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  1. Im gonna try to make my own OpenXenium chip. (orded components and card) But what do you guys use to flash the bios? (i orderd a xilinx usb flasher, but not able to get ISE 14.7 installed on any of my machines) Any suggestions on how Im able to flash the bios? Best regards
  2. Hello everyone, I have a !.0 MOBO that I have recently installed Project stellar on along with the HD+ kit from MakeMhz. I had the ribbon cable to the video encoder professionally soldered on but the rest of the install I was able to complete myself. once i reassembled the unit I was able to get it to post with only the mod chip with no DVD or HDD drive but I had no audio only the splash screen. I then completely reassembled to see if it was an issue with no hard drive (shouldn't be i thought to myself) so unsurprisingly it still had no audio (but the picture is OUTSTANDING). anyway I took everything apart to check my work and now seem to have narrowed down the sound issue to hopefully a bad wire included in the kit or a setting issue on the MS DASH feel free to let me know your thoughts on the audio issue as well. BUT when going to try the MS DASH first i reassembled and now the mod chip itself (project stellar) wont boot idk if the xbox is bricked now or what, I seem to get power to the chip as seen by the little green indicator light on the bottom of the chip but the tiny screen does not display anything not even an error code. So I reconnected the chip to my PC and found that the screen itself does in fact work it displays "PC Mode" so I know the screen didn't die and all of the firmware and bios seem to be on the chip and website tells me that the chip is ready for install now. I figure I should get the chip working first before I can do anymore diagnosing on this thing. At this point I am lost. I'm just trying to make a good birthday present for my little brother. please any help is appreciated TIA!
  3. Got two units that need just those two chips. Anyone have two chips 1.0's that they can sell?
  4. i have a skeleton black that would not boot from the tsop (was never opened so just the tsop went bad). i stuck it in my t48 programmer and it gives me pin detect errors, so i took a tsop off of a parts 1.1 and sure enough it reads without issue, i was comparing the k4034 image on the chip to other 4034 images and it is slightly different, just want to know if it is infact the stock 4034 kernel on the chip or if it is some other bios on it. i've attached the dump from the donor chip [email protected]
  5. The Cerbios 2.3.2 with HD+ support is not far away with the ElpisHD in beta testing https://www.xbox-scene.info/articles.html/cerbios-releases-new-custom-bios-v232-hd-alpha-with-hd-support-for-testing-bug-reporting-r28/ Cheers SS Dave Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.
  6. Reposted with pics on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/rH19myY I need help flashing this corrupt Bios chip on my Og Xbox. Unfortunately this is the only way i can reflash it, as i attempted to flash it but forgot to bridge the points now my Og Xbox only works with a modchip. I got around to picking up a programmer TL866II Plus with Xgpro v11.90 Flasher tool. But i keep getting a pin detect error. I first tried it with a new exact replacement chip using a TSOP 40 adaptor. Then ended up losing that chip. And desoldered the one from the motherboard. I also removed the cold solder from the adaptors and added some fresh new high quality solder with flux to make sure that isn’t the problem. I socketed it into the slot and no luck “Pin detect error”. I then ordered another adaptor this time without a socket and i soldered on the bios chip. I also redid the solder joints, as the ones on that adaptor were dull aswell, and no luck. I picked up the correct or the closest settings on the Xgpro v11.90 software. I tried TSOP 40 Hyundai and Hynix HY29F080 with no luck. It yet again gives me a “Pin detect error”. I even tried auto detect and it says chip not supported. On the chip it says Hyundai HY29F080T-90, but i can’t find that exact model number on the menu. Could that be the issue or is it something else. I have no idea as this is my first time using a programmer. And saw a video or two on how to use it.
