no luck. It yet again gives me a “Pin detect error”. I even tried auto detect and it says chip not supported. On the chip it says Hyundai HY29F080T-90, but i can’t find that exact model number on the menu. Could that be the issue or is it something else. I have no idea as this is my first time using a programmer. And saw a video or two on how to use it.
  10. Hi. So I have this 1.6rev Xbox hard modded with a chip Aladdin 64 v1. 6 I tried to flash Cerbios using the OGXbox flash disc. But I am getting errors. Tried with Xblast OS and EvoX OS. Joining the screenshots. How can I flash this chip? Thanks.
  11. I found my old Xbox OG in a cupboard and decided I fancied getting it out and playing some old games I had. It boots up to the old dashboard I had (Avalaunch 0.49.3) and games play etc. Reading the latest on the new features of the Xbox OG Modding scene, I see I can now put much bigger HDDs into it as well as some other features such as Cerbios CCIs etc. I'd like to update my BIOS but I can't get into XeniumOS (XOS) to flash the Cerbios .bin - The OpenXenium BIOS utility by MakeMHz says I am on an older version and need to be on 2.5 at least, but I cannot get there either. I've read that powering on with Eject can reboot to XOS or holding the white button (small problem that I don't have the original controllers anymore and am using a Brook Wingman XB2, so maybe that prevents the white button [Left Trigger] being detected at startup). Its such a long time since I did all this I have forgotten everything I learned back when I modded it LOL My aim is to have all my games on a single HDD and use xbmc4gamers|xbmc-emustation as a nice menu system to choose.
  12. i opened up my xbox and noticed this modchip and was wondering if it would be causing my issue. it will attempt to power on 3 times and on that third time it will start flashing orange and red.
  13. Ok, so by mistake I used a winbond flash method on a non winbond TSOP (ST), which resulted in the console freezing during the flash process and (ofc) followed by frag. Hopefuly i suceeded in installing an old alladdin modchip which i had lying around and the console works fine. So here' my question. Is it possible to re-flash the TSOP theoretically using the following method: Boot the console and then disable the chip without shutting down (e.g. desoldering the D0 point) and try to flash the TSOP correctly this time?
  14. Hi, i'm new to the scene and got my first chipped box a few weeks ago. Because i'm interested in tinkering around it happend that my Flashchip somehow got corrupted in the process of trying out another BIOS ... i'm kinda stuck now and absolutely want to recover from this situation by myself, so there have a few ideas risen and i may ask more veteran people about them: Ideas: 1. Boot the XBox of a friend of mine, remove the Flash with power on and flash mine. Did this years ago regulary on PC Mainboards but also know that these devices aren't built for hotswapping them and so i'm a little bit afraid of killing the circuitry with voltage spikes. 2. Softmod the Box and Flash the Modchip then. Question 1: Possible in general? Question 2: Is it possible to Softmod "externally" on a PC. I have a eeprom backup of my box and the key isn't nulled. 3. Invest a few bucks and buy a USB Flasher which is compatible with PLCC32 chips - mine is a SST 49lf020a. Question: Can i use other Chips with similar specification too? I'm thinking of ordering a SST 39SF02070-4C-N which has very similar specifications compared to the original one, which is no longer produced or available. Just a sidenote: The Modchip i use is a Alladin XT Thanks, Egon
  15. It's just not flashing and refusing to do so. It's acting like the point isn't jumpered. I soldered the jumper using a wire to bridge it. No idea why this isn't working.
  16. Okay, I wanted to use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP flash kit for all of my consoles that I am trying to flip and sell. I'll save money on modchips , and I want to be able to manage my TSOP AND flash it if that's possible, with an Xblast Lite. The xblast lite can do this, correct? With 1.0 and 1.1 consoles of course (1 meg flash). I do want to know if the xblast menu for the Lite will let me flash the TSOP? I mean, since it can manage it, whatever that means ,I'm sure it can flash it, correct?
