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Found 9 results

  1. After seeing lots of suggestions, usually for capacitors that aren't readily available, discontinued, or are marked "last chance to buy", I thought I'd try to put together some lists on Digikey of current/active caps for the Xbox. It might be good for people asking about caps, experiencing option paralysis, or even people who do this a lot and don't want to have to think about it. I would appreciate feedback, let me know if there's some better option or cheaper equivalent to something in one of these lists. Any dupes across revisions are the same model cap. Xbox v1.0-1.1 Capacitor Set Xbox v1.2-1.4 Capacitor Set Xbox v1.6 Capacitor Set Clock Cap (All revisions) Also, incase you're a prepper: v1.0-1.4 Capacitor Set, All Revisions Capacitor Set
  2. Forgive me if this is something that can be found by searching, but I haven't found it: Is there currently any chip in production that supports the X3 bios? It seems like the only ones around have 256k flashes, unless I'm mistaken
  3. Hi - I have a 250GB IDE hard drive with Coin Ops 8 Massive on it along with a few of my games backed up to the hard drive using dvd2xbox. I also have a few other emulators - NES, SNES and Sega Megadrive. This is the perfect setup for me and I don't really need to add anything else to it. Is it possible to add the xbox origins dashboard to my current setup and if so does anyone have a link or details on how to do it? Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Current development of the XBMC4Gamers can be found by following the source link. Source Download Readme Some Background Info: Ok so this started out as a project for my kids, I wanted to give them a dashboard for just loading games and to allow them to have there own saves, as they were fighting over saves and also to not allow them access to anything they should be accessing. Yeah so you can have profiles that have there own save directory on the Xbox, you have a load of views, synopsis support and a crap load of other features that you can see if you check the change log. All done via XBMC source edits, custom skins and python scripts. Youtube Video Game Posters, banners, fanart, icons, thumbs and tbn files all ready for your Xbox. This is a copy of my Game Posters _resources Directory. It consists of banners for all my games as well as thumbs, icons, posters and fanart where available. It's been setup to work with Origins (as well as the default.xml synopsis format that maybe getting added back in) so compatibility with other skins is paramount in my eyes. Game Resource pack
  5. Current development of the XBMC-Emustation can be found by following the source link. Source Download Readme Some Background Info: Ok so this started out as a pet project, basically I wanted the look and feel of Retropie on the Xbox. So I used XBMC as the means to do so. Now the XBMC source has been modified to fit my needs for this project and incorporates a few of the changes I made for XBMC4Gamers, like the full screen splash, faster games menu loading, synopsis script support in the context menu and a load of more changes. I also created a few python script to do all the crappy tasks of creating ,cut files for your roms that XBMC loads for emulators or any xbe for that matter but these are used to pass commands to emulators that support this feature. ( most do ) Now I also added layout support for each emulator, there are 3 variations: default ( layout.xml) Synopsis ( synopsis_layout.xml ) Thumb ( thumb_layout.xml ) I will go into more depth about these files in its own thread. I also have included a few emulators ready out of the box so you are up and running as fast as possible. I also make the folder layouts as simple as I could and also matched them to retropie, so porting themes should be easier, as the folders will match up.
  6. Current development of the XBMC-Emustation can be found by following the source link. Source Download Install Instructions After extraction, please use the chimp folder located in the E Partition folder. Some Background Info: Basically I wanted to make this simpler to use as I was sick of helping folk that unlocked there HDD and it kind went on from there. It now has faster cloning, simpler interface and more features than any other chimp out there, so this should make cloning HDD’s easier. Oh yeah you can Fix Error16 with this version if you have the eeprom.bin from your arsed Xbox. ( if you null all your HDD keys then you don’t ) You place your eeprom.bin on the Y partition ( all lowercase ) and launch Chimp Loader, you can now use that eeprom to lock the slave HDD.
  7. Build v1.1.8 Change log Readme
  8. Current development of the Xbox Softmodding Tool can be found by following this link. Some Background Info: The reason I started the project was to stop my kids from breaking there Xbox. As you know kids get into everything and all it would take is for one of them to hit Xbox live in a game and bam, I need to fix the softmod. So I setout to make a softmod that was simple to install and secure or as secure as I could make it, and the 2014 Softmodding Tool Kit was born. Fast forward 2 years and I picked it up again as life was a bit crappy so needed something to drown it out, this is when the 2016 Softmodding Tool Kit was created, I took with I done with the 2014 version and built upon it to make it even more simple and safer for the end user. But to cut the story short, I never finished it or it wasn’t how I wanted it to be, so I rebranded it and fixed it up and made a few ( hevely modified Configmagic source ) apps to do processes and a crap load more. Let’s just say it’s the most advanced softmod installer to date, and probably for the foreseeable future.

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