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  1. Didn't take that long for me to download it via torrent when I got my hands on it. and that was like damn near a year ago. But yeah, torrent is your best bet for download.
  2. its possible it could be a broken solder connection for the switch itself. you are talking about the pro switch right? I myself have one, and have noticed flickering sometimes when pressing buttons. X3 bios even flickers bios banks sometimes doing the same thing....thats the only thing i can assume, because i just rebuilt my x3 pro switch cable.
  3. Also, it's hard to tell in the last pic cause it's kinda blurry, but is bt tied to the ground pad in the group of 3 pads that would have been used for contrast control if it was LCD compatible? If so, is there extra wire going past the ground? Cause to me it looks like wire might be going to the 5v pad above the ground pad, I'd make sure that it's not touching the 5v pad.
  4. Chip seems to be in order, I'd try to reflow the solder on the lpc pins with some flux, and try again.
  5. If you need clean c partition files, these were pulled from hexen 2019 https://mega.nz/#!glxmFagZ!Boso__H6oCnDjhVdwmv_kMNqm0GksfElKUKGO6zhw3A
  6. Try soldering the d0 wire to the d0 test point on the bottom of the board and see if that helps.
  7. Tsop is like installing a modchip, just without the modchip. Like ss_dave said, do not softmod after tsop. Also, with a modchip or tsop mod, there is no point to locking the hdd anymore as there is no live service. The whole point in locking the drive was to be able to disable modchips and still be able to play stock. So no point anymore.
  8. worst case scenario, just pull the metal shielding out.
  9. check to make sure nothing is shorting against the bottom of the board anywhere. especially near the Power Supply.
  10. Last I checked the chip I mailed is in your country. But glad you got it working.
  11. definitely sounds like something may have come loose. a reflow may be in order.
  12. Only other thing I can think of is that one of the BGA chips may have bad solder joints...hard to say for sure, especially if its not powering up at all. Might try to get someone to re-flow any and all BGA packages, and see if that help. otherwise, its a matter of taking a multimeter to every single component, checking for bad parts. of which would be a tedious project, and probably not worth anyone's time.
  13. yeah, i checked the tracking myself earlier. hope the chip helps. as for the box that doesnt power up. could be trace rot for the power and eject buttons or something. i have a 1.4 that would power up, the second the power cord was plugged in, never even touched the button. sure enough it was trace rot. added a wire across the board to a test point from where the resistor is on the top of the board, and it fixed the auto power up issue.just have 1 more wire to add for another trace that rotted away, and it should be good as new.
  14. if you got it to boot using the 3 wire trick, make sure you untie those wires before you flash the 1M bios. That 3 wire trick is a method also known as Tsop Splitting. and can only be performed on a 1.0 or a 1.1. tying the 2 wires to a ground wire makes it boot the first 256k of the tsop, thats how you get away with flashing multipule bios's to the tsop on 1.0 and 1.1. So if you are going to flash the full 1M, make sure the wires are not tied, leaving them tied will only write the first 256k, and it will fail again.

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