  17. I got tomcat's XBlast to revive my coma console. I've determined that the TSOP is corrupt. I would like to flash it, if possible. I don't have a softmod kit, and I don't have a SINGLE Original Xbox game, much less any exploitable ones. This console needs a lot of work, so I would rather TSOP flash it than put a chip in it. I don't even have a HDD yet... still waiting for my check. Can I use the 2021 OGXbox installer disc and the XBlast to flash my TSOP? I understand I might have to use a softmod installation, but do I really need a stupid game? Please help me out here Can I just use the Softmod mode of the OGXbox installer? Edit: No I can't. The softmod mode isn't what I thought it was. Horsefuck. I need to come up with the simplest way to TSOP my consoles as possible. Guess I'll have to use the Sweetdardestiny method. lol. Guess I'll have to buy a softmod kit off ebay.
  18. Hi I have been trying this for a few days and nothing. I used to have a softmod, but wish to install cerbios to my TSOP. I put in a new 3tb drive that i set up with fatxplorer. I installed the bootanimations folder to c drive, placed the cerbios.ini on the c drive also, and placed the bios in a folder named Bios on c. I loaded the hexen disc and bios checker they still work fine. I have an ST chip, and joined the connections fine, as I used to run the softmod and hexen still loads. If I use XblastOS (tried from hard drive and from some Xbox flash programs that run off disc) to flash, if I pick net flash I upload the bios and it does nothing on the xbox. I tried a 256k, 512 and 1mb version of cerbios. If i put the files on the drive and select HDD it finds the bios, I get a message about holding LT+RT+START+WHITE to start the process, is not easy but when it works it just goes back to the bios select screen. If I try gentoox from any loader disc, the program loads but then come up about invalid boot disc and shuts the xbox down. I have not found a gentoox to run from hdd yet. I have tried a few times now and nothing, was able to install some dashboards, but just having trouble flashing the tsop. I can not find an OpenXemium to buy that is not used or expensive, and all the aladin ones seem to be unflashable now. Anybody got any ideas of what I may be doing wriong, or suggest a dashboard I may be able to flash cerbios to the tsop, current cerbios is 2.0.2. Thanks for any assidtance you may be able to offer.
  19. Evening everyone. Tried to post this on /OriginalXbox and for some reason my post isn't going up even though I've been active in it for sometime now. Anyway here is what I am trying to do: Hey fam! I have a 6 Xboxes. 3 are 1.0 and all have chips. 2 Jafars, one x2.0 pro. Most had issues one way or another and I had the chips lying around anyway. So out of convenience at the time, I installed them. I figure I don't need them in there. I already understand the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I just want the chips for other boxes. Definitely not new to the OG, I've just never swapped mods other than chips. I have TSOP'd before, so bridging points is not a problem. I am just trying to figure out steps. These are my thoughts: Drives are all unlocked (partitioned, formatted, no retail/stock dash), so I am thinking pull the drives, rebuild to stock with FatXplorer, install the drive back in the box, then relock with the modchip still in. Pull the modchip and disconnect d0 Bridge points Boot from exploitable game Use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP MC Flash Program or his flasher disc Profit? Just looking to see if anyone has done something similar and if this process sounds like it will work? Looking for any and all input other than "don't do it." If I mess up, I still have the chips right?