  7. As the title says, I have a Xbox v1.6 modded with a DuoX2 Hyundai chip that I haven't used for years and now I get no TV-signal. I then remembered I could start it without the chip by starting it with the open button. Then I did get a working TV-signal so my problem seem chip related. One time when I tried to start I think the xbox ring blinked green and red, but now it always look normal green. I am basically a comlete nuub when it comes to electronics but I do have a soldering iron etc including a multimeter so I'm ready to try some CPR. I did clean some goo from the mod chip between the switch and the chips, but can those even leak something? Most of what you see in the image as white is reflection of light and not that worn out from cleaning with a q-tip and isopropanol. I pulled the switch back and forth a few times to clean dust from it and make sure it has a good connection. The chip blinks red once every second but I read that this is normal for this chip when it runs. The thought have crossed me to try to boot it switched the other way just to see what happens, but that is for lower versions of the motherboard I believe and I had never opened the xbox before so it should be in the right position. The motherboard seems fine too me. No leakages and all its capacitors look fine to me. I have the golden clock capacitor which seems to be in good condition. However the PSU Delta D capacitors may be leaking, or are those just some production markings? Looks a bit like some pen mark. The big capacitor have a surface difference on top due to my cleaning. I didn't want to clean it where it seems to have a blue stain before the photo so it is the blue stain I am wondering about. If they are leaking I suppose new capacitors or a new psu could perhaps solve my problems? I read that one thing I could try is to use some flux and resolder the mod chip but since I'm a bit inexperienced I don't want to do it if I don't have to so I don't make a worse mess. But I just came to think of the fact that the entire chip can be tilted in it's socket on the motherboard. I dont know if it is supposed to fit that loose in the socked or if that socket is the problem? I also read about a similar problem where it was recommended to try to reinstall bios in the mod chip by using a separate working chipped xbox and switch the chip just before install, but buying a working chipped xbox kind of defeats the purpose of fixing my old one. I suppose I can't install bios on the chip if I start it from without the chip by using the open button to power on and it would be difficult to install bios without a working TV-signal I guess. Any helpful thoughts on where I should start? Are the PSU capacitors busted so I should start there or should I just get a new mod chip or what would you suggest? Just buying a new chip don't seem that easy either though.
  8. I have for sale a black x3cp and x3 fully tested. It's a spare as I also have a crystal version. 375 I have tg and email Tg 9082836787 [email protected]
  9. bought a 7$ Aladdin chip off AliExpress. when I try to boot from it nothing happens. is there anything I can do? Can I try to flash it with something using hot swap? What's the point of this chip? d0 is grounded to mobo not chip and my other Aladin chip boots. That one is running xblastOS. Can anything be done or does this chip belong in trash?
  10. So I got my Xbox back after 20 years and it no longer boots into the dash. Its like its stock but the boot screen still says xecuter2 instead of Microsoft so I have hope that is still working. Could it be booting to the stock menu cause the chip is disabled? I'll attach a pic of my mod chip.
  11. I have an Xbox with an Xecuter 3, X3CP, and the daughterboards for the controller port and front panel PCB, booting from the chip requires pressing the eject button but I have a couple of problems with this: - Booting with the eject button causes Cerbios to boot into safemode and not display any boot animation - Opening the disc tray each start up puts unnecessary wear on it, that's something I'd like to avoid I hardly have any experience with the X3, is there a way to enable the chip no matter what button powers the console on, or a way to switch which button enables it? I'd prefer to keep the ability to boot to the backup image
  12. Ok so a few years back I attempted to flash this and killed it somehow, that's all I can remember, I do recall trying a few things at the time to revive it but no luck, luckily the consoles HD was stock so I removed the chip and TSOP'd, the switchbank is still stuck to a faceplate and it even has the x3 holographic sticker Also the D0/LAN/HDD wire is present but not pictured (I found it after I took the pics) NOTE: THIS IS NOT WORKING - IT MAY / MAY NOT BE FIXABLE!
  13. I have hard modded xbox with aladin chip is there a guide to installing new dashboard to xbox
  14. This is my second mod and I cannot for the life of me understand why the mod isn't working. Perhaps another modder would be able to help me out? The Xbox already had a softmod and boots up in UnleashX After the mod, the boot animation is showing the EvoX logo. Updating the bios is no problem, installed updated EvoX M8 plus bios Trying to boot from a Hexen, OG xbox install disc or Slayer's disc is not working. OG xbox installer DOES work in the softmod Trying another hdd gives an error 13 (160gb and 250gb ide, and sata 500gb drive with green adapter) I tought the problem could be a problem with a solder joint or a short as a result of my soldering error. Went over them with multimeter, does not seem to be the case. I'm at a loss right now trying to figure out what the problem is..
