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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently seeking any sort of reasonable price for an XDK console. I am in need mainly for debugging my Xbox Live project. (Yes that’s right this entire time I’ve been doing it on a retail console lol) I have scrounged EBay and other places and even these days those are racking up in price. Please keep in mind I ONLY will purchase in CAD (Canadian Dollars)
  2. https://keybase.pub/zzvertigo/XboxDrop.rar
  3. Hello I know some of this stuff may already out and about but hey you never know. Some interesting things I have: gene_db_init.sql (Genealogy Database Init File which includes an online key for dev kits) webdb_partner_config.sql webdb_populate.sql npdb_config_environment.sql npdb_stringsvr_populate.sql public/private keys for all sorts of domains. (ActiveAuth, int-net, int-rps) xbcert, xpatch and xcontent (All with debug symbols) Some UODB stuff Other less interesting stuff: XDK Tools Installer (5849 and 5933) XDK Recovery ISO (5849) XDK Remote Recovery (5849 and 5933) KDCCore Source Code Kernel Source Code Debug symbols for XDK Recovery xbdm.dll/xboxkrnl.exe (5455, 4039 and 3944) If any of these interest you let me know
  4. Hello everyone! For the last little while I've been working on reviving Xbox Live on the Original Xbox. I've made some good progress along the way including the signature check and even decrypting the time stamp. There was a forum post similar to this on AssemblerGames (Rip that forum) however I feel the need to start from the beginning. I currently have a GitHub repository that will remain to be open source for the duration of development which can be found here: https://github.com/zzVertigo/XboxLive.Server If anyone has any suggestions our happen to notice something that I am a missing it will be much appreciated :P Thanks.

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