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  1. Thank you, I will do that if I need any more help troubleshooting. So far so good. I had been hoping to bring this Xbox back from the dead for months and it has been working again now with some touched up solder joints, Aladdin chip, Startech Sata adapter, and 512Gb SSD. I will be placing a 2TB WD Blue drive into it and maybe an openxenium chip too before its complete. Not sure if the chip matters much but my BIOS is trashed I think so a better chip might be nice.
  2. Motherboard was damaged quite a lot from clock capacitor, BIOS would not boot, and hdd was failing. I might start a thread with details and some questions I still have but need to search more first so I am not yelled at.
  3. I am Schmerzen from Minnesota, new here. I have been searching on this website as well as others for answers during many past months. Previously I have RGH some X360's but my old unmodded 1.0 og Xbox has been broken for almost 10 years. Thankfully, I just got it running again this week after more work than anticipated so very excited to complete it. Thank you all for the knowledge contained in the web pages of these forums, you helped save my Xbox!
  4. That seems excessive. I just recently started modding my 1.0, had to use a chip cuz my bios is no longer working. I tried a cheaper Sata converter and about half the time it would take a long time like yours but would give me error "07 please call for service". I switched to the Startech yesterday and the boot times are now consistant. Once Microsoft pops up below the X logo, there is a small glitch in the screen, then it loads to Unleash X. This all happens relatively fast, maybe 15 seconds. Cant time it right now cuz the xbox is apart again. Your jumper on startech is set to Master? What Har

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