  15. Hello everyone and thanks for any help! Question is on a s29al016d70tfi010 vs 020. I know the difference is 010 top boot and 020 bottom boot. Will 020 sub for a 010? from the data sheets I’ve looked at I know the. S29al016d / s29al016j are compatible with the am29lv and mbm29lv. Thanks again
  16. Looking for the ones with XblastOS as Boot and 2 banks 256/521 Based in the UK but will pay shipping from the USA
  17. Evening everyone. Tried to post this on /OriginalXbox and for some reason my post isn't going up even though I've been active in it for sometime now. Anyway here is what I am trying to do: Hey fam! I have a 6 Xboxes. 3 are 1.0 and all have chips. 2 Jafars, one x2.0 pro. Most had issues one way or another and I had the chips lying around anyway. So out of convenience at the time, I installed them. I figure I don't need them in there. I already understand the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I just want the chips for other boxes. Definitely not new to the OG, I've just never swapped mods other than chips. I have TSOP'd before, so bridging points is not a problem. I am just trying to figure out steps. These are my thoughts: Drives are all unlocked (partitioned, formatted, no retail/stock dash), so I am thinking pull the drives, rebuild to stock with FatXplorer, install the drive back in the box, then relock with the modchip still in. Pull the modchip and disconnect d0 Bridge points Boot from exploitable game Use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP MC Flash Program or his flasher disc Profit? Just looking to see if anyone has done something similar and if this process sounds like it will work? Looking for any and all input other than "don't do it." If I mess up, I still have the chips right?
  18. Remembering back to when I purchased my first Xecuter 3 mod chip, I was annoyed to discover the bank switch did not come with it. Payed the price for getting a used one, or at least making sure it came with everything. I looked all over to see if someone could help me jumper connections so I could use the different banks available to no avail. Finally I bought one new, which is not a choice nowadays. So I am dissecting switches and making schematics for each, starting with the most popular Xecuter 3. I have already mapped out the Xecuter 2.2 Pro and Xecuter 2.3b and will make a .jpg for them as well. Not being familiar with the programs used to edit pictures and make these, it took me 3 times as long to make this one schematic than it took me to test and map it out. I'm saying this in hopes I won't get flamed for poor work, I just want to help. Let me know what you think.
  19. I am upgrading the hard drive I installed sometime between 03-05 when I first modded my original xbox with an Xecuter 2. I don't recall which version of the chip I purchased I have all the parts I've seen suggested to begin. My issue is that I have not upgraded BIOS so its sitting at 4983.something. My board is 1.4 What is the recommended method and BIOS to get this upgraded or even upgrade my whole setup so I can utilize the full hard drive?
  20. Hello people. i managed to fix the traces and install the xecuter2 modchip which i had spare. switched it on with the switches in correct position and im getting a bios flash screen. now the funny thing is now. when i switch the chip off via the switch. i fort it would boot into the ms dash board. which it dosent. the console switches on but nothing comes on the screen. so now the flashing. i dont have no blank dvds to install the bios. only way is to ftp into the console. i did try and quickly ftp into it using a normal ethernet cable plugged in to my network splitter but it wont connect. do i need a user name and password. been so many year i cant even remember is this chip working properly well atleast is it supossed to be doing what its doing cheers people
  21. i see the open xenuims have gotten expensive. what's the best to use now?
  22. Finally got around to making a GitHub for my OpenXenium chip programmer. Enjoy for those who want to make one https://github.com/dtomcat/XP-chip
  23. The X3 on top works perfectly. The one on the bottom gets smoking hot and will not boot. I am guessing there is a short to ground but not sure what to check. Any ideas? What typically fails on these?
  24. hi so i have an xbox 1.0 with a xecuter 2.6 chip installed i get an error 16 on boot but when i try to boot truhexen 2020 i end up with a frag light (might have orange too) after it displays "Linux" any ideas to boot it? has a thompson drive btw
  25. Hey guys, Bought a second hand xbox that came hard modded with a sst 49lf020. Seems this xbox hasn't been used in a while as some of the apps are a couple of revisions behind. Should I wipe it clean and start again? Should I buy a different modchip? Attached an image below of the details from EvoX.

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