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  1. Quick update: Changed the three caps a few days ago and the buzz is still there. So I'm going to definitely say that the cables are to blame for the noise. I may end up getting a Pound HDMI cable from eBay. I know they don't have the greatest picture quality, for a quick and easy fix and game capture, they'll do the job.
  2. Calm down there... lol, don't worry. Those aren't MY capacitors. It's just a photo I found to show which caps I'm talking about. Mine are bulging.. but not leaking... yet.
  3. VIGGEN66: I can try a different TV tomorrow. Though I do not believe my TV is the problem. I discovered the buzzing when I plugged the Xbox into an Elgato Game Capture and I could hear the buzzing from the preview window. It was much louder than the TV, which I had to turn up to hear the buzzing. So it occurs when plugged into a capture device and the TV directly... which is why I further believe the component cables are the issue. MAMEPLAYER: New caps are on the way... eventually. Then I can see if they make any difference.
  4. I have some more caps coming soon, then I can change them and see if it makes *any* difference. To be honest, I doubt it though... I tired the component cables on another Xbox (revision 1.1, mine is a 1.4 or 1.5) and the buzzing is still there, so the possibility that it's the cheapo component cables looks solid.
  5. I can only assume they ARE cheap Chinese cables. I've been using them for a few years without this buzz, then it just started a few months ago.
  6. FOX: I tried that this morning, but no difference. Buzz still occurs. JOHNX64: I can only assume.. yes?It's the only set of component cables I can find anywhere for the OG Xbox, they're all over eBay. I can only assume that they are Chinese in origin. KAOSENGINNER: I'll replace the caps as I did intend to do. Not sure if it'll make any difference, but since I plan to use my Xbox for a long while, it'll be a good idea to replace.
  7. As the title says, I have an Xbox with an incredibly annoying buzz/hum problem. The buzz comes from the speakers of the TV, not the Xbox itself. And only occurs when using the component cables. When using composite cables, the audio is perfectly fine. Haven't tried SCART as I do not have the cable. I'm pretty sure this issue wasn't an issue just a few months ago. I've tried using different power cables, different power sockets (in case of grounding issue)... I think SOMETIMES it depends on what game is being played whether the buzz appears. My Xbox is softmodded, with the only physical mod being a new SATA HDD using an HDD to SATA adapter. Is this a possible cause? The only other thing I can see are three capacitors that LOOK like they are bulging, but no leaking yet. The three caps in question are right below the CPU heatsink, labelled C3E2, C2E5 and C1E1.. I've attached a photo to show the caps. The photo isn't mine, I found it on Google images but it's identical to mine., Are these caps related to audio, or are they related to something else like power? So the question is... does anyone out there have any ideas as to the cause of a buzzing noise with component cables that probably wasn't there a few months ago?

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