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  1. Awesome! Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your time. This seems interesting. How did you make your logo? I assume it has to be a certain size? Could be cool to have a RR logo. lol
  3. Hello Kaos, thanks for the information. I was looking at EVTool and thinking about trying that to a bios I had. I didn't want to take a chance and mess up though. I will give it a shot now that I know I was in the right direction. The picture you posted doesn't show up. When I click on it I just get 404 invalid url. Thanks for the quick reply. This is good stuff! Just saw your post and wanted to say thanks Benur75!
  4. So I managed to repair my xbox and while I was at it I got to work on a couple of 1.6s I had. I've installed the Aladdin XT Plus2 and I left the on board led off so it doesn't turn on. I used the TruHexen 2020 disk and flashed the 256k BIOS, v1.6. Now when I boot, as I'm sure most of you know, I get the purple triangle with the Evo X logo. I don't really care for the logo and I would like advice on what would be the best BIOS to install on a: 1.6 with an Aladdin chip stock hdd but going to upgrade eventually working dvd drive but that may be removed want F and G no LOG
  5. I finally got time to pull my box apart. It looks like it was just the trace for the green led. 10 minutes and it was back to being all good. Thanks guys. Going to start on these two 1.6s here soon.
  6. I did use UnleashX to test them. The green on both sides went out. I've been so busy this week I haven't had the chance to sit down with it. I'm looking forward to when I can though. This was my first xbox so I'm going to look it over real good. Thanks for added info.
  7. Yeah, I was planning on it this weekend when I got my chips for the two 1.6s. It was 3:30am when I posted that. I had never known about the clock cap and was wondering if or when it would strike. I'll give an update on what I find. Yeah, I'm familiar with repairing traces but any advice or tips is always welcome. Thanks.
  8. After reading the forums for a few days I got the itch to turn on my old box. It's been sitting on the shelf plugged in for the last approx 17-18 years. Everything has been working great until just a few hours ago. Now I too have the issue where the green lights no longer work. What the shit?
  9. ugh, I was afraid of that. I only have the two boxes. Alright, thank you for confirming what I thought.
  10. Thank you sir. I saw that in your sig and already grab it. What to do about installing if the dvd drives are no good? What can I use?
  11. Are you sure what the chip is? It looks like an Aladdin XT plus. I guess it could be something else but I'm sure one of the guys here will be able to give you advice. I read elsewhere (afterdawn) about the modes. I think you tried them though. Modes:Off - Tap the powerbutton and the Xbox starts as normal with the original BIOS.On - Press and hold powerbutton for 1 second and the Aladdin XT is activated.Writeprotect - Press and hold powerbutton for 2 seconds and the Aladdin XT is activated in flash write protect mode.Visual Mode Indication: The power LED will indicate the current mode by
  12. What are you asking for the faceplate?
  13. So this sounds like something I might check into. Hopefully there will be some seeders when I get to check this out. I'd love to start downloading now but I don't have 4TB of drive space. Just out of curiosity, are there smaller images that some prefer? Like around 500GB - 1TB?
  14. Well now I'm not sure what I want to use. I've got a couple Aladdin chips coming tomorrow for two 1.6b boxes. The hard drives and DVD drives in both boxes are no good. Right now I'm just going to set them up with maybe 120 - 200GB hard drives to get them up and running. I just downloaded TruHexen2020 but now I don't know. I see there's issues but any thoughts on my situation with what to use and bios? I've got to figure out what to do about installation as well since the DVD drives are screwed.
  15. I'm kind of wondering this too. It's not my main dash but I do have it installed and I wouldn't mind checking it out.

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