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  1. yes the adapter is the one on the pic. i'll do some other try this weekend and see . maybe i can buy a pata hard disk, they are pretty cheap but also very old. i'll try use a spare an original xbox hard disk and see if the dvd start up
  2. this power off and on started after the modchip, never happened before. i think the dvd drive is ok but i'm not sure about that sata adapter. i bought it on amazon pretty cheap. i waited on the boot screen for like 10 minutes...i can swap out the other drive i have in a different xbox and see if change something. sometimes after some loop it stays on but black screen and red blinking light. i can try to post some pics but i dunno how to bypass the 2mega upload...even in low quality my camera is bigger than 2 mega file >_>
  3. so i burned a dvd with hexen 2018, but i cant get pass the xbox logo with evo on the left corner. under the xbox logo i see the linux logo so i guess the dvd is been read but nothing happen after that. it can be the sata adapter i use? i should try a pata hard disk? also i noticed that most of the time the xbxo seems to have difficulty to start up, it power on and off 2-4 times and then it stays on. wtf is happening? any suggestion?
  4. i'm using an old dvd i burned long time ago. maybe its time to update it . i'll try burn the "hexen 2018" that seems to be useful for recovery hard drive. i'll keep it update. thanks again. hard to burn at 2x in 2021 eheh. but i'll try to burn at the slowest speed
  5. update! chip seems installed fine. steady orange light on the chip and evo X logo on the left corner of the screen. now i have a new problem. i'm trying to use a new hard disk since my old one is gone, but i cant get it to install the autoboot dvd for the dashboard. the screen keep it stuck on xbox logo. i'm using a pata to sata adapter plus a toshiba hard disk (2,5 inch). its the hard disk? or the chip is not working properly?
  6. i should probably do that , with wick, but i need a proper solder station for it...because my solder iron is pretty cheap and doesnt work. i'll try what u suggest in the pics and let u know guys..thanks a lot for the help
  7. my holes in the board was already filled so i couldnt use the pin head...maybe i could take the tin out. anyway i only need to connect BT and D0 for chip to work? because in 1.6 there are many cables to solder. i'm pretty sure i have 1.0 i checked the date on the bottom of the console. never did a chipmod so thanks for the help. i'm using the modchip because my hard drive is broken, i lost eprom because this mod is like 15 years old. so before trash it i'm trying this method. dunno if there is any other way to change hard disk without modchip
  8. hello guys, i'm new and i'm really desperate to find a scheme for an xbox with 1.0 board...i only find scheme or videos for 1.6 ... i'm stuck i'm following this tutorial but ofc the board is different and i dunno which cable go where https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNZOVTKGeDk

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