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  1. The problem is that most of them are not available in Italy, and the ones that are tend to be expensive. For 50$/Euros I could some HDMI adapters and just place an HDMI selector behind the monitor. Thank you anyway!
  2. You mean those you can find on ebay for like 5$? Yes, I could definitely buy one and try, before soldering a cable by myself. Thanks!
  3. I opened my duke controller just few weeks ago because I had a similar problem with the left stick. I'm not 100% sure but I would bet it has the same sticks as the S controller. Actually this kind of problems could depend even from some kind of corrosion or dirt on the main board, so I'd suggest to give it a really good clean before taking out the soldering iron.
  4. Many thanks to you all! Seems to be possible but maybe not really worth the effort, expecially since HDMI mods work well and can be really cheap... I'm going to try this thing out anyway just because I have old cables wich I'll never use again. Thank you all again for the usefull infos!
  5. Tank you! I have a good component cable, so you suggest to go for a component to HDMI converter? Is there no way I could translate the RGB signal to VGA just by soldering a new cable by myself?
  6. Hi everyone I bought a new monitor for my pc-ps2-xbox setup and it has HDMI and VGA input. I am using a little composite to HDMI converter but the quality is just horrible, so I was thinking about making a component to VGA cable (hoping my monitor supports sync on green) since I have some spare cables laying around. I couldn't really find anyone doing this kind of thing (except coupl of viedos) but saw some being sold online, so I assume it vould work. Anyone knows how to wire such a cable? Do you suggest to try it out or to buy an RGB to HDMI converter? Thank you!
  7. Thank you, that clears out everything
  8. Hi! I just picked up a 1.0 that a guy was selling as not tested. It had never been opened and you could see the dust from the side of the case, so I decided to open it up to clean it and check the clock capacitor before actually testing it. The thing is, when I took out the fan the sticker on the bottom was this one in photo. And the tiny cpu cooler fan seems to be 12v too. I've ever heard that og fans were 6v, but as the fan I removed from this 1.0 was spinning like it was new, I tested it on my TSOP flashed 1.2 and it worked just like the previous one. So are the og fans actually
  9. I've got a question about shortcuts on xbmcorigins with UI update installed. Is it normal to only be able to select games as shortcuts? I know emulators require custom addon.xml to do it, but I am actually trying to have apps available as shortcuts. Like DVD2Xbox and other stuff. I don't know how to write an addon.xml, so even if it would make the apps show up as selectable I won't be able to do it. Is there some kind of template I can follow to learn how to write one? Another quick question, since I only use coinops for emulation, could I place the folder in F\Games so it sho
  10. Oh I see. It is definitely more difficult than I thought... I'm going to buy an OGX360, it is just a it of my budget at the moment. (Consider I would have to buy the board, the adapter and a controller). I have a wireless keyboard from Trust that my parents bought to use on the tv. Since it worked out great at first try (even the mouse, that I've heard is difficult to get to work on te xbox) I thought it would be possible to just find a pair of transmitter/receiver that is known to work. But seems that I will have to learn a little bit more about how this things actually work befor
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Also, if it's stupid I'm sorry, I don't really know anything about electronics yet. I'm thinking about the possibility to convert the memory units ports of the S controller to put in a lithium battery and something like a bluetooth transmitter. I'm totally noob, so actually I don't know if this would actually work, with a usb bluetooth receiver plugged in or wired to one of the controller ports. Since it is the original controller no drivers would be needed and it should work like it was plugged in with a cable. I was also thinking ab
  12. Ok, I got it. Now I need a decent soldering iron. I'll try as soon as I find one and will write here if it works. Thanks again for helping me!
  13. Wow, thank you! Are R3, R4 and resistor these three? And what is the centre pad? Sorry, I haven't even installed the chip, I don't know anything about electronics. I'm slowly learning while restoring my xboxes.
  14. Hi! I just finished setting up my 1.2 og xbox with xbmc origins + UI update and just wanted to share the custom splash.png ad the wallpapers that I made. They make the setup look very clean so I tought someone could want to use them too. I made the combo wallpaper+splash in 3 color options: green-blue, magenta-blue, yellow-orange. Thought it would be cool to have a fanart pic and some custom covers for apps. They're not the best, due to the fact that I couldn't find enough good pictures while making them, but work well together. Here you have the final effect (with transparency enabl

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