  20. Hello people. i managed to fix the traces and install the xecuter2 modchip which i had spare. switched it on with the switches in correct position and im getting a bios flash screen. now the funny thing is now. when i switch the chip off via the switch. i fort it would boot into the ms dash board. which it dosent. the console switches on but nothing comes on the screen. so now the flashing. i dont have no blank dvds to install the bios. only way is to ftp into the console. i did try and quickly ftp into it using a normal ethernet cable plugged in to my network splitter but it wont connect. do i need a user name and password. been so many year i cant even remember is this chip working properly well atleast is it supossed to be doing what its doing cheers people
  21. Just looked out one of my old original xboxes, It has an Aladdin EX chip like one in picture..The xbox is a 1.6 and only has a 40gb drive and was going to upgrade it to a 250gb drive that I have... So I tried to flash with EvoxM8+ v1.6 BIOS which I ran through evtool to enable LBA48 support. But when I tried to flash it to Aladdin EX it just sticks on erasing as seen in picture. I have tried holding power for 1 second write to chip not enabled,tried 2 seconds same result, tried more than 5 seconds same result...So I take it that chip bios is not writeable. Do I need to flash it with an external device / EEPROM programmer. Or if I take out the SST 49LF002B chip from Aladdin and replace it with SST 49LF020A will I then be able to flash it...
  22. So I just finished another successful TSOP flash on a v1.1 and wishing I had spent more time focusing on that vs. having to repair numerous LPC ports from teaching myself to solder. Oh well, I digress… Since I’m fairly new to flashing bios’s (Xbox) I’ve been reading up on which bios is best for my needs as well as the method of flashing. Since I’m pretty old school I was always taught the importance of having a good boot up disc (ie. Hexen) laying around. Kinda fancy since I grew up thinking we’d be booting everything off floppy disks forever! The more I’ve read I’m finding that maybe Hexen isn’t the most impervious or bulletproof solution out there. It would appear that the Hexen-based bios’s could be tainted in a sense (as well as limited in variety). Can someone verify if I’m understanding this correctly? I hear those particular bios files have been pre-configured and therefore not the best choice to flash and replace the old soft mod. I’m of the impression that the most bulletproof method would be hooking up the hard drive to my computer and/or FTP’ing the OGXbox Installer onto it. Anyone? Lastly, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking that it would be silly to use any of these older BIOS’s without any LBA support. I’d like to utilize one of the newer (but not entirely necessary) Titan or Cerbios revisions available. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this. Thanks in advance for your feedback ✌
  23. I was playing with a different 007 Agent Under Fire game save hack and while flashing a new BIOS on a version 1.0 Xbox I flashed a 256k BIOS(STUPID I know). Yep it was FRAGing afterwards now you can either fit a mod chip and be done with it or do a 3 wire flash recovery by following the instructions that can be found by working the Google on the interweb. The instructions say 1 wire soldered to ground and the other 2 get soldered to points on the bottom of the mother board(pain in the butt as you now have to remove the PCB again), Me been lazy and not wanting to remove the PCB again found an easy way to do the 3 wire trick. {pic 1} You need a test lead with alligator clips both ends and a pin. {pic 2} Clip the pin in one end and the other on the metal shield(you did leave the metal shield in didn't you)and the point of the pin is gently held on pin 1 and 2 of the TSOP chip. {pic 3} Power on the Xbox and if all goes well your Xbox boots. Remove the pin that's shorting the 2 pins to ground. Now flash the correct 1024k (1 meg) BIOS. If you don't like the idea of shorting the pins on the TSOP IC the points in the pic below show the same points on the top of the PCB and the bottom of the PCB. {pic 4} 1 2 3 4 Inside the box on lower right of pic 4 are the same points as in pic 1 On side note I did try a mod chip and with some BIOS's the Xbox booted but with no video out but the Xbox was still showing on my home network and I was still able to network in to the box. SS Dave Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. Ps If you like it don't forget to say thanks and please give me any feedback good or bad!
  24. Hi; So I tried to flash my tsop xbox 1.1 using the latest 2.02r UDMA5 version on a 3tb WD black. My XBOX was previously running EvoX after it finished flash the xbox led now flashes red and green. Could someone please assist.
  25. Hello all! I have a little question. Can I use 49lf080 to make cheapmod? I have one OGX v1.4 intended for experimental purposes (in poor visual condition). I'd like to replicate a dev-kit with COMPLEX_4627debug and dev dash. or if you know other cheap way to get 1MB flash at v1.4, please give me a hint. Best Regards, PatriX1234

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